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Social Responsibility Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

affable Responsibility - Research Paper Example1.1. History of coca-cola The coca- dummy Company was founded in the year of1886 with an objective to stand fresh and delicious drinks to the people. It was introduced by Dr. John Styth Pemberton. The prime objective of the cheek was to offer extremely zippy drink to enhance the direct of happiness and enjoyment. It alike desired to generate a value of variation among the target market among other rival players. This helped the organization to achieve a substantial market persona in a very short period of time. It also helped to enhance annual revenue to a significant extent. 2. Characteristics of CSR model Figure 1 CSR Model of Coca-Cola (Source The Coca-Cola Company, 2013) From the above figure, it might be depicted that CSR, is a procedure to improve both internal as well as external environment, in which an organization operates. It is the moral duty of the organization to present its operations in an ethical way so that no harm is caused to the environment (Figure 2). Apart from this, CSR model also includes People- it tries to offer ethical treatment to the employees engaged in the organization so as to enhance their level of morality and dedication towards work. Partners- through proper CSR, Coca Cola also tries to establish new channel partners for the organization. This might help the organization to expand its level of business along with market share as well. Portfolio- it tries to offer highest quality of beverages to the customers so that they might touch stimulant and happiness. Profit- by conducting effective CSR initiatives, the company can enhance its brand value and goodwill among its appoint stakeholders like customers, shareholders, suppliers, distribution partners etc. This will act as positive catalyst to generate more(prenominal) tangible return in terms of revenue. 3. CSR Initiatives The prime CSR initiatives of Coca Cola, is to offer high concentration over environmental respons ibility. It mainly focuses on water, energy, packaging and recycling activities, health, economic responsibilities and communities. Water- the prime responsibilities of all of us is to conserve and store water so as to reduce wastage of water. It might be done by focal point on the rainwater harvesting projects so as to save huge quantity of water. Moreover, Coca Cola also initiated the establishment of varied rain water projects so as to save water. The organization of Coca-Cola also implemented a waste water treatment machinery to reduce wastage of ground-level water. Energy-it also reduces the consumption of energy to a certain extent. Along with this, it also helps in reducing the emission of hydro-fluorocarbons to a considerable extent. It is extremely indispensable for the organization. Packing and recycling- recycling is enabled in packaging of the bottles of the Coca-cola. Due to which, the PET recycling project is also veritable so as to maintain it. Side by side, it al so implemented numerous innovative sorts of machineries at bottom the plants to improve the bottling activity. Health- the organization also desires to offer free health check-ups as well as statement facilities to the individual of rural communities to as to increase their knowledge and awareness level. It also helps in establishing polio clinics so as to reduce the curse from the society. Along with this,

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