Thursday, November 28, 2019

Alien Vs Predator essays

Alien Vs Predator essays This is a scientific film, its about a war between 2 groups of strange organisms which are not from earth. And all the fight is on earth inside an ancient pyramid in Egypt which has a relation ship between these aliens from a long time ago. I really liked the film much, I think it is so exiting, I liked its story much and its brilliant direction. And I wrote about some scenes from the film which I really found that they The story begins inside a research center in USA, where the group of the history scientists were talking about a strange pyramid which was discovered in Egypt. At the end of the talk the result was to send some of the group to the pyramid to find out what history or revolution does it belongs to. Unfortunately, the time the group was going to the pyramid, was the time the revolution of the aliens come to life again. All the frozen aliens in the pyramid will go out to life again. And the predators are coming to the pyramid to destroy the aliens and stop them from making their civilization One of the scenes which I really liked in the film was the scene when a woman scientist of the group called Sam was under the mercy of the 2 creatures. When Sam was running inside the pyramid from one of the aliens then suddenly a predator appears in front of her. I felt so pitiful toward her, but the strange thing was that the predator didnt attack her but he went for the alien. Then there was a strong painful fight between the 2 enormous strong creatures, which ended by the victory of the predator. This wasnt only the exciting part of the scene, when the predator killed the alien he went towards Sam as he approaches to her he gets out a sword and he almost kills kills her. I felt my heart beats at this time as she was so panic, then suddenly the predator stops as she get out a bag, then she opens it and gets out o ...

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