Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Camera Shots in The Great Gatsby Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Camera Shots in The Great Gatsby - Essay illustrationThis paper illustrates that the clip begins with an extreme long shot that brings Buchanans house into view. This shot is helpful in according a general impression of Buchanans opulence as the shot turns into a culture medium one. For instance, the long shot gives the audience a view of the green lawns and exquisite architecture that characterizes Toms house. It is notable that just before the scene, Carraways scene homelys as less dramatic since it is characterized by dissolute shots showing his dour residence and lush vegetation. The camera rapidly pans across the lake and it ushers the audience into Toms compound. The camera uses an eye-level position as Buchanan greets and hugs Carraway. The eye-level position accords the audience the immense figure of Buchanan. In addition, it introduces the audience to the bestial temperament and overconfident persona of Buchanan. Thereafter, a high-angle shot shows the audience into th e splendor of Buchanans house and manifests the child-like nature of Daisy Buchanan and Jordan baker. This shot precedes a close-up shot of Daisy hands. It is notable that Daisy is interested in letting Caraway observe the baseball diamond ring on her index finger. Daisy manifests as a vain and superficial character whose beauty is the essential obsession in life. The camera tilts to remove an up-close shot of Daisys face. A properly lighted background that demonstrates her beautified face enables this shot. Thereafter, the camera pans into Carraways bewildered face and compliments with a medium shot that ushers his solution to Daisys narcissistic questions. A slightly high angle shot gives the audience the view of Bakers face and tilts along her tall frame as she stands up. It is notable that she is enacting impressions on Carraways. These camera movements manifest Bakers attempts at appearing sophisticated more than she could be.

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