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Essay 4 Water, Xeriscapes and Native Plants Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

4 Water, Xeriscapes and Native Plants - Essay Example Requirement of seasonal variations of irrigation and water distribution systems remains a major puzzle in the way of solving urban water usage issues (Dzieglielewski et al, 1990). Open-air conservation of water would call for an imperative policy focus throughout several divisions of the state. Such policy restructuring would delimit the enhancements in water demand and free up the existing water supplies that would accommodate new constructions and residents. One of the essentials of the policy framework would include water-efficient changes in landscaping practices. (Hanak and Davis, 2006) Now, in order to change the landscaping practices, individuals and agencies must concentrate on a major aspect of American manmade landscapes: The lawns. In USA, people are generally fond of lawns and they are preferred for both purposes (Government buildings, parks, military barracks, etc.) and domestic architecture (cottages, bungalows, community housing, etc.) (Ratliffe, 2002). However, lawns are not water-efficient, and they can be considered as water costly landscapes for a state like California. When people are advised to avoid creating lawns, some individuals think that the Government has no right to restrict the usage of water since they are paying for it. Therefore, they neglect the fact that the lawns are water costly and delimiting the extent of lawns can eventually help their own generations in the long run. Such behavior can thus be explained by the lack of education and training in water management. (California Urban Water Conservation Council, 2005) Next, people start arguing that they have the basic freedom and right to have single-family houses if they can afford it. Single-family homes may increase water consumption due to more distribution requirements and less organized community use of the water supplies. In the case of single-family homes, a considerable percentage of the households do not deploy irrigated landscaping in their gardens and adjacent plot s, which invariably consist of lawns (Water Resources Engineering, Inc, 2002). This is an unwise reasoning since personal will cannot be more important than community wellbeing. Another argument is that lawns have more greenery which is friendly towards the environment and its air quality. This is a sort of excessive simplification of the environmental issues. The fact is that we need considerable number of mowers to maintain the lawns. The mowers increase air pollution and consume lots of energy. Moreover, excess water is necessitated due to the trimming, sprinkling, and gardening requirements. (Department of Water Resources, 2004; Ratliffe, 2002) Part 2: Replacing Lawns with Xeriscaped Gardens In the context of water conservation, xeriscaped gardens can be a better alternative to lawns. Xeriscaping  is a method of landscaping, which minimizes requirement and use of water. Xeriscape actually deploys smarter ways for saving water and suite the climatic needs of the area it is depl oyed wherein. (Ellefson and Winger, 2004) In general gardening and decorative architectural designs, various decorative and even foreign plants are grown alongside the lawns. Plants, which have natural requirements appropriate with respect to the local vegetation and climate, are often neglected. In the case of arid and semi-arid parts of California, most of the decorative plants and expansive

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Environmental Impact Assessment Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Environmental Impact Assessment - Coursework Example This shows the fast growing trend of establishing wind energy infrastructure and it is evident that we are going to see many similar projects been commissioned. On one hand it is a very healthy step to shift from non-renewable fuels to green technologies such as wind energy but these technologies also have some issues regarding their impacts on environment and need to be scoped and studied. Another reason for this selection is that this project is an extension, so its impact on the environment will not just be doubled but increased many folds. As you can see in the figure that the extension project is adjacent to high density wind farming area shown in RED. 1.2 Location and Description of the Project Whitelee Wind Farm, is the biggest onshore wind farm in Europe Union, which started in May 2009. ... The Whitelee project will use 69 Alstom ECO 100 wind turbines with a 3MW capacity and six ECO 74 turbines with 1.6MW capacity each. This expansion will confirm Whitelee’s status as the largest wind farm in Europe. â€Å"Simon Christian, UK director of ScottishPower Renewables, said â€Å"Whitelee windfarm is already the largest onshore windfarm in Europe and this extension pushing the overall capacity to 539MW will make it one of the largest in the world.† (Simon Christian) ? Site : Whitelee Wind Farm EXT ? Part : Eaglesham Moor ? Latitude : 55 ° 41' 13.1" ? Longitude : -4 ° 13' 44.4" ? Geodetic system : WGS84 In the above figure the green area mainly comprises of the wind farm and we can see that there are urban areas nearby which include Kilmamock and Hamilton. The next figure will give us the deeper picture of the extension and the turbine density in the gird. Where the blue circles show the planned extension turbine location and the grey show the existing turbi nes. As from the figure we can see that the extension will make create proximity of turbines to the urban areas(white parts of the figure) and therefore the turbines will have more adverse affects on the environment of the area and possibility of accidents will rise in these locations. At present this land is mainly used for grazing for livestock, agriculture activities and forestry. There has been an effective conservation of these activities before the extension but there is potential risk to them now as more turbines will occupy more spaces and construction of these facilities will require more restricted areas and spots. Same is the case with the visual amenity, where now the excessive number of wind turbines

