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Should the authorities control what is show in TV Essay

Should the authorities control what is show in TV - Es suppose ExampleThey would say that the authorities were put in place by the majority of the population so this gives them the right to eschew something they whitethorn deem offensive. This essay will present both sides of the argument and will debate the pros and cons of each. Those who make do against censorship of television would say that the state has no right to interfere with the lives of its citizens. The state regulates television computer programing based on commissions that it has set up in order to look into this issue. The state has a function to protect its citizens from harmful programming that may offend a significant amount of viewers. Where people take issue with state censorship of television is that one particular thing may be censored entirely not another. What are the guidelines and boundaries that are used to determine whether something is suitable or not for television? Who is in charge of deciding wh at to censor and what not to censor? Opponents of television censorship would say that they are educate enough to make their own decisions about what is appropriate for them and their families. It should be the role of the state to provide as much television programming as possible and then the individual viewer can finalize if something is okay or not. Basically, this comes down to first amendment rightsa citizen has the freedom of speech to choose what he may or may not do.

Movie Indusrty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Movie Indusrty - Essay Examplecing companies make pack action equipment affordable they create opportunities of acquiring investment capital from outside the movie industry itself. In essence, they prevail allowed independent movie production to grow. Some of the major centers of subscribe to making can be say to be, Nigeria, Hong Kong and India (Scott, 2005). This paper will conduct a research on the global perspective view of the join States film industry with reference to other known production countries this in view in call of India and Hong Kong.The difference from these centers falls under the place where the movies stand to be shoot. With the reasoning of labor and infrastructure costs, approximately movies are made in states different from the one in which the organization, owing to the film, is situated. For example, many U.S. movies are filmed in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand or Eastern European countries.The largest producer of films in the valet de chambre stands to be India. It produces nearly 3000 films on celluloid, which include a stunning figure of 1288 featured movies (Lee, 2002). Indian film industry covers multiple languages and the largest in the globe with a view of the tickets purchased and the number of movies created (Lee, 2002). The industry enjoys the support of the primary(prenominal) vast film-going Indian society. For this reason, Indian films have been earning popularity in the rest of the world this being noted in countries with large numbers of migrated Indians. The largest movie industry in India refers to Hindi film industry. It concentrates in Mumbai, and people usually referred to it as Bollywood. The name amalgamates itself from Bombay and Hollywood (Lee, 2002).Hong Kong stands as a film-producing hub for the Chinese speakers. It falls under the third largest film industry in the globe and the second largest exporter of movies. Hong Kong movies stand out for their unique identity and play a vital part on the world cinema scene. Unlike many movies, Hong Kong

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Financial Plan Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

fiscal excogitation - Case Study modelThe following three partners and their responsibilities argon - CEO - Miss Josefa Calfoforo responsibility includes Managing customer databaseContacting and dealing with clientFinancial aspect of the seam, such as bud meets, profit & loss statement etc.Finalizes fix costCo-operate with political boss Sales Executive and Chief graphic designerChief Sales Executive - Miss Elizabeth Carter responsibility includesGenerating gross sales through marketing and sales campaignIn charge of orders Public RelationChief Designer - Miss Yu-Een Eav responsibility includesProgramming websiteDesigning of diariesSource materials from suppliersManufacturerUpdating technologyAlso, two employees are to be inducted for the day to day operations of the business in the first year.Performance Monitoring of Planedesignerdiary pass on notice performance by looking at number of units (diary) sold in a month.edesignerdiary will measure the satisfaction of the e-comme rce business operation by conducting online surveys after each corrupt.edesignerdiary will measure quality of diary against competitors every 6months. Critical Success factorsOffer a clear description of the goods on offerProvide a total price for the goods (including any taxes payable and freight cost)Have a refund and return policyClearly explain how privateness issues will be handledCustomers acceptance of privacy issuesHave reliability, trust or privacy sealsHave clear delivery datesCustomers who make a purchase from another electronic site or mail house do so without physically, seeing or touching the harvest-time they are buying. Therefore customers will be more likely to purchase items from electronic retailers who repeat these censorious success factors as a minimum.Time required for raising...A total of $30,000 is personal investment. harmonise to the Rate if Return on Owners Investment Ratio each partner will individually gather up 3.59% return in 2006, 2.44% return in 2007 and 8.64% in 2008.Finance options which the partners have already decided to adopt is the government grant for small business and the Export Market Development Grant. Combined the business will be able to receive finances of up to $15,000Customers who make a purchase from another electronic site or mail house do so without physically, seeing or touching the product they are buying. Therefore customers will be more likely to purchase items from electronic retailers who adopt these critical success factors as a minimum.Establishing and operating edesignerdiary is a great personal and financial investment however, accidents and problems do arise these can be minimized by taking out insurance. The business has decided to get insurance through Allianz as they are able to tailor the insurance policy to meet business requirements.edesignerdiary differentiates its custom diary making through strategic edge such as gathering schooling from the individual to compose a custom made dia ry that contains special features selected by the individual. Hence it is a hand made diary that is of high quality produced in Melbourne - Australia.Edesignerdiary will win by having a unique

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What can we learn about American history and the American experience Essay

What can we learn about American history and the American experience through an in-depth workplace of the fart usance - Essay ExampleThe touch and feel of jazz is purely from an African channel because the mellow feeling was as a result of suffering African slaves underwent in settlement schemes (Whyton 17-21). Thus, an in-depth matter of jazz tradition is imperative in giving insight into American history and experience.Thus, they came up with the thought of jazz music as a technique of communicating their sorrows and tribulations they underwent as slaves (Rinzler 3). Jazz music has a blues quality that is a characteristic of soft and mellow voices that further express the feelings of Africans during the slavery period. The slaves would not air their grievances to their masters and so the only way to expel their bitterness was through music and in this case jazz music. In addition, this genre of music is often accompanied by instruments whenever it is performed. The African t radition induced a certain culture into jazz such that an instrument being play would be done in an individuals expression without following any particular order or rules (Rinzler 7).The Harmony in jazz music is a culture borrowed from Europeans. Additionally, the music has a chorus that is played on a piano, which accompanies tunes. Despite the African tradition having their musical instruments, those used in the performance of jazz music trace their origin in Europe and they include trumpets, saxophones, and pianos among many others. Thus, it is evident this genre of music developed as a result of the integration of two different cultures that had varied backgrounds (Larson 79). Despite the enormous history often attached to jazz music, it is believed the genre first originated from New Orleans in America, which is a coastal city located in Western America that was a major transient demeanor during the ancient times where ships carrying slaves from Africa and the rest of the wor ld docked. For this reason, the city provided an environment for people from various ethnical

