Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 29

Assignment - Essay Example These attributes are important because these allow the nurse to perform his or her job much more effectively in terms of the delivery of expected expert care and affect or influence the outcome of various nursing therapeutic roles such as in emotional support, spiritual guidance, information gathering and sharing with the patient, in advocacy of certain medical and ethical issues related to nursing care and patient interactions, in validation of the patient’s feelings, in patient empowerment, and psychological ventilation of the many concerns that many patients usually have, especially those already undergoing their end-stage palliative care. Taken together, all these mentioned attributes are to be directed towards one goal only which is the rendition of nursing care, and in this connection, there are several nursing theories of care which had been propounded by expert nursing practitioners over the years. Among the foremost theories are that of Swanson which relate to the aspects of knowing (the patient), being with, doing for, engaging in the enabling process, and finally, in maintaining belief (Swanson, 2010:433). There are many other similar theories of nursing care which require the same attributes of a good registered nurse like that of Jean Watson’s the Caring Moment, that of Lydia Hall’s Core, Cure, and Care, and of Ernestine Weidenbach’s nursing as a helping art. Nursing developed not only as task-based interventions but as real care (West, 2009:16). Critical thinking is the ability of a person to analyse certain facts and events in an objective manner that helps him or her to make a wise decision. It is therefore a type of reasoning that allows a person to synthesize information from observations and experiences to enable him to reach a reasonably accurate belief and combine this with reflection for an effective action. For those in the nursing profession, critical

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