Thursday, May 9, 2019

English Literature, beginning to Romantic Period. Dialogue Essay

English Literature, beginning to Romantic Period. Dialogue - Essay ExampleAlthough daemon as a protagonist may not be the object of admiration as other heroes do, there argon some admirable qualities of determination. Satan is also compellingly complex and manages to strike a majestic attitude, not menace by death or conflict.In The Canterbury Tale, The Wife of Bath tells us how she uses her experience with men to touch anything she wants. She glorifies her ability to control the institution of marriage, and that she has married several times five men. To her, marrying these five men is not only normal but is acceptable in the bible.Me welcome guys to our todays discussion on your roles on earth. Several questions have been raised why you operate the right smart you do and why you taunt those who do not agree with you in one way or the other. What can you say active these allegations?Satan Thank you, as you I am Satan, the only person who has the ability to challenge our enemies . A man must be able to free his mind otherwise he would simply be an empty shell with no purpose. Thats why I have to help man deliberate freely, without restrictions by showing him the way to life.The Wife of Bath Thank you for this forum, Im here as a testimony of how a free mind can help free humankinds mind (she wears a broad infectious smile). When Satan talks about the need to establish a free mind, Im an example of what a free mind can achieve.Satan (nodes his guide in agreement) thats why heavn isnt the right place for mankind, where youll be dupt into accept that youre free, yet in reality you become a slave of ones way of thinking.Me Well, (facing Satan) the last time you disagreed with God you had disobeyed him. You went ahead and started a war that you lost. Instead of picking yourself up and to take another war, you wage war on mankind by duping them to follow your wicked ways (Milton 6).Satan (trying hard to control his apparent angered

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