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Environmental Science Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Environmental Science - interrogation Paper ExampleAccording to all peer-reviewed scientific studies, if the quantity of greenhouse gasses being spewed into the circulate by automobiles, power plants and factories is non greatly reduced and quickly, the earth and its inhabitants leave experience catastrophic consequences in the not too distant future. This paper will discuss the viability of various alternative provides such as hydrogen, bio- fuels, solar, geothermal and nuclear sources which if put into practice on a wide scale would significantly reduce air pollution and perhaps circumvent the predicted effects. One solution to reducing automobile emissions may be set up in vegetable fields. The conversion of corn or beets into ethanol is promoted by scientists as an environmentally and economically sound solution to global climate change concerns. However, this is hardly a new revelation. Rudolf Diesel, in 1897, fifteen years after the inventing the engine named after him sa id The use of vegetable oils for engine fuels may search insignificant today. But such oils may become, in the course of time, as important as rock oil and the coal products of the present time (Boles, 2005). ... Bio-fuels are derived from a readily accessible source and emit no pollutants. The most familiar kind, Ethanol, is a vegetable oil which is most often be mixed with gas pedal and bio-diesel. It can be burned by diesel engines without altering the engine. Ethanol, a green fuel, could be apply as a bridge to the future of consumption and cypher production because it can be apply in existing engines unlike hydrogen. Another by-product of the bio-fuels industry is tit will fuel the harvest of agricultural businesses. Regrettably, it takes significantly more energy (from high-grade gasoline) to create ethanol than it produces. It takes approximately70 percent more energy to produce a gallon of ethanol than is contained in a gallon of ethanol. In addition, fossil fuel is u sed in the production of corn or any crop used for ethanol and by increasing ethanol production will increase degradation of vital agricultural and water resources and will seriously contribute to the pollution of the environment (Pimentel, 1998, p. 5). European countrys both produce and view close to 90 percent of the worlds bio-fuel. Brazil makes up most of the remaining 10 percent. Brazil produces more bio-fuel than it consumes and does not import crude oil. The South American nation is energy self-sufficing and among the lowest producers, by capita, of greenhouse gasses. The quantity of bio-fuels produced and consumed is predicted to grow significantly over the next decade. It is possible that (bio-fuels) could set out as much as 20 percent of all on-road diesel used in Brazil, Europe, mainland China and India by the year 2020 (Biodiesel, 2006). In the U.S., the production of bio-fuels grew six-times during a two year period

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Economics Regulation and Market Structures Essay

Economics Regulation and Market Structures - Essay causeEconomic regulation affects new companies who want to enter into a market. This reason why new competitors be affected is that they may not be able to enter into a market due to this trunk of regulation. affectionate regulation deals with exact social problems such as toxic waste, produce safety, employee safety, and prejudice (Social Regulation). Social regulation exists because in the 60s and 70s the government established regulatory agencies to handle a considerable variety of social problems. The entities affected by social regulation include local businesses and citizens. Businesses may pack to have a plan to deal with social problems, while citizens may have their rights restricted in terms of what they can purchase. A natural monopoly occurs when a firm can fulfil the market indigence for a good or service at a cheaper price than all other competitors ( born(p) Monopoly). The reason why natural monopolies occur is because sometimes a market can only deem wizard producer. According to economic theory, firms can attain monopolies because of unique raw materials, technology, or other factors. An use of a natural monopoly is the gas industry. It is uneconomical to build new infrastructure so just one set of infrastructure is built. This results in company having total control of the market (Pieterz). The antitrust laws attempt to state business to compete fairly.

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The Modernization and Dependency Theories of Development Essay

The Modernization and settlement Theories of Development - Essay Examplethe joined States and the United Kingdom) and the less developed countries found in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.This paper aims to present a comparative abbreviation between the modernization surmisal and the dependency theory as such our aim is to highlight the differences in assumption and arguments of two theories that renders them to be of two opposing poles. We shall also attempt to investigate the points in which these frameworks tuck and the issues they can find agreement on. It is imperative to first give a brief overview of the contents of both theories in order for as to clearly see the borders in which they work.Modernization as used in well-disposed sciences and in this case is defined as the transformation from a traditional, bucolic, and agrarian ordination into an urbanized and industrialise one (Johnson, 2005a). The social changes that constitute and results from such shift affects the society in which it is occurring entirely, a forward looking for development in the lives of its constituents, and also deemed to be irreversible by modernist theorists.Modernization theory placed this concept as an overriding notion for its framework, initially putting emphasis and being born out of the rapid rise of technology and the mass media during the 1950s and 60s (Johnson, 2005a). It can be recognized as having seted features from the classic evolutionary theory as well as the functionalist theory. In terms of its evolutionary aspects, modernization theory is a process, literally a social and economic evolution, whereby it claims that all states go through various phases of development in a unidirectional/linear way. The most adopted formulation of such a view, is that of Walter Rostows Stages of modernization a.) the traditional (non-modern society that is still agriculturally based, and whose social structure is values and kinship oriented) b.) the takeoff stage can b e triggered by natural, rapid climb to modernity because of the set of ideas of individualism, democracy and economic opportunity or pressure to adapt in the rise of other developing countries (this phase may be further characterized by a rise in investment and entrepreneurship, transportation and communications, economic shifts being technological shifts) c.) Drive to technological due date (marked by the flourishing of national economy and dependence on foreign trade links is placed by economic calculations and political priorities, not by technical and institutional necessities etc.) and the last stage would be the d.) mass-consumption marked by increase income thus rendering mas consumption possible, consumer goods and services centered production, and an investment in the welfare state (Julkunen, 2006). The modernization theory asserts that the well developed countries have reached the advance stages if not the prototype of development and are at a position that could provid e aide and role-modelling for the less developed states. ane of the controversial claims of modernization is its appeal to homogenize society, by proposing that third world countries mimic/emulate the practice session of those in the western world.Dependency in itself refers to the over reliance of one nation on another. Dependency theory arised as a response to the modernization theory its core principles and assumptions can be considered to be opposite to those upheld by the latter mentioned. The central claim of this theory is that there exist a exceedingly unequal distribution of Power and resources in the world economic system, and places less developed countries (LCDs) in a dependent position in relation to the industrial powers (Johnson, 2005b). Being one of the many

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Camera Shots in The Great Gatsby Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Camera Shots in The Great Gatsby - Essay illustrationThis paper illustrates that the clip begins with an extreme long shot that brings Buchanans house into view. This shot is helpful in according a general impression of Buchanans opulence as the shot turns into a culture medium one. For instance, the long shot gives the audience a view of the green lawns and exquisite architecture that characterizes Toms house. It is notable that just before the scene, Carraways scene homelys as less dramatic since it is characterized by dissolute shots showing his dour residence and lush vegetation. The camera rapidly pans across the lake and it ushers the audience into Toms compound. The camera uses an eye-level position as Buchanan greets and hugs Carraway. The eye-level position accords the audience the immense figure of Buchanan. In addition, it introduces the audience to the bestial temperament and overconfident persona of Buchanan. Thereafter, a high-angle shot shows the audience into th e splendor of Buchanans house and manifests the child-like nature of Daisy Buchanan and Jordan baker. This shot precedes a close-up shot of Daisy hands. It is notable that Daisy is interested in letting Caraway observe the baseball diamond ring on her index finger. Daisy manifests as a vain and superficial character whose beauty is the essential obsession in life. The camera tilts to remove an up-close shot of Daisys face. A properly lighted background that demonstrates her beautified face enables this shot. Thereafter, the camera pans into Carraways bewildered face and compliments with a medium shot that ushers his solution to Daisys narcissistic questions. A slightly high angle shot gives the audience the view of Bakers face and tilts along her tall frame as she stands up. It is notable that she is enacting impressions on Carraways. These camera movements manifest Bakers attempts at appearing sophisticated more than she could be.

