Wednesday, June 12, 2019

World View Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

World View - Essay ExampleCulture is quite a flexible and fragile phenomenon, a get which gives it extensive dynamism. Therefore, it changes easily and can be easily lost because it only exists in the minds of people. Culture determines many aspects of the lives of people. It has a strong influence on government, buckram language, architecture, and a host of other products of human creativity (ONeil, 1 4). Human culture occurs in three levels. The first one is the collection of cultural traditions that be unique to a society. An example of this is Japanese culture. The second level of culture is a subculture. In societies composed of groups of people who have come from a make sense of different parts of the world, individuals usu wholey retain their culture, which distinguishes them from the rest of society. The third level of culture is cultural universals, which consists of behavioral patterns that people learn and collectively share all over the world. Examples of cultural t raits characteristic of cultural universals are the use of sexual urge and age to classify individuals within the society, and the division of labor on a gender basis (ONeil, 4 7). Mythology Mythology is a body of myths possessed by a particular society. A myth is a narrative of a sacred character that provides an explanation as to why the humankind or the world transformed to become as it is now. Myths usually contain supernatural characters and religious leaders of the society usually endorse them. Myths are part of the culture of a society and, therefore, play a decisive role in shaping that societys behavioral patterns. This is especially because they substantially influence a societys religious beliefs.

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