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American Dream Essay Example for Free

Ameri finish dream EssayAnother prop used to re yield the truth is the flowers. This makes the destruction of Death of a Salesman potent because when apt and Biff come home after leaving their dad alone in the restaurant they were meant to eat in but instead left with some girls, gifted comes home with some flowers for his mother, Linda. Linda knocks the flowers out of talenteds hands out of anger. Linda starts to clean up the mess she has made thence realises she has cleaned up enough of her sons messes Pick up this stuff, Im not you maid Linda says. Then the stage direction says Happy turns his back to her in refusal. Biff slowly moves over and gets down on his knees, picking up the flowers which explains other failure of the American fancy. I retrieve this proves the difference between the two brothers and how Biff kneels indicating that he can accept the truth and knows that he cant get by the American ambition whitheras Happy is to a greater extent obstinate lik e Willy into believing the dream so Miller int deceases he is destined to go in the aforesaid(prenominal) direction as Willy, which is another failure of the American Dream.Another failure of the American Dream is that Happy follows in his fathers footsteps after he knows what happened to him which led to his self-destruction which makes the ending of the play effective because this play somewhat Willy could repeat it self but would be about Happy. Happy in a way is brainwash into thinking that he can reach the American Dream easily because Willy said you just wish to be well-liked and masculine when he was younger. Happy is trapped in his own world creating the same disaster which has already been lived by his father Willy Loman.It also makes the ending of the play effective because Happy still believes in this dream when it might not even be real as he doesnt know anyone who has achieved it. On a materialistic basis, Willy has worked both his life to realize the American Dream but still fails to do that which makes the ending effective. Willy purchases some seeds for his garden and begins to plant them late at night which is another prop which represents the truth. I think Millers intention here was to channelise the audience that he is close to his suicide but realises that he needs to leave something real and living behind for his family to remember him by.We also know that Willy is close to his suicide because he is planting the seeds at the wrong time of the day, which again I think Millers target here was to give more clues to the audience that Willy was very serious about committing suicide soon. I also think that the seeds that Willy plants are symbolic in a way to another failure of the American Dream because this was Willys longing to grow big and tall ironically just like the plant eventually would. At the end of the play Willy is talking to Ben while he is planting the seeds.He talks about how big his funeral will be before he is even dead m aking the end of the play effective because hes dream about depressing things that will happen after his death for example what his funeral would be like. To be more specific how many people there would be from all over America. This is another failure of the American Dream because Willy shows that he has definitely given up on this dream that he had talked about all his life implying that he is going to kill himself. He is selling himself off and valuing himself and he acts as if he is making a business deal with himself.He also talks about how much property Biff will get and that he will be in front of Bernard again in terms of money. Bernard was their neighbour who was a clever boy and went to the same school as Biff and Happy. plainly back then, in the past Willy influenced his sons to just concentrate on being popular so they could chance upon the American Dream as soon as possible which is a failure of the American Dream because there is a lack of personality from both Biff and Happy. The stage directions are another entailment in the play to represent the failures of the American Dream.At the very end of the play it mentions that the hard towers of the flat buildings rise into sharp focus. I think Miller illustrates that even though Willy has now gone ceaselessly and is dead, the things that Willy hated the most will still be there and the social club will move on which is a failure to achieving the American Dream because he has given up on himself and letting society win over him. In the video each time Willy went back into the past it was always garb in the garden where it was silken.The contrast of colors between the clothes that were worn were the colours of the American flag. unless in the past the colours were bright colours of red blue and white whereas in the present the clothes worn were more faded and dull colours. I think the costumes designers purpose here was to show the difference between the present and the past. I also think tha t the costume designer used bright colours in the past to illustrate that there was more hope for Biff and Happy to achieve the American Dream back then.I believe that the audience might respond to the faded colours of clothes worn in the present meaning that the clothes were old, demonstrating that the family could not afford to buy vernal clothes and other luxuries and this reflects a failure of the American Dream in the film. The ending of the play is effective because its a tragedy how Willy still believes in the American Dream after all he has been through and all the lies he has made up to accomplish this dream.There are many failures of the American Dream which makes the ending of Death of a Salesman effective because all these failures are revealed at the end of the play. Overall I think that Arthur Miller makes Death of a Salesman an effective ending in terms of presenting the failures of the American Dream by revealing the truth at the end of the play. The ending of the p lay is appropriate because it unravels all the unknowns end-to-end the play explaining why things happened and reasons why Willy, Biff and Happy had failed the American Dream .

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