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Hybrid Cultural Object Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Hybrid Cultural Object - stress ExampleLanguage entails the sharing of ideas and thoughts from one person to the different. The culture of the language has been evolving from one community to another. The evolving nature of language has led to the object of communication being improved to a level of being termed as a hybridizing language.The most common element of this tool is the use of shortens and symbols to communicate. The use of signs has developed significantly due to the interaction of human beings from different regions around the globe. The pressure to find out an aspect of sign language that would unify different cultures in the region turn out led to the scientific submit of signs semiotics. Signs having been developing, and this study upholds the human diversity to know how they are supposed to behave in a particular internet site without there being a second person to engage in the verbal communication (Ipsen). The hybrid nature of communication in this state is that signs are being developed into a global integrated way that every community get aligned to the communication base to one another. In other words, the signs developed are familiar to everyone around the globe.The global awareness and unity in communication have been established by the fact that there is an organised system that the signs follow. Since there is an organised way of communication through the use of signs, every stakeholder in the signs language will follow the laid down system. The next of the laid down rules and regulations help different cultural groups to have a unified sign that helps in communication. When a person at one corner of the world sees an image or a fancy representing, a situation will be able to give the meaning from the picture and interpret it. Therefore, a person can analyse the situation and act accordingly. It is the globally accepted picture that will help the reader to communicate accordingly in that situation.Signs as used in communi cation changes

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Tumultuous Sixties Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

fast Sixties - Essay ExampleHowever, their hopes were crushed when President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Lyndon Johnson replaced Kennedy as president and brought the subtlety of working actively to promote the lives of Americans. Johnson believed that the only way to improve the livelihoods of the American people is through information and ending poverty. Johnson introduced the Civil Rights Act from the urging of the Congress, which then outlawed discrimination that is openly based on race, color, sex, religion, national and origin in the American federal programs (Nicholas, 2012). There was an introduction of mechanisms for enforcement to the American culture where at that place was an open application for voting, employment and public accommodations of American citizens and residents regardless of the race, color and religion.President Johnson introduced new student loans and deliver programs that were free from racial discrimination and supported the consumer-p rotection legislation act. The presidents ambitions to end poverty in America led to the effort of championing for better education and job training. However, the effort enjoyed mixed success, as it was not fully successful. In essence, the federal programs and economic expansion that Johnson initiated increased the number of problems that the poor Americans faced (Nicholas, 2012). What Americans had belief of the administration of Johnson turned out negative and critics pointed out at the numerous assassinations and unrest that occurred during his rule.

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Virtue in Frankenstein Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Virtue in Frankenstein - Research Paper modellingThesecharactersencompass powerful associations with personality whenever they felt unhappy, they were able to discover comfort in nature. Both of them be also ar crammed with a fiery revenge, which is demonstrated throughout the final chapters of thebook. In spite of their easily dissimilar appearances and lives, the colossus and Victor own many resemblances. A major personality feature of the monster and victor Frankenstein is their adoration and association with nature. Both characters make use of the nature to comfort them once their moods are sad or low. One of the favorite nature retreats for Victor is the lovely lake in Geneva. After Williams death, He boated out there and thought in what authority the heavenly scenery restored him (Shelley). The beauty of nature is able to please victor and form a feeling of contentment. Similarly the monster takes pleasure in this similar delight of nature even as he is into his emotiona l banishment. He decides to reside in the wilds as becoming familiar with human beings. The wilds all-around him was enough to maintain his spirits, even through the persecution( Shelley). but as it maintained for his creator, victor, nature is adept to bind the monster composed during his tussles. This affiliation for nature is public most fervently among these two characters. At times they put forth their fondness for nature subconsciously. For casing as soon as Victor has to free himself of the ruins of a female monster, he selects a lake for the location. Although this is not a contented instant in his existence, his adoration for nature is the factor that pulls him to this venue, in spite of the ongoing situations. the lake refreshed him and filled him with agreeable sensations (Shelly) relating with the calmness of nature not just assists to compose and please some(prenominal) characters other than that it is utilized as a location to satisfy any inadequacys and needs. T he monster and Victor desire for familial ties greater than eitherthing else. Victor desires company with Elizabeth whereas the monster wishes to be cherished from the De Lacey. Victors young person was extremely joyful and pleasant. Obviously, his childhood companion turns out to be his grown-up love, Elizabeth. He feels warmth for her and desires nothing greater than to live with her during the remaining of his life. Elizabeth is his sweet and beloved who conveys him softened feelings of love and joy (Shelley 167). He needs to be with her to such a great extent that he makes a decision to not allow anything to soft touch his way, not even his own creation the monster. Sadly, the monster achieves to get in Victors way however that was due to Victors negligence. The monster is not dissimilar in his needs for company. while becoming knowledgeable from his cottage and while he turns out to be more conscious of the contact world, the monster desires love, approval, and kindness from the De Laceys. While he pondered in his hut, he longed to join them (Shelley 91). He noticed them every day and plans to decide the best way to come close to them. It appears as actually it is not affection that these characters long, but just a connection. When deprived of this tie, which they both crave for, they dont grieve, but more willingly swore revenge against whatsoever was the reason. Victor and the monster are nearly the same in their want for these

Global Branding In The 21st Century Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Global Branding In The 21st Century - Essay guinea pigGlobal piting managers increasingly need to find ways to speak to customers individu in ally, or in small groups.Global brand managers atomic number 18 able to make pass with their customers in ways never before possible. The opportunities of interfacing with individuals and smaller, carefully targeted interest groups, and the ability to reach them whenever and wherever they may be at any given moment, are unlimited. Global branding managers are exploring all this with a variety of approaches, making the Internet a malleable and ever-changing medium. Even branding managers, whose products cannot be obtained directly via the Internet, such as fast-food restaurants, use the Internet to communicate a favourable personality and the value of their services to create goodwill among their customers.In the midst of all this, brand presence emerges as an important means of continuity and interfacing with other communication media. I f not, new brands and brand marks, that surface almost daily on the Internet, can become extinct even before be recognized and accepted by the customer. The time span for creating new brands and brand marks has been shortened comfortably through the availability of computers and a wide variety of computer software.

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Sociology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Sociology - Essay ExampleAdolescent substance scream shadow be defined as the use of a drug or chemical that modifies the mood or behavior of the user by which, the users functioning is negatively affected (Lewis, Dana and Blevins, 2009, p.4). Substance annoyance is also different from addiction in that when addiction is there, the person shows physical symptoms of withdrawal or gross profit to the substance (Lewis, Dana and Blevins, 2009, 4). Any deviant behavior is proven to have multiple causes (Isralowitz and Singer, 2009, 10). The causes of adolescent substance abuse are understood to have developed from a complex interaction of interpersonal, social and developmental factors (Lorion, 1990, p.203). developmental factors are supposed to be the most important causes for this problem, as puberty will bring in many physical changes, along with changes in thinking, self-image and self-esteem (Lorion, 1990, p.203). Though it is very difficult to list each the causes involved, it is approved by all that substance abuse results in serious health problems in adolescents (Isralowitz and Singer, 1983, p.1). Prevention, earlier identification, intervention, and maintaining of corrected behavior are the steps in treating this kind of deviance (Isralowitz and Singer, 1983, p.1).

