Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Industrial facility Essay Example for Free

Industrial adroitness Essay1. Describe how the use of a tall-growing mourning band stack might improve standard tune quality near a large industrial facility. 2. How can topography contribute to pollution in a city or region? 3. From where do hurricanes derive their energy? What factors tend to weaken hurricanes? Would you expect a hurricane to weaken more quickly if it moved everyplace land or over cooler pee? 4. Where is the Bermuda high located during the summer and fall? How might the path of a hurricane, moving toward the air jacketbound from Africa, be ventureed by the Bermuda High as the hurricane approaches the United States? 5. How do you think pollutants are removed from the atmosphere? Does this occur quickly or slowly?1 The smoke coming from a tall smoke stack doesnt mix with the pollutants below it. When a temperature inversion comes in at night, the smoke from the tall smoke stack is above the top of the inversion and doesnt stay trapped with the strain ing below. The nervous strain below doesnt get polluted as it would with a much shorter smoke stack, and doesnt affect the air quality. 2 Topography plays a major role in trapping pollutants. Cities like Denver and Los Angeles, that repose in a valley or between mountains get better temperature inversions. Cold air fuse with the polluted air sinks to the bottom of valleys and low-lying basins. The top of these inversions creates a blanket-like effect and traps the pollutants so that they mix with the dusty air below. In these poorly ventilated areas winds cant mix and carry out the insentient air or polluted air. In cities like Los Angeles, mountains surround the sides of the city, but the cold air from the peace-loving Ocean comes onto land and helps trap pollutants.3 Several factors are required to create a hurricane. Hurricanes oft start off as a Tropical wave from the west coast of Africa. The diverging air moves from east to west with storms behind it with the converging air. Hurricanes come from 5-20 degrees north or south of the Equator and move with the coriolis effect. These storms must(prenominal) have a light wind shear in the upper atmosphere, warm ocean wet (26.5 degrees celsius +), instability in the atmosphere and a trigger (like a tropical wave). They form into a ball of rotating thunderstorms around a low pressure system and release latent disturb from the waters. However, strong perpendicular wind shears, cold water and land will dissipate a hurricane quickly. A hurricane moving over land will weaken a hurricanemore because hurricanes need the warm moist air that it cannot get from land.4 Through the summer and fall the Bermuda high is located in the Atlantic, close to Bermuda. Since hurricanes are attracted to the heat and high pressure, the Bermuda high creates a perfect environment for the storm to form. Since the diverging air moving west from the African coast moves in an anticyclonic motion, it moves into the area of the Ber muda high before strengthening. The east coast of the US is very likely to receive hurricanes or the strong storms from the hurricanes rain bands. Hurricanes normally move from west, to north west to northeast. 5 Pollutants can be slowly removed from the atmosphere by various methods. Growing trees of course filter the air. There are man-made machines to do so as well. These machines filter the air apply scrubbers, house filters and other methods. These can also be installed in home air conditioning systems. aft(prenominal) the filters are cleaned, they can be easily disposed.

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