Thursday, August 29, 2019

The conventions of a romantic comedy on a midsummer night's dream by Essay

The conventions of a romantic comedy on a midsummer night's dream by william shakespeare - Essay Example Because of this love, Hermia refuses to get married to Demetrius, despite pressure from the father. In fact, Hermia plans to elope with Lysander to secretly get married to Lysander. Another instance of love is between Helena and Demetrius who were once engaged. In a bid to win the love of Demetrius, Helena tells him of the action that Lysander and Hermia intend to undertake (Quinton and William, 4). Another major convention depicted in this romantic comedy is the need of the lovers to overcome obstacles. The love between Hermia and Lysander is faced with an obstacle. The main obstacle in this love is the father of Hermia who favors Demetrius as opposed to Lysander. The penalty for defying a father is death, or condemnation as unmarried woman to a convent. Another instance is when Hermia challenges Helena to a fight, because of jealousy. This is with the belief that Helena was trying to take the love of Lysander away from her. This is after Puck put the love portion on the eyes of Lysander, making him fall in love to Helena. Another instance where love had to overcome an obstacle is the love between King Oberon, and the young Indian boy (Quinton and William, 9). It was the desire of King Oberon to transform the boy into a knight, a situation that his queen, Titania refused. The forced the king to make Queen Titania fall in love with Bottom, a ridiculous creature. Eventually King Oberon through this action managed to have the boy, and transform him into a knight. Another romantic convention contained in this comedy is that it contains miraculous or supernatural creatures. The creatures in this short story are fairies who on most occasions are involved in blessing sleeping couples. The king of these fairies is King Oberon, and his Queen Tatania. There is also Puck, the fairy servant of King Oberon, and Bottom, a miraculous creature whose head was transformed by Puck to look like that of an ass. Furthermore, happy endings are always brought about by

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