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Fire Protection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Fire Protection - Essay showcaseEven if is not the primary extinguishing agent, it may be found combined with other agents such(prenominal) as foam or may be used extensively for cooling containers in silver-tongued petroleum gas (LPG) fires. It is essential that every fire fighter understand the behaviour of water in difference circumstances.Most of the motions that we find on earth involve friction. Friction is a force which occurs when devil surfaces rub against one another. If you roll a b alone slowly across the floor, the balls speed decreases and eventually it bread. It stops because the friction between the ball and the floor pushes against the ball and reduces its motion. When you rub your hands together, you feel the resistance due(p) to friction. By rubbing your hands together, you are doing work. The result of this work is the heat produced.Water when pure is colourless, odourless, and transparent with a molecular com function to two atoms of hydrogen combined with one atom of oxygen. A cubic decimeter of water has a mass of 1 kilogram (1 kg), corresponding to a downward force of 9.81 newtons (N). A cubic meter of water exerts a downward force of 9810 N, or 9.81 kilonewtons (kN). This is more commonly reckoned as 10 kN. The mass of water varies with the degree of purity. Ordinary sea water weighs approximately 10.0 newtons per liter (N/litres). elegant water has a freezing point of 0... It is virtually incompressible, and an increase of 1 bar only causes a decrease in volume of 0.000 002 per cent.As a fluid, water has volume but is incapable of resisting convince of shape, i.e. when poured into a container it exit adjust itself irrespective of the shaper of the latter, and will come to rest with a train surface. This is because thither is very little friction or cohesion between the individual molecules of which water is composed.2. PrincipalCharacteristicsofPressure at that place are six basic rules governing the principal characteristics of obligate in liquids. These area. Pressure is vertical to any surface on which it actsIf a vessel having flat sides contains water, and that water has attained a position of rest, then the pressure on all sides of the vessel due to the weight is perpendicular to those sides, as shown by the direction of the arrows.b. Pressure at any point of a fluid at rest is of the same intensity in all directionsIn a line of piping or hose, two pressure gauges are inserted. If the water is at rest because a valve or hand-controlled branch has been shut down, the pressure gauges will register identical readings showing that the pressure at any point of a fluid at rest is the same in all directions.c. Pressure utilise from outside to a fluid contained in a vessel is transmitted in al directionsA hollow sphere with pressure gauges just about the circumference has been filled with water, and pressure is applied. All the gauges will show the same pressure reading, providing that when pressure is applied to a fluid in a confined space, that pressure is transmitted equally in all directions.d. Downward pressure of a fluid in an open vessel is proportional to its depthIf there are three

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Cleopatra - Her Influence & Effect on Culture Essay

Cleopatra - Her Influence & Effect on Culture - evidence ExampleWhat make Cleopatras influence on culture so strong are the scarce facts of her vitality. Ascending the throne at a tender age of 17, she was forced to go into exile 3 years later. Languishing in exile in Arabia, she mustered all her resources in raising an army. The romantic side of her life has added to the allure of her legend. This includes her enchantment of Caesar (smuggling herself into the royal palace, according to Plutarch, in a rolled-up sack) and her legendary appearance, dressed as Aphrodite in a gilded boat, before Mark Antony. Even Shakespeares febrile description of the spectacle -- So perfumed that/The winds were love-sick -- is build on contemporary accounts. (Denny, 2001, p.40) But her relevance to the contemporary world is not something immutable, as demonstrated by recent developments surrounding her legacy. As historians utilize forensic and other advanced research techniques to revise diachro nic accounts, many unknown facts pertaining to iconic figures like Cleopatra have emerged. One such(prenominal) is the logical deduction by American scholar Martin Bernal (the most prominent of a long line of Afro-centrist classical historians). Bernal claims that most previous historians underestimated the culture of Egypt as they were unwilling to acknowledge that Greek, and by extension all European, civilization had its beginnings in Africa. But, give thanks to Bernal, this Afro-centrist view became more acceptable - indeed more fashionable to articulate. The clearest manifestation of this change in earthly cin one casern perception and acceptance of historical facts is witnessed in the British theatre scene. In the summer of 1991 two productions of Shakespeares Antony and Cleopatra were campaign in London. In each of themCleopatra was played by a black actress one of whom, Donna Croll of the Talawa Theatre Company, told a reporter the fable of the whiteCleopatra is just anot her way of bleaching out history... Just asCleopatra had previously been co-opted into playing a part in discussions about the ethics of suicide, the status of a wife and the comparative degree merits of aristocratic or autocratic goernment, so in the last years of the twentieth speed of light she found herself at the centre of a debate about race relations. (Hughes-Hallett, 2006, p.70) It should be remembered that Egypt and Rome of first century BCE were multi-racial societies. Being the centers trade and politics, the cities hosted tens of thousands of slaves. Cleopatras father was a Ptolemy, his stock being derived from descendants of one of horse parsleys generals. His roots could be traced to Macedonia, where natives tend to be fair of skin color. Theoretically he, and all his forebears for over two centuries, had been the offspring of incestuous brother-sister marriages, and were therefore purebred (as well as inbred) Greeks. In fact, it occurred more than once that the heir to the throne of Ptolemaic Egypt was the child of a royal concubine of unrecorded origin. Cleopatra was one such case. We do not know who her mother was. (Hughes-Hallett, 2006, p.70) It is highly likely that Cleopatra was thus inter-racial, thus adding to her exoticism. The fact

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Bureaucratic budgetary process Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Bureaucratic budgetary process - Essay ExampleThe social work profession must be able to submit the issues that know arisen because of the dramatic cast ups to longevity accomplished in the 20th century, and social workers must be specify to meet the distinctive selects of the countrys rapidly expanding aging population. The increase in the number of elderly necessitates an increase in the number of social workers equipped to deal with the specific challenges of the elderly. However, at this point, workers currently working in the field note that there is a desperate shortage in the number of social workers who have the specialized noesis and skills required to care for the elderly population. In addition to this there is a need of improving in the field of knowledge and restoring the up gradation of the techniques required in subject. Technologies change, time changes and along it the principals of management in the field of old age care change and it is only logical to trans fer the most of the technologies available monitored by newly applied principals.Consisted of exercises that would help them share memories and feelings about common subjects and upgrade feelings of belonging, share personal background to increase understanding of self and others, stimulate reminiscence to enhance feelings of indistinguishability and self-worth, promote resolution of past emotional issues, promote interpersonal awareness by increasing knowledge about the backgrounds of others, work through unfinished or unresolved feelings about dumbfound or mother figure/father or father figure, and practice reminiscence in a group view to strengthen identity and self-esteem. Everyone participated with guidance and direction on the topic at hand. As a attractor of this group I acted more as a facilitator and listener. I had to get the group involved by directly asking them questions one at a time. Thus, it can be stated that the goal of the psychoanalyse was to improve recall, cognition, and communication skills along with

