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Analysis of Barbie Doll Essay Example for Free

Analysis of Barbie Doll Essay The Devastation of Social Pressure One would think that growing up would be a fun, not a worry in the world, happy experience. Yes, that is the way it should be, but that’s not always the case, especially for women. As girls season into women they realize they not only have to face the fact that they’re in a patriarchal society, but also the influences and pressure they face in the social aspect of things, such as their looks and body image. There is so much competition amongst girls, especially when transitioning into a woman and through most of their adulthood. So instead of being able to enjoy life and absorbing the true quality of it, we are side tracked with superficial, stereotypical, shallow thoughts and images of how we think life is supposed to be. Although, who’s to say what’s right and what’s wrong with the way we interpret things? Marge Piercy, who wrote the poem â€Å"Barbie Doll†, has a very strong view of how destructive social pressure can be to a girl through her transitioning stages into a woman. She expresses how the Barbie doll, the toy figurine that woman idealize, is, in fact, a method of corruption to a young girl. First and for most we must understand who the persona is in the poem, which is a woman, and more specifically Marge Piercy herself. She is observing a young girl going from Wolfe 2 childhood, adolescents, adulthood and then death in a roundabout way. Starting with the first stanza, of four, the persona explains of a young girl, and her playing with a doll, the Mattel’s Barbie doll to be precise. This doll is to be described as tall, blonde hair, blue eyes and it has the perfect body. The girl, â€Å"†¦presented dolls that pee-pee/and miniature GE stoves and irons/ and wee lipsticks the color of cherry candy† (2-4). The words iron, stove, and lipstick are all play-things for the girl, but are also identity markers. Such that the doll represents the ideal body image, the iron and stove tells us what type of work is expected of the girl when she becomes an adult (keep in mind that this poem was written in the nineteen seventies and that woman in the work force was still a very small percentage, thus women were still very domesticated) and the lipstick is to imply a sexual innuendo. In the last line in the first stanza the girl goes through puberty and no time is wasted before a classmate judges and criticizes her, â€Å"You have a great big nose and fat legs† (6). Going through puberty is a stage of growth. Adolescents become more aware of their social standing and sexual being. As we read further, the doll, she once played with, will create a major impact on her; in the aspect of her body image and the pressure she faces from her peers. In the second stanza we see how the woman is dissatisfied with herself even though she is â€Å"healthy and tested intelligent/possessed strong arms and back/ abundant sexual drive and manual dexterity† (7-9). The persona continues to say, â€Å"She went to and fro apologizing/Everyone saw a fat nose on thick legs† (10-11). The traits that this woman possesses, is in every way correct; however, she is so sure her physical traits are unacceptable to the culture. No matter what she sees in the mirror or what she hears, this won’t change her opinion about herself image. She has been brainwashed about her looks and she doesn’t think she is good enough. She goes around apologizing to everyone about the person she has become, believing there is no way she can change, at least in a healthy manner. In the third stanza we read how society is forcing the woman to change her healthy ways, physically, into something she isn’t. She does what she can to fit into society by, â€Å"†¦play[ing] coy/ exhorted to come on hearty/ exercise, diet, smile and wheedle† (12-14). She had so much pressure from every direction, she felt obligated to try and conform her body into what society viewed as ideal, which we know of as the Barbie doll toy. This idea was short lived. Instead of standing her grounds and accepting the individual that she is, she drowns. Society got the best of her, â€Å"Her good nature wore out/ like a fan belt† (15-16). She gave up and paid the ultimate price to be accepted in society, â€Å"†¦she cut off her nose and her legs/ and offered them up† (17-18). Now that she has removed her flaws she temporarily relinquishes her depression, weakness, and anxiety. Now that she has met the, impossible, unrealistic, standard, she can permanently wash her existences away and leave her shell of beauty behind. In the final Stanza, Piercy highlights the theme of the poem. Simply put, women aren’t accepted into society unless they represent the ideal woman. Now that the woman is free of body flaws and has had a makeover, she can be accepted into her culture even though we know this isn’t her true self. What must this say about the society she has been exposed to? In order to survive in this specific culture, if we’re not perfect, is to become someone we’re not. So not only do we have to try to live up to a standard that is not comprehendible but we also have to be fake. In the middle of the last stanza Piercy explains, â€Å"with the undertaker’s cosmetics painted on/a turned-up putty nose/dressed in a pink and white nightie† (20-22). The woman now has the superficial , but perfect, looks. She is manipulated (physically) so she can finally be recognized. Letting a society make this woman frail and surrender to being her own individual shows a lack of values and morals within herself. Having our own opinions, life experiences and ethics make us who we are and if we were all the same or are held up to the same expectations what would life be like? Would we all act like robots? Clones? As the woman has been re-configured, shallow talks are amongst her, â€Å"Doesn’t she look pretty? everyone said/Consummation at last/To every woman a happy ending† (23-25). Mission complete, she achieved her goal; she is pretty, unflawed, and looks like the ideal woman.

