Friday, August 2, 2019

Prostitution Should be Illegal Essay -- social issues

Prostitution Should be Illegal Prostitution should be cleaned off our streets. It first started in the early 1800’s. Prostitution is defined as providing sexual service, for the return of money. Exchange of money for sexual service. Heterosexual prostitution is the most common. Homosexual, gays and lesbians exists on smaller scales. Prostitution is a hazardous business. People selling themselves are at high risk. The women more then men. Both men and women are at risk in getting disease that has no cure. Prostitution all together should be stopped and put an end to. Prostitution takes place in many different places. Massage parlors, call-girl and call-men (also know as escort services), street prostitution, strip clubs, etc. It was believed that the most population in 1800’s was migrants. These migrants were mostly single men, husbands who left tem who left temporarily left their wives and children at home. Massage parlors were located close to railway stations. Prostitution increased during world war one when hardly and employment during world war one when hardly any employment for women was offered and it decreased during world war two for grater economic opportunities for lower-class women in war related industrials. 50% of the women in Toronto work for themselves. Street prostitution is the most visible form of prostitution that receives the most attention. Prostitutions needed the money not only to support themselves but to support but to support there family’s....

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