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Intrusion Detection System Essay Example for Free

misdemeanor Detection System EssayIntroduction in that location are several security strategys that were developed to resolve serious issues pertaining to the safety of a particular entanglement or constitution structure. Malicious attempts to gate and make use of such(prenominal)(prenominal) brasss without permission from the owner of the tell meshing aim been damaging to numerous businesses and arouse exposed a lot of highly occult files. As a result, more money has been lost and profits have been decreased greatly. However, m any(prenominal) companies are be quiet clueless about the ways on how to stop this development technology theft and the estimator hackers continue to proliferate from this culpable works. bingle of the solutions that are currently available to resolve the abovementioned problems is to utilize a software-based ravishment detecting method. This can alike be a mixture of both hardware and software implementation dedicated to stop any u nwanted access to information by any exploiter attempting to get in on the verbalise system. It is also intended for signal sleuthing of any malicious wares that is world injected into the calculating machine system. In addition to that, any set upon even from authorized personnel who deliberately destroys the files and information in the net profit are also macrocosm identify by the said infringement fruition intrigue.There are several modules that are macrocosm integrated to establish an aggression staining system. One of the major parts of an attack detection system is the transducer. These transducers are devices that are responsible for producing logic information on the system. Its major role lies on the sensitivity of the said sensors being used for detecting such harmful files or manipulations. An some other module that is a part of the anti-intrusion scheme is the monitoring system that is in charge of controlling the transducers or sensors.It also provides periodic observation of any event that occurs on the study covered by the system. The next module that completes the intrusion detection system is the central processing structure. This records the sight events by the monitoring system and processes the appropriate response for the said ne twork stimulus. This also decides if in that location depart be approval or denial of access and service. Anti-Intrusion Scheme Terminologies There are terminologies that are associated with the intrusion detection system. Alarm or alert is a term used if there is an attack detect by the system.True attack stimulus is a phrase that is used to describe an incident that causes the anti-intrusion system to send an affright signal and respond accordingly similar to the real aggression happening. False attack stimulus, on the other hand, is used when the intrusion detection scheme produces an alert response even when there is no attack occurring. False positive is the phrase used to describe when an alarm was do by the system even there is no actual system attack occurring while False controvert is used when there is a failure on the part of the system to detect an actual dishonour on the system.Noise is the term used that interferes the original information and that can cause put on alarm on the system. Another terminology used in the system is the site policy wherein it includes the guidelines and regulations that covers the entire organization that has an intrusion detection system. Site policy consciousness is the terminology used to describe the ability of an anti-intrusion scheme in a continuous changing environment. Intrusion Detection System Types Several variations of intrusion detection scheme were already developed and each has its distinct approach and modules like sensors, processors, and monitor devices.Each vitrine has its own system processes depending on the need of the corresponding mesh being served by the said computer security systems set-up. Hyb rid fibres or combination of two types is also being used by close to interlockings to establish their need for lucre security system. Classification of Intrusion Detection System Source www. windowsecurity. com profits Intrusion Detection System A network intrusion detection scheme is a type of an anti-intrusion arrangement where the transducers are strategically located in critical points being covered by the system. fussy b come outs are also recognized on the network systems that are considered prone to malevolent traffic ladder of information. Protocol-Based Intrusion System The communications protocol-based intrusion scheme is a network intrusion category that processes on the protocols for any improper or unlawful message flow or any sort of unlawful access of the network. The sensors used with this type of system are placed at the front section of the server network to be able to analyze communication protocols between connected computer devices.In a web-based network , the protocol being observed is on the internet protocols being used to interconnect the said system set-up with other networks also subsumeed to the internet. Application Protocol-Based Intrusion Detection System This type of anti-intrusion set-up comprises of approaches where the monitoring system is think on a specific type of protocols particularly under the highest layer in the OSI model which is the finish layer. This scrutinizes the application layer software being used in the system against any sort of illegal activities that can be damaging to the system as a whole.Host-Based Intrusion System The hot-based intrusion system focuses all the monitoring efforts on the activities made by the hosts where various software installations are located. It also looks on application logs and other file variations for any intrusion states. Passive System against Reactive System A passive anti-intrusion system provides an alert signal once a particular sensor detected a likely network security violation. It also log important information related to the said detection for future references on the said intrusion attempt.On the other hand, a reactive intrusion detection system provides a more responsive approach on the network infringement attempt on the set-up. The said reactive system makes some real-time adjustments to counter the said intrusion like resetting the link or the firewall curriculum that would be necessary to maintain the security within the network. Such adjustments occur instantly, depending upon the pre-programmed responses of the intrusion system on the said network infringements.An intrusion prevention system differs a lot from a conventional intrusion detection system because the first looks for any possibility of harming the system before the subjected program or software enter the system while the latter only detects for the any possible intrusion after the entrance of the said suspicious programs. With the use of firewalls, they filter the programs that might pose risks on the network and denying access from any unknown sources or unreliable hosts. Invasion prevention scheme can also be classified under a specific firewall application layer.Intrusion detection structure uses two common methods in detecting any anomalousness in the system. One of these methods includes the statistical process of find whether a network infringement occurred in the system. This approach is called statistical anomaly-based technique. Another method that is also being employed in the intrusion recognition system is the signature-based technique. Under this approach, any network attack is being recognized through familiar patterns which are acknowledged as system attack signatures.Many of these identified attack signatures are being held in the database of a computer system for future references and further detection will be much easier for detection of these familiar network intruders. Moreover, the lists of these signatures are continuo usly being re juvenile to run across the validity of the threat signatures on the system. All intrusion detection modules have constraints in their boilersuit routine and efficiency in performing its duties to detect network anomalies in the system.One of the limitations that hinder the payoff of anti-network hacking system is the noise that degrades the reliability and sensitivity of many of the intrusion detection schemes. There is also built-in noise on the system that should be controlled to be able to produce better detection results. bollix up data and inefficient recognition of potential intruders are some of the problems resulting from the proliferation of noise in the entire network security set-up. Another problem is that real threats on the network system occurs less frequent compared to hinder risks that also appear on the system.Because of this, anti-intrusion systems sometimes neglect the real warnings and looked at it as another false attack where problems begin to propagate. The next limitation is on the need for regular updating of threat signatures. Without such efforts, some agents that causes harm to the entire system would easily passed on the security line because the said network anti-infringement scheme do not have the update information on the current or new harmful agents that might inflict damage to the system.Anti-intrusion techniques can also be bypassed by other direction and this can be done on several ways. One of the techniques is to develop more network attack procedures as a product of thorough research on the current protection systems. Loopholes in the anti-intrusion schemes are also valid grounds for development of new approaches on how to circumvent the security hurdles utilise by the said anti-intrusion procedures. (www. ) Developments on Intrusion Detection SystemA lot of advancements in the electron orbit of intrusion recognition system are being made to resolve the key issues in the said system. Various ideas continuously undergoes experimentation for further testing and implementation once the test results appear to have passed all the standards set by the authorized technical agencies. One key development in the orbit of network security system is the inclusion of access logs for to be able to trace any anomaly that occurred during the entire operation of the network.In the year 1984, another valid finding was made with regards to the possibility of network attack anomalies with the increasing amount of memory being used. It was stated that the need for more resources that can be used to scan and monitor the entire system. Two years after, a model was structured and made available by a computer network professional defining the over-all composition of an anti-intrusion scheme. This model was change by many companies and implemented on their own respective systems. The model utilized appropriate mathematical tools that analyze data statistically.Neural complex algorithm is also bein g integrated into the anti-intrusion structure to have a more interactive approach in dealing with network violators. This neural set-up poses more advantages compared to the mathematical approaches. (www. windowsecurity. com) Conclusion Intrusion detection system plays a vital role in managing a network communications structure of companies. Though the scheme has complexities in terms of the processes and the modules included in it, the anti-intrusion system still has greater benefits compared to the aforementioned intricacies of the said system.Various developments are still under way in order to enhance the procedures of detecting network anomalies that are trying to implicate the system. Competent people should also be assigned on this task of monitoring the flow of the network because much responsibility is assigned on maintaining the entire system hack-free. Continuous upgrading on the approach should also be made regularly to ensure that they are in pace with the network viol ators and its illegal schemes to get access on the confidential data and files of a network.Moreover, system hardware and software should also be updated on a regular floor to avoid lapses on its primary function as an anti-network infringement system. References Intrusion Detection Scheme. Retrieved on April 26, 2009, Retrieved from www. windowsecurity. com Elson D. Intrusion Detection, Theory and Practice. Retrieved on April 27, 2009. Retrieved from http//online. securityfocus. com Frederick K. K. Network Intrusion Detection. Retrieved on , April 28, 2009. Get well soon www. webonline. securityfocus. com.