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Tips On Writing A Sample Research Paper

Tips On Writing A Sample Research PaperWhen people find that their college is required to provide a sample research paper for a class, they will often assume that this will be an easy thing to do. They will think that they can just get a copy of their school's textbook and just retype it word for word. Unfortunately, this simply isn't the case and for the student who find themselves in the middle of a difficult essay that they just have to finish, it can be a real challenge.In some instances the college requires the students to complete a sample research paper as part of the admissions process. If the student wishes to study abroad, they may also be required to fill out a sample research paper when they are applying for the scholarship. In some cases the student will not have the time to write a paper and so they will not get through it. Other students may not even know how to write the paper they are expected to write.While getting a sample research paper to fill out can seem like a n easy task, there are a few guidelines that can help you through this process. The first thing you should be looking for is an acceptable way to type up the paper. The best way to be sure that you get the instructions right the first time is to use Microsoft Word.When you get a good guide to writing the paper, you will be able to cut out the mistakes and reword your own words. You will know exactly what to do when you see the paper. This will make the entire process much easier and also help you avoid errors and mistakes that you might have made by hand.When you go about researching the instructions you will need for different forms you will find that there are plenty of guides available. The one that I personally use when filling out sample research papers is the white paper. This is a way to tell where your copy of the writing will be coming from. For example, if the document isfor the purposes of completing your course work or if you want to start an education or professional de velopment program this is perfect.In my experience, the white paper is a great place to start because of its simplicity. It provides you with a description of the research you are going to complete and how it will be used. Some of the instructions can include how to use the software to aid in the research process. If you decide that you want to enter your information manually, it is important to understand that you need to have accurate information and then know how to edit your own material.When you have a guide for writing the paper you are working on, it can be helpful to know that you are getting a document that can not only give you great advice, but also help you with all of the formatting you need. As long as you follow the directions correctly and then use your own words, then you will have no problems getting through the research paper you need to write.

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The Fight Against A Guide to Writing Term Papers

The Fight Against A Guide to Writing Term Papers a Guide to Writing Term Papers Other individuals see the introduction as the reach of their paper, so they have a tendency to write it after the entire research is virtually completed. Most universities will provide you with an `athens' password that is a magical key unlocking thousands of research databases throughout the world. Before you commence writing a term paper, consider the research work and investigation you want to achieve. As a consequence, research becomes one of the main sides of your performance. For instance, your professor may provide you the topic while in different cases, you're expected to choose topics to address yourself. Leading quality for a moderate price has turned into a reality now! It is advised to look for the one which has an excellent reputation and offers high-quality papers at inexpensive rates. Our site has all the information that you will need to properly configure your term paper. Some info can be included in the fundamental structure of the expression paper during the writing process. The overall information is in compliance with the training course description. If you purchase essays online, it's really important to understand whether the work is still in process or has been finished. Your problem is the principal focus of your paper. There ought to be some plan for you to talk about your problem. To begin with, you should understand that term paper isn't a very simple report. As soon as you read the full paper, return and rework the places you marked. A term paper has an important part in the life span of college students. It should follow the recommended styles. Quite simply, EVERYTHING which is being written is to be planned ahead with the aid of an outline. There are lots of paper templates to select from, but a lot of the time your instructor will require a specific format for the entire class to follow. If you get a present term paper assigned to you that has to be accomplished by the conclusion of the semester, elect for something which is up-to-date and entertaining enough for your teacher to keep on reading. If you commence writing your term paper now, on the grounds of that plan, you will have much more work to do than if you devote a bit more time creating a nice outline. Obviously, you shouldn't write about yourself, as though it's a reflective paper. With our essay help you may be certain nobody shall get a better mark for the work than you. You need to have a very good idea about what your thesis will be. An outline refers to a quick collection of suggestions to help writers tackle the field of essay comprehensively. Most Noticeable Guide to Writing Term Papers If you produce a good outline for your term paper, you will see that the paper actually just writes itself. Therefore, it's vital that you comprehend the different term paper formatting styles. After you have concluded your paper make sure that you have included the bibliography page which shows the books, articles, videos that you used in the duration of working. Use the writing to aid you think that your paper through. When you've researched on a specific topic, you're expected to use a particular citation style. The structure needs to be organized and well-researched. Think about your outline for a recipe. It's about structure and format.

