Thursday, June 20, 2019

Anything related to Gender and Technology Research Paper

Anything related to Gender and Technology - Research Paper Example non-homogeneous people link engine room with computer devices, robots and other advances in science, limiting themselves in defining technology in small terms. Experts agree that technology look back as larger than chips and optics will allow people uncover how technological patterns perpetuate social and pagan class stratification. This paper will investigate how the persuasion of gender shapes technology and investigate different ways in which technology (cosmetic mathematical process) has influenced lives of women. Discussion The discussion will investigate diverse ways in which bodies of women be structured and deconstructed in modern culture and some moral, social and political outcomes such processes for the womens well-being, (Negrin, 2008). It will also focus on gender technology (cosmetic functioning), for instance those forms of socio-cultural practices the make the human body gendered. Similarly, the theoretical foundation of this paper is that the aspect of the human body as highly hypothesized and expressed with certain cultural contexts including economic, social, religious and influential political discourses is crucial. Such discourses represent the extensive system of belief or cultural ideologies, and as they function in performances, they establish vocal and non-verbal rules and laws for how both men and women are expected to feel, perceive and act in relation to the environment and other people. Body modification (cosmetic surgery) as a maleness or femininity identity mark has extensive and ancient cultural origin. A number of ancient practices (such as wearing of the corset and binding of foot), find increasingly been dumped, whereas others (like FMG, tattooing and male circumcision) are persistent, (Davis, 1995). Similarly, new ways of promoting ones manhood and womanhood through diverse aspects of the body are persistently being created. Contemporary medical speci alty and fashion permit practical modification of gender bodies to attain idealized notion of masculinity and femininity. The rate of cosmetic surgery in the modern ground to enhance desirability, attractiveness and appeal of a person to other sex is continually rising. These practices have increasing dominated the mainstream media and popular culture in an endeavor to fix the norm of approved ideal feminine and masculine attractiveness and, therefore, reinforce the man-woman polarity. In feminist studies, woman body is perceived as pop out of scripting of cultural anxiety regarding life, regulation and death and actual human implication. In other words, females bodies are increasingly main features and thus, reflect the challenges, apprehension and the public disunity and socio-cultural aspects in the postmodern era, (Parker & Rhian, 2010). Various issues emerge as a fundamental source of controversy for instance, gender technologies such as cosmetic surgery and inequality expe riences that draw a wider gap between male and female body. Cosmetic surgeries are aimed to amend physical ab naturalities or promote a normal physical character and, therefore, enhance appearance. Cosmetic surgery, as an extensively wide field, which may provide reconstructive surgery for people with devastating burns or physical damage, can be utilized aesthetic purposes such as smoothening wrinkles, breasts enlargement and reshaping noses. In the past, cosmetic surgery practices were mainly restricted to necessary surgery to ensure patient well-being and health. Such surgical practices

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