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Analysis of Nike Inc Essay Example for Free

digest of Nike Inc EssayThe brand make believe Nike is genius of the most recognized around the globe. The mention is synonymous with high-quality gymnastic shoes, fit out, and accessories in the minds of many people foundationwide. Perhaps it is the compelling marketing that commands attention. Or maybe it is the association mingled with the brand name and its famous endorsers, such as tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. Alternatively, it may be Nikes cutting-edge sporting vision and technology that entrances multitudes of consumers. Quite conceivably, it is a combination of these factors that has propelled Nike to the top of its industriousness. However, not the finished of Nikes story is ideal.In recent years, the companionship has faced criticism in connection with its procedure of contract labor in developing nations. The purpose of this case is to provide an understanding of the high societys background, its general concern strategy, and its use of contract labor. The Athletic Apparel and Footwear Industry The gymnastic apparel and footwear industry experienced steady growth for more than two decades, start in the too soon 1980s. For example, the volume gross sales in the footwear market are projected to r apiece 13. 3 trillion pairs by the end of 2012, and by the year 2015, the world footwear market is forecast to reach $195 billion.Consumers were not just professional suspensors, but ordinary men, women, and children who wore athletic apparel for both sports and leisure. The industry became more shape-oriented, resulting in higher levels of innovation and cutting-edge technology. As a result of the emphasis on style and fashion and customers demands for improving performance and comfort, the industry experienced short life-cycles for individual products. The industry was characterized by fierce rivalry in global markets. Industry leaders jousted for supremacy in the professional, female, and youth segments.By 2005, the U. S. mark et was considered to be mature, and global markets were likewise rapidly approaching maturity, resulting in intensified competition for market section. There alike was heated competition for advertising and promotional licenses, particularly between the two industry giants, Nike and Adidas. For instance, Adidas sponsored one of the worlds premiere soccer clubs, Real Madrid, while Nike sponsored Manchester United, also a world class soccer club in Great Britain. Adidas was also the Official Supporter of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and the Germany 2006 World cupful in soccer.However, Nikes presence was very evident in the World Cup many teams in this tournament wore uniforms emblazoned with the unmistakable swoosh. The athletic footwear and apparel industry has enjoyed a measure of stability start out in the 1980s, due in part to the high barriers to entry that new firms faced. There were high start-up cost due to expensive raw materials costly innovation, technology, and advert ising and the high market share held by the industrys leaders. Existing companies achieved economies of scale that were not available to potential new entrants.In addition, conventional companies had limpid identities and brand-loyal customers. New entrants would have needed to match these companies in research and development and advertising expenditures to win over customers loyal to the other brands. The world economic recession has affected the world footwear market with sales witnessing erosions in developed countries and growth slowing down considerably in developing countries. The decline in income levels have reduced the spending on clothing especi soloy apparel and footwear (including casual, outdoor, sports, and formal footwear). steamed liquidity and financial constraints have redefined value and have induced simplicity in lifestyles and this marks the beginning of shifting consumer focus towards value for money bargains. The recession induced price sensitivity, and tr ading down to decline price points, has therefore constricted revenues in the marketplace, even though expanding opportunities to value brands and private label brands. indemnity priced branded athlete footwear market, which exhibited resilience at the start of the recession, has witnessed quick deterioration in business opportunities, with the number of sports participants and enthusiasts declining.The economic pressures of the recession impacted consumers interest in taking up sports, and the drop in sports participation is reflected in the widespread postponement of renewal of club membership fees. Against this backdrop, the global market for athletic footwear is expected to cast up at a modest pace during 2007 through 2015 period. Nike, Inc. From Humble Beginnings Although headquartered in Oregon, U. S. A. , Nike operated around the world. As of 2006, the company employed approximately 26,500 individuals worldwide.From humble beginnings, Nike had risen to lead the athletic f ootwear and apparel industry. Nike began life in 1964, co-founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil knight. Bowerman was an Olympian, then an Olympic coach, then head get across coach at the University of Oregon from 1948 to 1973. On a trip to New Zealand during the early 1960s, he observe people running for and for the sheer joy of running. The concept intrigued him, and upon his return to the United States, he started the countrys first running club. He also wrote a book entitled Jogging in which he explained how to run for fun and fitness.During Bowermans tenure at the University of Oregon, he had coached a young middle quad runner named Phil Knight. Knight wrote a research paper arguing that cheaper, high-performance Japanese shoes could vacate German dominance of the U. S. athletic shoe industry. On a trip to Japan, Knight contracted with the Onitsuka Tiger conjunction to sell its quality athletic shoes in the U. S. He made up the name Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) in 1962 and formed a partnership with Bowerman in 1964, each partner investing $500 in the business (Nike Timeline, 2006).Bowerman designed most of the prototypes and made suggestions for improvement to the Tiger federation, while Knight distributed the shoes from his fathers basement and out of the back of his car at track meets. In 1965, Jeff Johnson, Knights former track competitor at Stanford University, became the first full- cadence employee of BRS. Under his guidance, BRS loose its first retail outlet in Santa Monica, California, in 1966 (Nike Timeline, 2006). In the following year, the company was incorporated. In 1971, Carolyn Davidson, a graphic design student that Knight met at Portland State University, designed the swoosh for $35.Later that year, Jeff Johnson devised the name Nike, after the Greek goddess of triumph and victory. Nike edged out Knights idea of calling the company Dimension 6 (Nike Timeline, 2006). In 1970, Bowerman created the first running outsole by pouring liquid rub ber into his married womans waffle maker, an innovation that forever changed the design of running shoes (Nike Timeline, 2006). In 1972, Nike and the Onitsuka Tiger Company parted company. Later that year, Romanian tennis player Ilie Nastase became the first professional athlete to sign an imprimatur contract with Nike.Nikes signing of American record-holder track athlete Steve Prefontaine in 1973 led to many athletes converting to the new brand. In 1974, the waffle trainer was introduced and quickly became the best-selling training shoe in the nation. attendant endorsement contracts, advertising campaigns, and athletic footwear innovations (such as Nike air cushioning shoes in 1979) established Nike as a force to be reckoned with. In 1986, corporate revenues exceeded $1 billion for the first time (Nike Timeline, 2006). To Industry Leader In 2005, Nike generated integral revenues of $13. 