Friday, October 18, 2019

Human health Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Human health - Essay Example The development of stress related heat diseases will continue until they become epidemic if adaptation and remedies to the problem are not put into place. As a result of increases in overall temperatures on the surface of the Earth and increase radiant effects from the sun, the increases in non-communicable disease caused by global temperature elevation will continue to increase as human life begins to change in relationship to the effect. Climate change is about the sun. The way in which the radiation of the sun is distributed by the complex systems that prevent the Earth from scorching or freezing from the balance between radiation and the gasses that radiate into the system is essential to understand in order to understand how temperature affects the human body. It is also essential to understand how the sun’s rays affect the overall nature of human health both through giving vitamins, but also in creating damage to the skin, which is the body’s way of regulating tem perature. ... biodiversity loss, changing timing of growing seasons, coastal erosion and aquifer salinisation, permafrost thaw, ocean acidification, and shifting ranges for pests and diseases†. In other words, the entire natural world is at risk for changes that can be detrimental to existing ecological balance and will result in a shift in the way in which disease and pestilence is spread. The UK government is in a constant effort to pass and implement Bills that will require the reduction of greenhouse emissions because of the importance of this problem (Great Britain 2007). The greenhouse effect is defined by the way in which thermal radiation is absorbed by gases in the atmosphere and then re-radiated into a variety of directions. Some of it is radiated towards the Earth. This re-radiation is being increased by the accumulation of gasses in the atmosphere which in turn is increasing the temperature of the Earth’s surface. The natural greenhouse gasses help the Earth to make human life possible by creating the optimum temperature at which life can thrive. Human activities are now putting that balance in jeopardy as deforestation and burning fossil fuels are putting the effect out of balance (Porteous 2008, p. 314). Human activity has created an anthropogenic influence on the ozone layer which impacts the greenhouse gasses and radiation of the sun since the 1950s, but the debate about its existence still rages on (Muller 2010, p. 12). 2.1 Affects of Climate Change The surface effects will be drought, the inability to grow grains, about 25% of the worlds species will be at risk for extinction, and communities will suffer from heat stress that will result in a number of different manifestations (World Bank 2011, p. 78). Industry capacities will change, meaning that work may

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