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Relationships in Julius Caesar Essay Example for Free

Relationships in Julius Caesar EssayIn Julius Caesar, the relationships betwixt Julius Caesar, Marcus Brutus, Mark Antony and Caius Cassius are very important. They show the motivations for the characters actions throughout the play. While some relationships may be sincere, others may be little more than one-sided semipolitical alliances. Brutus is manipulated by Cassius spot against Caesar. Brutus own nave leads to the plot failing and ultimately his downfall.The relationship between Caesar and Brutus is a sincere paladinship. While it isnt revealed how long they have cognize each other, they seem to be good friends. This friendship is the reason why, at first, Brutus is hesitant to join Cassius in his conspiracy. However, Brutus thinks that Caesar should not be in power because he will be corrupted by political power and look down on everyone else. When Brutus stabs Caesar, the latter asks et tu, Brute?, seemingly in shock at the fact that his friend could have betrayed him.Mark Antony and Caesar were close friends. Antony adored Caesar and followed his every command without question. They were even related, thusly being family. Antony faithfully penalizes Caesars death at the end of the play, amassing his army and defeating Cassius and Brutus forces. Antony addresses the Romans at Caesars funeral, acting as a powerful rhetorician and convincing the plebians that Cassius and the rest of the conspirators are wrong in killing Caesar.Cassius uses Brutus as the spearhead of his plan to kill Caesar. Since Brutus is well-respected, Cassius conspiracy gains respect among those who know about it. Brutus sees Cassius as a close friend and thus joins him in the plot. Brutus does not seem to realize that Cassius wants to topple Caesar out of envy. Brutus shows his navet in believing that conspiracy is for the good of Rome rather than a political plot.The relationships between these characters in Julius Caesar ultimately lead to Brutus downfall. Antonys lo yalty to Caesar, Brutus love for Caesar and his trust of Cassius all drive the plot in the play. While Brutus sees Cassius as a friend and colleague, Cassius sees Brutus as a political ally in his plot against Caesar. Antonys loyalty to Caesar leads him to avenge his friends death, resulting in both Cassius and Brutus deaths.

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