7 billion, an increase over 2004 of 11. percent. Nike held 40 percent of the global market f or athletic shoes and apparel (Nike, Inc. , Datamonitor, 2005). Adidas acquisition of Reebok in January 2006 made that company a unspoilt rival to Nikes industry dominance, cornering 20 percent of the worldwide market (Nike, Inc. , 2006, Hoovers Company Records). The re chief(prenominal)ing 40 percent market share was divided among other industry contenders, such as Puma AG Rudolf Dassler Sport, K-Swiss, Adams Golf, Callaway Golf Company, and Columbia Sportswear. Nike continued to lead the industry, largely due to its strong external presence.In 2003, Nikes international sales outstripped its U. S. sales for the first time in 2005, international sales generated 62. 7 percent of all revenues. Nike sold about 200 million pairs of athletic shoes, and the footwear fr act contributed 53. 1 percent of all sales for 2005. In 2007, Nikes revenue totaled $16. 326 billion, making a total gross profit of $7. 16 billion. In 2012, for the quarter ended 29 February, Nikes net income arise 7% t o $560 million from the same period last year. Nike said that worldwide prox orders for its footwear and apparel, plan for delivery from March to July 2012, came to $9. billion up 15% from the same period last year.In northwest America, Nikes revenues surged by 17% to $2. 15 billion, and in China, gained by 25% to $694 million. Revenues in Western Europe, which has been torment from sluggish growth and a debt crisis, rose by 4% to $962 million, but these are expected to increase prominently this summer, with the European football championships in Poland and Ukraine and the 2012 Olympics in London. Finally, the total revenues rose 15% to $5. 8 billion. In January, Nike agreed compensation in a dispute with workers in Indonesia over unpaid overtime.Its Indonesian foot soldier will pay $1 million to about 4,500 workers. Nikes Vision, Mission and Values An effective and palmy Vision statement is powerful and compelling, conveying confidence and inspiring views of the future. The importance of a Vision teaching should not be underestimated. One good paragraph will describe the value, services and vision for the future. The main reason for an organizations existence is to follow through on the representation, vision values, and goals taking into considerations all key stakeholders. However, both company has different set of stakeholders varying in power and significance.The Nike organization uses the collaborative process in functional areas identifying the key stakeholders to facilitate appropriate interactions. In defining the company, strategic managers must identify all of the stakeholders groups and weigh their relative rights and their relative ability to affect the firms success (Pearce Robinson, 2009). Resourcing the key stakeholders to recommend strategic action plans that support the organizational structure and facilitate the organizations success. The Nike Mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world and if you have a body you are an athlete (Nike, 2010).This refers to the fact that Nike exists to supply everyone in the world with the shoes, equipment, or apparel that if anyone has a body then anyone has the potential of becoming an athlete. From the start one understands that Nike intends to merchandize to the world of athletes or people who have a body. That is a huge undertaking, which involves various sets of stakeholder groups. The mission is the accelerator that drives the organization. The stakeholders have power to influence the process of giveing the mission, vision, values and goals.However the stakeholders groups have varying ideas, goals, objectives and expectations on how to accomplish the mission. Thus claims must be reconciled in a mission statement that resolves the competing, conflicting and contradicting claims of stakeholders (Pearce Robinson, 2009). The mission must be clear and concise with a solitary purpose that represents the firms goal. Nikes vision is to help N ike, incorporate and our consumers thrive in a sustainable economy where people, profit, and planet are in balance (Nike, 2010).By integrating information from the various stakeholders roups, rethinking pass mistakes and processes will allow Nike to continue, implementing sustainable principles. This information enables Nike to make changes in the industry and in the company. Identifying challenges, brainstorming solutions, deciding and acting to evaluate, monitor, and reevaluate if the vision is in line with expectations. Nikes values are formed by the strategy teams whose primary focus is to work repeatedly on each part of the vision, strategy, factories, environment, community people, and culture the process keeping Nike in line with working toward the goals of Nike organization.The goal for Nike is accept in the partnerships formed valuing the opportunity to work together with all stakeholders in the apparel industry and to share best practices. Nike has built a stronger relat ionship with the European governments by considering legislation that will form the future of the clothing industry in areas such as recycling, environmental labeling, consumer awareness, and sustainability. Nike supports the goal of partnerships that bring solutions to enhance sustainability end-to-end its supply chain and helping the world.Nikes mission, vision, values and goals take on the responsibility living up to these state purposes. Working together to provide inclusiveness, and diversity inventing ways for people, products and profit to thrive for the Nike organization. Creating systems that work together with partners to rethink, reshape, and fail challenges. Each component builds upon the other to accomplish primary reasons that Nike exists, for the athlete, the planet and to profit. A companys join philosophy has the power to influence, inspire and challenge employees on a daily basis.Nike, being the progressive company they are, employs an emergent strategy, one th at originates in the interaction of an organization with its environment. Nikes philosophy is of an extremely importance, not only because of the great success it has garnered Nike and their products, but also because of the continuous call to creativity and innovation it facilitates. The Nike core purpose, experiencing the perception of winning and crushing your competition, is also important in developing the foundation of a brand call in and value proposition.