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Current Issue Article :: essays research papers

I found this article to be very interesting it ties very well into what we have been learning about with the universe. The article talks about how astronomers have used old stars to determine the age of the universe. The article tells how Timothy Beers and his associates have discovered a radioactive isotope, uranium-238, in a metal-poor star located on the outskirts of the milkyway. I suppose I should give a little back that the article talked about first. Astronomers have found the age of many stars by using radioactive dating. See astronomers are able to calculate the age of a star by using this radioactive dating. This method does work for older stars that were formed from just hydrogen, helium and lithium these are nonradioactive elements that are called metal poor-stars. Well it is believe that some of these stars were massive and exploded and set off nuclear reactions that made a second generation of metal-poor stars and some of these stars contained radioactive isotopes. So now that leads us to were I started until the discovery of uranuim-238 astronomers were only able to detect isotope-thoruim-232. Well with the discovery of this star that contained uranuim-238 researchers were able to calculate the age of the star and make an estimated minimum age of the universe. Astronomers hope that with the discovery of more of these stars they will be able to find the minimum age of the universe.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  I know that was a long explanation I just don’t think I could have made it shorter. Any ways I picked this article because I found it so interesting. I mean to think that for thousands of years astronomers have been studying the stars and here in the year 2001 they are still making discoveries.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  On the other hand is knowing the age of the universe going to make some big impact on our lives. I guess what I am wondering is I am sure that they are spending millions of dollars for this research.