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Top Guide of Topics to Compare and Contrast Essay

Top Guide of Topics to Compare and Contrast Essay Ruthless Topics to Compare and Contrast Essay Strategies Exploited Your essay will likewise be edited by the best editors in the kind of essay editing help. You are going to be able to write both summary essays and long essays too. A number of the essay topics below may appear to contain subjects that don't have anything in common. It's possible to use any as the subject of your essay particularly when you're not assigned any specific theme. Compare and contrast essay is just one of the most loved sorts of essays among students. Essays are not difficult to writethey all follow the identical structurewhich I will demonstrate in an instant. You have to be very careful as you select a compare and contrast essay. If you don't, read how to compose a compare and contrast essay. Whichever case you decide on, appeal quick to draw history and plan throughout your university. Finding the perfect topic isn't the hardest job in the planet, all you need to do is to take a few factors into account. Unfortunately, in the majority of the scenarios you are going to be given a specific topic to research, not having an opportunity to pick the subject all on your own. For example an individual may opt for a topic like, life in the shoes of a werewolf. Since you may see, the topics are broken up into multiple categories so it would be simpler that you select one. Before you begin, it is essential to choose topics which you really know well. Such topics are extremely interesting to write about and can be a wonderful pick for people, who wish to express themselves. If you would like to be sure you are in possession of an exceptional topic for your essay, you may look through the overall directions of our topics and hunt to find out more on the web. It is essential if you would like your writing procedure to be easier and clear. After all the preliminary work you would want to consider your essay organization. By getting compare and contrast essay help you're going to be in a position to file your essay in time and in the ideal quality. It's possible for you to employ a professional essay writing service to complete your assignment in the very best quality. The Most Popular Topics to Compare and Contrast Essay Mention similarities and the way both ideas differ. Read various viewpoints, even if it's the case that you don't agree with them. Simply create two overlapping circles, one for each one of the topics which you are comparing. It is possible to choose topics that are associated with the differences between the 2 cultures, languages or eras. Enough practice in reading and writing will supply you with an extra advantage. Or you're risking of getting blocked by bad understanding of your topic and inability to come up with the idea as it needs to be. You're not restricted to anything, and you may pick any compare and contrast writing topics you're passionate about. Philosophical topics may be controversial since many things have more than 1 explanation for it, therefore it isn't easy to set the truth. If you would like to see more topics, don't forget to look at My Homework Done. USA professors and teachers usually counsel you to keep away from mainstream ideas. When most students wait until inspiration arrives to them, we advise that you go looking for it. How to Get Started with Topics to Compare and Contrast Essay? When you assign compare and contrast essays, mak e sure you remind your students of methods to be sure they are truly comparing and contrasting both concepts. The job of comparing and contrasting phenomena are sometimes a challenging one. There is a range of interesting compare and contrast essay topics you'll be able to select from you can describe laws you want to create, to provide some alterations to already existing laws, or to suggest to cancel a law which you don't like for specific factors. Ensure you write sentences which include both flowers and trees. When you compose an essay on moral topics, describe the issue from other points of view, showing either side of the exact same issue. There are a couple important things to do to take to create a great thesis statement. You must present your topic, clearly, and also your thesis statement that has the function of indicating to your readers what is the probable path of the whole work. The illustration of an outline is provided below.