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Compare Nuclear and Wind Energy

equalize Nuclear and Wind EnergyAt present, society is developing rapidly so mankind inevitably more than electricity. Most countries atomic number 18 using the method of burning fossil fuels to make part to fire the materials which effects the environment beca map carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitric oxide are emitted. These gases can help to build the babys room effect and acid rain pollution, which will make the earths temperature warmer and the rain acidic. Therefore, mankind uses new slipway to unveil muscle, such as, nuclear, wrestle and solar. In this essay, nuclear heartiness will be compared and contrasted with whirl life force some(prenominal) of them are zip fastener for sustainable development, though the main differences are their location, environment and efficiency.The similarity is that two nuclear strength and trail vigour are will have a negative consider for environment, although both of them are not product bad for environment gas. Accord ing to Darvill (2010), the nuclear energy is produced by the large nuclei splitting to release energy. merely, after nuclear fission, the nuclear power coiffe will produce some danger waste, when the radiation happening, Marples (1996) democracyd that Iodine-131, Cesium-137, and Strontium-90 were the most serious radioactive elements to be disseminated by the mishap at Chornobyl. The cases it was nuclear and pollution. For example, Marples (1996) reported that the famous nuclear leakage is the disaster at Chornobyl on the midriff of ninety century which the contaminated areas include, approximately 20 percentage of the territory of Belarus, circa 8 percentage of Ukraine and more or slight 0.5-1.0 percentage of the Russian Federation, altogether the total area is about the size of the Northern Ireland combined the state add of Kentucky or of Scotland. Besides that, tether energy is also harmful to the environment. Because wind power energy needs to build a high tower, put a l arge propeller on the top, the wind blow the propeller turn round. Furthermore the windmill can kill birds, Darvill (2012) show than migrating flocks tend analogous to dependent on strong wind move. However, the windmills also like to build in those areas. Therefore the species will be abatement or disappear to break the ecological balance, which is the same badly for environments. Both ship canal to make electricity are bad for environments.One obvious difference is the geographical limitations of power generation. When a country found the new way to make energy, this is the most important thing they considered. Nuclear energy and wind power energy both have geographic limitations. Most nuclear power station are built in coastal regions, because the nuclear power stations need to use the ocean water as the coolant. If the stations were building inland, nuclear power station also can use the fresh water as the coolant, however the investment would be raised. The location of wind po wer is more important for generation, mankind would like to build a lot of these towers together, to set up a wind farm and produce more energy, before building the station, the most important part is to choose a place which has strong wind as wind farm. Duncan (2000) pointed out that the wind speed should be some in 25 meter per second to make sure that the wind turbines are working stably, it than mean value the wind must strong and reliable. Such as Darvill (2010) showed that at the open plains, on the tops of hills and gaps in mountains. Therefore, wind energy cannot be used everywhere.Another difference between nuclear energy and wind energy is efficiency. Nuclear power stations work as the fossil fuel burning stations, both of which are heating the water to make steam, that turn turbines and make electrical power. One ton of uracil produces more energy than that produced by several trillion tons of coal or several million barrels of oil (Thinkquest). Thus, the nuclear power energy is more efficientlythan the fossil fuels when making power. However wind power energy is a kind of low efficiency energy. Duncan (2000) illustrated that both of from solar energy and wind power energy, the cost of produced electricity are substantial higher than for a heat power station, furthermore the generators are erratic since they require sunshine or wind to work. For example Currently entirely 1 percentage of the state of Californias electricity supply comes from 17000 wind mills, with the equivalent output of one fossil-fuel plant (Duncan, 2000). The efficiency is the obvious difference for nuclear energy and wind energy.In conclusion, nuclear energy and wind power energy are both have different and similar property. The similarity is both of them are not product the bad for environment gas. The nuclear energy is high efficiency energy, it cost less source to make more energy Even though, after fission, it would produce waste, which is dangerous the wash, it is dang er. Furthermore, the wind energy is efficiency is too low and the geographical limitation is a big difficulty. In my opinion, the nuclear energy power can be the popular to use in future, because nuclear is more efficiency, the waste problem will with the social development to resolve.

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