Friday, October 4, 2019

Management Challenges and Concerns Report Essay Example for Free

Management Challenges and Concerns Report Essay The purpose of the Management Challenges and Concerns Report is to indicate the responsibilities of management and how to meet or exceed company goals. This report includes details of management challenges within a company. In addition, this report specifies possible causes and solutions to internal issues at work. This report shall prove how strategic planning, goals, productivity, and evaluating issues play a significant role in solving issues in human resource management entities. Some of the responsibilities of human resource management consist of providing employees with information on the company’s vision, goal, HIPPA privacy rights, and mission statement. In addition, employees receive information on safety rules, insurance benefits, compensation, employee relations, training, and orientation classes. These responsibilities are significant and require patience along with strong leaders. Human Resource Managers has to acquire a bachelor’s or master’s degree in management, management classes, and pass test. Also human resource management requires the following characteristics: positive, consistent, prompt, role model, team player, and strong leaders. Performance Management consist of appraisal system, driving appraisal process, evaluating employee performance, and performance counseling (Brewster Soderstrom, 1994). Internal issues pertaining to employees consist of productivity, abiding by company rules, safety, passing training classes, and positive work ethics. Human Resource Management has rules and regulations in the company handbook to ensure consistency at work. These rules and regulations set the pace for a productive and professional workplace environment for employees and management. Internal issues may arise; however it is human resource management responsibility to solve any issues before any escalate. Employee Relations play an important role in solving internal issues by evaluation and resolution. Employee Relations consist of the following duties: grievance handling, discipline management, managing absenteeism, managing attrition, and employee termination (Brewster Larsen, 2000). Strategic planning is vital because it provides a forecast for the company to follow in efforts to exceed goals and gain a competitive advantage. Goals and productivity shall be reasonable and achievable by following rules and the company mission statement. Management shall evaluate and solve internal issues with good decision-making and by the company handbook accordingly. In conclusion, this report specifies the responsibilities of human resource management in thorough details. The elements of solving internal issues consist of following strategic plans, goals, rules, and mission statement. As a result, the company shall gain a professional workplace environment, productivity, and competitive advantage. This report proves that following strategic plans and enforcing company guidelines are the foundation to positive work ethics and suceess. Reference Brewster, C., Larsen, H. H. (2000). Human Resource Management in Europe: The Role of the Line. Human Resource Management in Northern Europe: Trends, Dilemmas and Strategy, Oxford, Blackwells . Brewster, C., Soderstrom, M. (1994). Human Resource and Line Management. Policy and Practice in European Resource Management, London, Rourledge .

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