Friday, August 23, 2019

Crime in tourism destination Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Crime in tourism destination - Assignment Example street crime, where tourists are snatched off their bags, robbed off their possessions by criminals and in a few cases even violent robberies and rape perpetrated against them (Brosnahan, n.p.). The magnitude of this crime has been increased y the fact that it is not only perpetrated by the locals, but also by foreigners from neighboring countries, who have immigrated to Turkey, considering that it is a relatively peaceful country. In the crowded streets of the major cities such as Istanbul and Izmir, pick pockets take advantage of the congestion of people to pick any valuable the tourists might have such as money, watches, cameras and jewelry (Brosnahan, n.p.). The perpetrators of this crime have perfected this art through applying very unique tactics, which always leave the tourist lost and stranded. These criminals can engage in a street fight which will cause passersby to stand and watch the fight, while their colleagues take the advantage of this situation to snatch bags, valuab les or pick from the pockets of the bystanders (Brosnahan, n.p.). The other technique applied by the perpetrators of this crime is engaging is a street chase, where few of them chase after one of their own, causing commotion and confusion in the streets. This leave the tourists stranded due to the unusual scenes in a new environment, only to have the colleagues of these criminals pick from them or even snatch their bags and other valuables and then run to a waiting by taxi, which takes off immediately (Brosnahan, n.p.). Further tactics include a pretended collision between a stranger and a tourist, where the stranger pours some liquid on the tourists pretending it to be an accident, only to have the stranger pick from the tourists while pretending to wipe away the liquid. The same perpetrators of the crimes will engage in blocking the ways for tourists causing the tourists to be stranded, while others snatch or pick their valuables (Brosnahan, n.p.). They can also enter into tourist

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