Sunday, July 28, 2019

Fundamentals of Natural Science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Fundamentals of Natural Science - Essay Example Earlier, it was noted that scientific studies made the presence of gene and their transmission from one generation to another. But with the increased progress of scientific research allowed understanding regarding the mechanism in which genes would work (Bunch & Hellemans, 2004). The process of scientific research to renew the facts about mechanism of operation of gene in the body was greatly debated. Initially, researchers believed that it was impossible to find the particles and molecules making up several arrangements. Later on, it was observed that scientists made use of three-dimensional structure of DNA to evaluate the biochemical functioning (Treichel, 2008). By 1930s, scientists found out the correlation between the chromosomes and linkage of different molecules which ultimately led in the development of scientific study noting the mechanism in which genes work. This progress in the scientific study led in the correct knowledge of cytological information. During the experimentation for evaluating mechanism of genes, it was observed that new born babies had dominating features from the families of their parents. This made it evident that the mechanism of genes was greatly controlled by some other component of gene. It was for this reason that Walter Flemming studied the addition of another component in genes. Walter discovered that every cell had a nuclein which was also controlling the cell nucleus. But even then the relationship between both the components was not established with practical experimentation (Bunch & Hellemans, 2004). In order to understand as to why babies had exactly the same features as family side including eye color and other facial features, Oscar Hertwig conducted experimentation. It was noted in his experiment of observing sea urchins. The reason behind his consideration of sea urchins as the best experimental subject because its eggs are relatively bigger in size and are

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