Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Discussion unit 7 engl Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Discussion unit 7 engl - Essay Example The transitions between the paragraphs are well done and it is a smooth read because of this. There are a few things that the writer could improve upon within their essay as well. The introduction needs to be added to as it jumps into the impartial jury subject too quickly. There needs to be a smoother build up into this subject. The thesis could be a bit more descriptive as well in that it does not really answer how the judges have sought to define impartiality which would be helpful in focusing the essay further. In their conclusion, it would be better if they took out the phrase â€Å"but as seen above.† The work needs to speak for itself and telling the reader that you have succeeded in your argument does not allow the audience to come to their own conclusion. I also think the writer could expand upon the paragraph that talks about how prosecutors and defense are allowed to pick a diverse jury. It would be helpful if the writer could delve into the process of how jury memb ers are selected and how this process adds to the impartiality of the jury. The conclusion also feels a little bit too short and stunted.

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