Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The consumers awareness regarding Walmart Essay

The consumers awareness regarding Walmart - Essay Example The firm that is analyzed in the paper is Walmart as one of the leading retail stores, which was founded in the year 1962. It delivers a pleasurable and suitable experience of shopping to its broad range of customers worldwide. Currently, there are 629 stores of Walmart operating its business functions throughout the United States. It has been identified that Walmart possesses a significant range that exceeds 10,130 units of retail stores and carrying out its business operations in 27 countries throughout the world. In the financial year of 2012, the present sales of Walmart amount to US$ 443 billion and it engages a significant number of associates globally. In the article â€Å"Company Spotlight: Walmart Stores, Inc.†, it has been observed that Walmart generally executes through few of the business sections that include â€Å"Walmart US†, â€Å"Sam’s Club† and â€Å"Walmart International† throughout the world. The main purpose or vision of Walmart lies in its policy of ‘saving money of the people’ and to help the people to live well in this world. Moreover, the organization also has delivered various financial prospects especially upon its related industry i.e. retail industry and has altered the nature of the business that the organization executes worldwide. In addition, Walmart enhanced the overall impact upon the retail industry and ultimately increased the potentials of the customers in spite of operating in different countries where the customers shop (Walmart Corporate, 2012). It has been observed that in the year 2011, Walmart attained various awards such as â€Å"Corporate Environmental Excellence for Walmart Canada† and â€Å"Top Organizations for Multicultural Business Opportunities† among others for various efforts that were performed by Walmart while executing its business operations (Walmart Corporate, 2012). Most people are fully aware regarding the business operations and functions of Walmart and its deliverance of broad variety of quality products. In the study, there has been a conduct of various research and online questionnaires regarding the frequency of visit of wide range of customers to Walmart. Moreover, the research also has assisted to explore whether people are familiar with the corporate practices of Walmart. Methods A survey method has been conducted with the public or the customers as respondents in order to acquire a general idea regarding their valuable opinions upon Walmart. An online questionnaire has been designed in order to accomplish the research. The purpose of this survey is to trace the number of people who possess the experience of shopping with Walmart, reasons behind the selection of Walmart as their shopping destination compared to others and the description of the products that people generally purchase from Walmart. Moreover, the purpose of this survey has been also to trace how often people do shopping at Walmart along with acq uiring a general idea regarding the knowledge of the people about the corporate practices of Walmart. In addition, the questionnaire in the survey is also based upon whether anyone has done any shopping or has not possessed the shopping experience with Walmart. If any person replied that they do not possess or have not done any shopping at Walmart then they had to respond the following question i.e. ‘For what reasons do you chose not to shop at Walmart?’ In the questionnaire, the questions also include the judgment of the people, whether Walmart is a good place to work or not. Apart from the above questions that have been mentioned in the questionnaire, the initial or the primary questions include the gender i.e. whether the customer or the respondent is female or male, the age of the respondent and the status of the respondent or the customers i.e. whether the respondent is an employee, student or others. The questionnaire that has been designed in order to conduct the research study was fundamentally provided to a sum total of 50 people who

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