Wednesday, August 7, 2019


WRITE A 1,500 WORD ARTICLE WHICH COULD BE FEATURED IN A PARENTING MAGAZINE ABOUT DISPOSABLE NAPPIES VS REAL NAPPIES - Essay Example Everyone appreciates the nostalgia for the genuine, old-fashioned article, but is it really true that real nappies are better for you and your baby> There are four major criteria that spring to mind when considering your nappy buying options: price, effectiveness, and the delicate problem of napkin dermatitis, or nappy rash as it is more commonly called. Starting with price, there is an immediate issue of short and long term planning. You will have to make an initial investment in real nappies, since retail price comparisons show that you need to spend about  £250 on reusable nappies. You will also have to think about a plastic bucket with a lid (about  £7) and a supply of special nappy cleansing fluid . This seems like a lot of money initially, but over time, nappies work out as the cheaper option. Washing the nappies over a period of two and a half years will cost about  £80 bringing that the real nappy option for one baby to a total cost of around  £330 - £400 depending on how often you use a tumble dryer. In comparison, disposable nappies cost approximately  £600 over the same period. If you are planning to have another child, then your savings will be even greater, especially if you dry the nappies in the fresh air rather than in a tumble dryer. It seems, then, that real nappies are cheaper than disposables and for bigger families, clearly the economical option. You might be wondering which type of nappy works best. There are so many size and style options available that comparisons in this area are much harder to make. Leakage is a problem with all nappy types, and the more active your baby is, the bigger a problem this is likely to be. The advantage of real nappies is that they can be easier to adjust to your baby’s individual shape. Different technologies in disposable nappies can give you a range of absorbency levels, and so there is no real problem

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