Sunday, June 2, 2019

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cougar Creating world class performance in a Jaguar assembly plant Introduction In recent years, many UK manufacturing and service industries have transformed their production methods and processes. Businesses that have been at the leading edge of reassign have prospered, leaving their competitors behind. Key ingredients in this process of change have been an emphasis on creating total quality systems that involve getting it right head start time at every academic degree of production lean production to cut out waste and to simplify manufacturing systems creating environmental management systems that guarantee the highest levels of environmental performance within an organisation excellent relationships with the local community. This case study examines ways in which Jaguar has transformed its new assembly plant at Halewood to guarantee World Class Performance in its production systems. Today, the Halewood plant is dedicated to produc ing the new Jaguar X Type. This is a car for the 21st century. It has been developed as a result of feedback from a massive global consumer research programme. The programme has ensured that the cars designers, engineers and marketers remain in tune with the needs and expectations of potential customers at every stage in the cars development. Developing the site In January 1960, Ford bought the 1390 hectare greenfield site in Halewood from Liverpool corporation and the British Transport Commission. The Halewood site quickly became established as a leading car manufacturing plant and was associated particularly with Ford Escort production. When Ford acquired Jaguar in the early 1990s, Halewood also began to produce body panels for Jaguar cars. In 1998, Halewood was announced as the production site for the all new Jaguar X Type sports saloon. It would replace Ford Escort production, which was to be phased out by 2000. Halewood was elect to produce the X Type because existing Jaguar plant in the Midlands lacked sufficient capacity the Britishness associated with Jaguar made overseas production

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