Friday, September 13, 2019

Ethical Dilemma about the Same Sex Marriage Research Paper - 2

Ethical Dilemma about the Same Sex Marriage - Research Paper Example Over the years many states have started to embrace the idea of same-sex marriages especially the controversial gay marriages. There are many controversies which surround the issue which ranges from ethical concerns to religious issues. The stigma created by the people on the people on the individuals embracing the idea has left many who practice it to hide for the fear of being subjected to social discrimination and stigmatization in the society. Many churches have not accepted the idea and they strongly advocate for its shunning citing various scriptures in the holy books that state against the practice. This has stirred a big debate on the acceptance of this behavior which was initially not acceptable but currently gaining so much popularity and many people including celebrities coming up and confessing of having been in same-sex relationships for a long time. The people involved have been fighting for their freedom of expression and interaction and this has pushed many jurisdictions to bow to their demand and allow the marriages. One of the ideas that arise when the issue of same-sex marriages spring up is what should come first, the right of the individual or morality. The constitutions that govern many states are categorical when it comes to the issue of human rights. Therefore the people who engage in this actions are guarded by the clauses that give them the right way to interact with whomever they want to. Therefore it would be against the constitution to impose a rule on them that would subject them to following a line of thought that they are not ready to subscribe to While advocating for their rights, the people championing stated that every person should respect each and every one's uniqueness and so say that they support the idea is their own choice of their life anyway.

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