Friday, November 1, 2019

Prime Minister's Question Time Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Prime Minister's Question Time - Essay Example he tasked the prime minister to respond to whether his government will remain on record from 1920 as the only government that left the economic conditions of the citizens worse than he found them. In his response, he refuted the claims that the economic levels of the overall citizens were deteriorating rather citing the record from International Monetary Fund (IMF) that signifies that Britains economic growth was on the rise. the records from IMF also signified that employment levels were on the increase again according to the response by the prime minister. from the 2010 manifestation of providing better life conditions. growth, jobs, and wages are increasing despite inflation. he refuted the issue of failing to attain economic growth through arguing that women employment and the youths employment levels are on the increase. From the Prime Ministers point of view, the energy policy and minimum wage policy are dangerous and will preset negative shifts of the within the economy. tax c uts that the government is providing is not only ensuring life is fair for the low income earners but also reducing the government reduction. Reduction of public spending and ensuring appropriate tax reports remain among the significant achievements leading to economic growth. He dismissed the idea of increasing minimum wage arguing that it will influence inflation and that focusing on overall economic growth is the essential factor. He disagreed with the idea of reducing the amount spent on defense to 2% of GDP arguing defense was a crucial factor within the growth of an economy. after the establishment of the inquiry committee six years the opposition accused the government of failing to table a report or focus on means of delivering the inquiry report of UKs involvement in the war in Iran. Cameron accused the opposition for voting

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