Monday, May 27, 2019

Research in the Counseling Profession Essay

The importance of inquiry lies in the treatment of the client. When focusing treatments are proven and backed by research, this is more effective that development some form of treatment that is bran-new and not backed by research. One of the most prolific things that stands out to me as a student of counseling is the code by which we should all follow and the one thing that we vow never to do and that is do no harm.If we do not research the plan of action that we are to use with our client and to know that this treatment is the proper treatment for the problem or problems presented than the likelihood of doing more damage than reasoned is probable. We must as counselors deliver and disseminate evidence-based treatments for the advance of our profession (Sheperis, Young & Daniels, 2010). As the world evolves the language and procedure of the counseling profession also does, thence it is of great importance to stay on top of the newest research out there.Working in the field of law enforcement for twenty years I deal been by many CISDS. We see that the ongoing use of CISD (Critical Incident Stress Debriefing) is just one design that examination and evidence-based preparation have to find whereas they garb into the counseling profession to better help the counselor work with someone that has seen things that are sometimes unimaginable to them.This is where research keeps the counselor in the mix of things by exploring the new evidence based training and procedures that are out there that show promise this will make the counselor more effective in spite of appearance this population. Scholar Practitioner Model The scholar-practitioner model is often used in reference to the Vail model after the 1973 Vail Conference on Professional Training in Psychology (Vail, 1973). In this model it is the student that learns how to comprehend and relate academic conclusions to the training.The students are thereby trained and instructed to be and take part in research to gain better understanding of the subject material that is presented before them in the clinical setting. A counselor is a scholar practitioner. This implies that a counselor is a highly trained profession who uses new knowledge generated through research to positively change his or her clients life. In light of this statement, it is important to recognize the persona of research in counseling profession.Research can be described as the process through which hypotheses are tested and proved or disapproved through data collection and analysis (Sheperis, Young & Daniels, 2010). What this entails is that it is the process in which through new knowledge passes into the counseling profession. Research gives us an avenue to explore new information in the counseling field and the new information is what makes the counselor more adaptable to the client and their needs.Research in all things can come through a firm foundation in which to back up the practices of the counselor. Conclusion No two clients are the same as no two age are similar. They are ever changing, whereas one treatment might work for one client, whereas another client of theirs presents with like issues, this one treatment may not fit the need or the new client. It is always good to learn as learning is a lifelong process. The more you know the more worthy you are to the client as a counselor.

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