Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Models Of Organizational Performance Example

Models Of Organizational Performance Example Models Of Organizational Performance – Coursework Example Models of organizational performance Organizational performance management normally ensures that a company’s resources are properly being utilizedto make sure that the company’s goals are met. This paper is going to compare the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) and the balanced scorecard. The EFQM is designed to aid organizations attain business excellence via continuous improvement and management of processes aimed at engendering broader use of the best practice activities. The balanced scorecard on the other hand expresses a strategy for an organization as a set of goals that can be measured from the view of the investors, external stakeholders, owners and even organisation itself. Both models are similar in that they have been able to attain commitment and sponsorship of entire management teams. They have also been able to introduce management processes that are â€Å"embedded† and which utilize outputs to drive continued improvement and renew and refresh the Balanced Scorecard over a period of time.2. A company may use various performance measurements ways to evaluate its customer satisfaction which include perspectives such as; innovation and financial perspectives, internal business and customer’s perspectives. It is true that several organizations depend on their customers for profits, and thus most companies will evaluate their staff based on how they perform with their customers. 3. Two examples of quality indicators that a company can use include; performance improvement and accountability. Thus a basic set of performance measures will reveal the number of units in service that has been delivered. More complicated sets of measures will provide this primary information and so much more. A proper set of performance measures will reveal how well a given service was provided, at what quality level and its effect on customers. Work Cited K.Gopal, Kanji. Measuring Business Excellence. New York: Routledge, 2012.

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