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Oedipus The Great Essay

In the book Oedipus The King, there was a curse that stated that Oedipus was to kill his father, Laius, and marry his mother, Jocasta. So when Oedipus’ parents find out that Jocasta is pregnant they have the baby and give it to a man to take to the top of a mountain. But instead of the man taking the baby, Oedipus, to the mountain top he gave him to a family and the family then raised Oedipus. When Oedipus was older he was traveling to the town of Thebes when he ran across some people that demanded that Oedipus get off the road and let them get pass. Being himself Oedipus got mad and killed them all, what he did not know was that that was his father and when he got to Thebes he would marry his mother, the queen, and become the new king of Thebes. Oedipus always had trouble controlling his anger and in that moment it went all down hill. In Oedipus The King, written by Sophocles, Oedipus exhibits the following tragic flaws : he jumps to conclusions, he’s controlling, he has anger problems, and he’s too confident. The first tragic flaw of Oedipus is his problem of jumping to conclusions. In every bad situation with Oedipus, which happens to be quite frequent, he always assumes something before a conclusion ever occurs. He never just waits to see what someone has to say or to see what happens, it’s like he always controls the ending of every situation and he likes it until everything goes wrong. In the book Oedipus jumps to the conclusion that Tiresias is conspiring with Creon to keep the secret that they had killed King Laius. He does not consider the fact that they are looking out for him so that he wont expose himself. But Tiresias finally gets tired of the things that Oedipus is saying and he says, â€Å" I am going. But first I will say what I came here to say†¦ The man you are trying to find, with your threatening proclamations, the murderer of Laius that man is here in Thebes†¦ He will be revealed as brother and father of his children with whom he now lives, the son and husband of the woman who gave him birth, the murderer and marriage partner of his father. Go think this out. And if you find that I am wrong, then say I have no skill in prophecy†, Tiresias then leaves Oedipus standing there stunned(Oedipus the King pg. 40). After that Oedipus gets so upset and starts to yell and starts to tell the people of Thebes that Tiresias and Creon are lying. That they just want the blame off of themselves and on to him. He says this because he does not believe it and because he wants to make a scene and just wants to be the center of attention and he wants everyone on his side just in case something happens and he need someone to stick up for him. And because Oedipus is the king the people will listen to him because they trust him and they trust what he says when he says that he did not kill Laius. Another tragic flaw of Oedipus is the fact that he’s controlling. Oedipus controls, well he tries to control, everything that everyone does. He never wants anyone to say anything about Laius’ death or about his background. He tries to control every situation, every conversation and so forth. When he was talking to Tiresias, Tiresias decided to leave because his conversation with Oedipus was getting nowhere. Tiresias said, â€Å" I will go, then. Boy, lead me away†, and then Oedipus say, thinking he had to, said, â€Å" Yes take him away. While you’re here you are a hindrance, a nuisance; once out of the way you wont annoy me any more. † (Oedipus the King pg. 30 & 31). He thought that would make him seem in control of Tiresias life and the things he did in his life but Tiresias did not like that and he came back at Oedipus even harder making Oedipus go to his palace and think about what has just happened. The only logical thing that Oedipus could have been in control of was the town of Thebes because he was now the new king of Thebes, but everything was messed up when everyone found out that he had killed their previous king Laius. The next tragic flaw of Oedipus is his anger problems. In every situation with Oedipus he always ends up yelling at someone. He cant control his feelings and this problem will eventually end his life. Like with the conversation he was having with Creon they ended up having a screaming match because of Oedipus and his horrible tragic flaw of jumping to conclusions. Creon found out that Oedipus has put the death of their old king Laius in his and Tiresias’ hands. When Creon confronts Oedipus, Oedipus gets angry and says to Creon, â€Å" You! What are you doing here? Do you have the face to come to my palace-you who are convicted as my murderer, exposed as a robber attempting to steal my throne? †. He gets upset and has to have his wife/ mother, help get him under control and calmed down He acts like a little kid and the one person who can help keep him under control is his wife/ mother. Another tragic flaw of Oedipus is the fact that he is too confident. Its okay to be confident in yourself and what you do, but when you become too confident you can become cocky and sometimes over-bearing which indeed happens to Oedipus. Oedipus always goes around boasting about how he is king and that no one should step to him because he could have them killed, how he was the one to solve the riddle so he earned the the spot as king. With Oedipus, he takes the concept of being confident to a whole other level. He makes it seems as though being confident is something that should be thought about because it tears it whole world apart. So throughout Oedipus’ life he has been lied to and made and a fool of and mainly by himself. Oedipus’ problems are mainly because of his tragic flaws. His tragic flaws are the fact that he jumps to conclusions, he’s controlling, he has anger problems, and he’s too confident. Maybe some people may say that being confident is a good thing and that people should be confident but when you go to overboard and be outrageous with it, it just makes people hate you and try to make other people see that you are a horrible person and have a horrible personality.

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Gay Community Rights and Respinsiblities Essay - 1392 Words

The circumstances containing homosexuality have formed a varying timeline. The LGBT community’s rights and responsibilities must match those of society in general. Throughout the last 50 years the rights deserved by those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender has been debated. Debates have included topics such as same sex marriage, housing security, and job security. The LGBT community needs laws protecting it from hate crimes. There have been multiple incidents LGBT individuals have been beaten, raped, and even murdered. Society cannot expect things to change unless society makes it happen. Take the murder of Allen Shindler for example. Shindler was murdered in 1992 because he was a homosexual. Shindler was in the navy at the†¦show more content†¦While some states have legalized gay marriage, some have not. The states that have not legalized gay marriage are: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. (â€Å"gay marriage†). These states, in a percentage of the public’s eyes need to change. In their eyes these states deny LGBT people c ivil rights. The right to marry is a civil right. Since the gay rights battle has been around, there has been a fight for anti-discrimination laws for the LGBT community. Just as any other community, they need protection from discrimination based on sexual orientation. If the LGBT community can’t have housing and job security, then no community should. Everybody needs housing security. The LGBT community needs it so they won’t be denied housing because of their sexual orientation. Without laws like these, people may be denied housing because of their sexual orientation. Without these laws, people may be kicked out of rented houses by their landlords if their landlords suspect that they may be LGBT. (â€Å"Newton†) Everybody needs job security as well. Without these laws, people may be fired on the sole basis of