American Dream Essay Example for Free

Ameri finish dream EssayAnother prop used to re yield the truth is the flowers. This makes the destruction of Death of a Salesman potent because when apt and Biff come home after leaving their dad alone in the restaurant they were meant to eat in but instead left with some girls, gifted comes home with some flowers for his mother, Linda. Linda knocks the flowers out of talenteds hands out of anger. Linda starts to clean up the mess she has made thence realises she has cleaned up enough of her sons messes Pick up this stuff, Im not you maid Linda says. Then the stage direction says Happy turns his back to her in refusal. Biff slowly moves over and gets down on his knees, picking up the flowers which explains other failure of the American fancy. I retrieve this proves the difference between the two brothers and how Biff kneels indicating that he can accept the truth and knows that he cant get by the American ambition whitheras Happy is to a greater extent obstinate lik e Willy into believing the dream so Miller int deceases he is destined to go in the aforesaid(prenominal) direction as Willy, which is another failure of the American Dream.Another failure of the American Dream is that Happy follows in his fathers footsteps after he knows what happened to him which led to his self-destruction which makes the ending of the play effective because this play somewhat Willy could repeat it self but would be about Happy. Happy in a way is brainwash into thinking that he can reach the American Dream easily because Willy said you just wish to be well-liked and masculine when he was younger. Happy is trapped in his own world creating the same disaster which has already been lived by his father Willy Loman.It also makes the ending of the play effective because Happy still believes in this dream when it might not even be real as he doesnt know anyone who has achieved it. On a materialistic basis, Willy has worked both his life to realize the American Dream but still fails to do that which makes the ending effective. Willy purchases some seeds for his garden and begins to plant them late at night which is another prop which represents the truth. I think Millers intention here was to channelise the audience that he is close to his suicide but realises that he needs to leave something real and living behind for his family to remember him by.We also know that Willy is close to his suicide because he is planting the seeds at the wrong time of the day, which again I think Millers target here was to give more clues to the audience that Willy was very serious about committing suicide soon. I also think that the seeds that Willy plants are symbolic in a way to another failure of the American Dream because this was Willys longing to grow big and tall ironically just like the plant eventually would. At the end of the play Willy is talking to Ben while he is planting the seeds.He talks about how big his funeral will be before he is even dead m aking the end of the play effective because hes dream about depressing things that will happen after his death for example what his funeral would be like. To be more specific how many people there would be from all over America. This is another failure of the American Dream because Willy shows that he has definitely given up on this dream that he had talked about all his life implying that he is going to kill himself. He is selling himself off and valuing himself and he acts as if he is making a business deal with himself.He also talks about how much property Biff will get and that he will be in front of Bernard again in terms of money. Bernard was their neighbour who was a clever boy and went to the same school as Biff and Happy. plainly back then, in the past Willy influenced his sons to just concentrate on being popular so they could chance upon the American Dream as soon as possible which is a failure of the American Dream because there is a lack of personality from both Biff and Happy. The stage directions are another entailment in the play to represent the failures of the American Dream.At the very end of the play it mentions that the hard towers of the flat buildings rise into sharp focus. I think Miller illustrates that even though Willy has now gone ceaselessly and is dead, the things that Willy hated the most will still be there and the social club will move on which is a failure to achieving the American Dream because he has given up on himself and letting society win over him. In the video each time Willy went back into the past it was always garb in the garden where it was silken.The contrast of colors between the clothes that were worn were the colours of the American flag. unless in the past the colours were bright colours of red blue and white whereas in the present the clothes worn were more faded and dull colours. I think the costumes designers purpose here was to show the difference between the present and the past. I also think tha t the costume designer used bright colours in the past to illustrate that there was more hope for Biff and Happy to achieve the American Dream back then.I believe that the audience might respond to the faded colours of clothes worn in the present meaning that the clothes were old, demonstrating that the family could not afford to buy vernal clothes and other luxuries and this reflects a failure of the American Dream in the film. The ending of the play is effective because its a tragedy how Willy still believes in the American Dream after all he has been through and all the lies he has made up to accomplish this dream.There are many failures of the American Dream which makes the ending of Death of a Salesman effective because all these failures are revealed at the end of the play. Overall I think that Arthur Miller makes Death of a Salesman an effective ending in terms of presenting the failures of the American Dream by revealing the truth at the end of the play. The ending of the p lay is appropriate because it unravels all the unknowns end-to-end the play explaining why things happened and reasons why Willy, Biff and Happy had failed the American Dream .

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Gambling should be legalized Essay Example for Free

manoeuvre should be sanctionedized EssayWhat is looseness? According to www. dictionary. com gambling is taking a risk in the hope of gaining an advantage or a benefit. Gambling has been around for centuries and has been dated agency back to 1492. People remove been gambling in America ever since America was found. There ar numerous underground cards clubs and casinos any everyplace the country and in major cities. People bump on every intimacy sports evens, dice, and cards. Even though tribe gamble every day in the United States, it is shut away illegal. People do gamble everyday, so wherefore is it non legal.Gambling should be legalized. There argon tons of ways to gamble. Anybody raise pretty much gamble or make a roleplay on anything. Some major games though be cards. People play games such(prenominal) as salamander or blackjack. Also, betting on horses and dogs has been around quit a bit. The biggest ashes of gambling though is the lottery. more than or l ess of these games and events be already legal such has the track and the lottery, only when why ar regular games like fire hook and blackjack illegal? Why gamble? What goodly discount come from gambling? Gambling can help our economy by keeping m unrivaledy here in out on nation.Proponents say it keeps bullion in the fix (Legalized Gambling 2). Anformer(a) huge reason on why gambling should be legalized in the fact that it would draw a huge number of tourism to our state. It could too attract potential tourist to the cranial orbit. Tourist with money to spend, not just in the casinos, but at topical anesthetic restaurants, hotels and shops (Legalized Gambling 2). This statement not only proves that it would train tourist, but as well as that the local argona would thrive as well beca delectation tourist would be spending money at other places such as hotels and restaurants. It would make the state richer. Why not gamble?According to the Legalized Gambling article in p aragraph three some tribe say that gambling would increase crime, which in return would pissed would need more practice of law and more money spent on the police. Many feel that casinos go forth cause an increase in crime which means increased money spent on police (Legalized Gambling 3). Many say it would cause people to become addicted, and the homes and families of these people would be ruined. Some also believe that more Arkansans go out develop gambling addictions which will lead to decay in the homes of these people and a general decay of family life in Arkansas (Legalized Gambling 3).Although this article in referring to Arkansas, the points are very relative to our state of Pennsylvania. If gambling were legalized, in that location would be more jobs. Jobs are very grave especially now in our society. Hundreds of people do not have jobs. Jobs will be unfastened for new casino card dealers for example. More transportation will be need for people to shorten to the cas inos, and since at that place will be more people coming we will need transportation to other areas as well. Also, the local businesses like hotels and restaurants will be booming.As a result, more jobs will be needed to up keep these facilities. Not only will gambling supply more jobs, but also the local taxes will go down. All gambling winnings are taxable. When a psyche wins the World Series of Poker, the winnings are taxed. Also, the casinos will have to pay taxes, which will result in dismantle taxes such as school taxes and so forth. This will keep most of the money in the state as well. Over in Jersey, gambling was one of the main sources of income for the state back in 1857.Legal gambling has become a $10 billion industry in novel York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, and the states, which are collecting $500 million a year in gambling revenues, are proper more dependent on it to balance their budgets (Janson 1). Back in 1857 the economy was bad but gambling didnt even bec ome stunned by the economy. Despite a clouded economy, wagering is up in all three states in each of the last three years in almost every form of legalized gambling (Janson 2). Back then it was making a killing. We can only imagine what it is bringing in now. Gambling is the sole reason to go to Las Vegas.Who would want to go a desert on vacation where temperatures can get into the hundreds? Gambling is the only thing that is going for Las Vegas. With out gambling no one would go, and look at how much money Las Vegas is bring in off of the tourists coming from all over the world, all because of gambling. So when people do gamble where does the money go? Where gambling in legal money gets divided up. 84% returned to the public, 15% for commission, and 1% breakage or surplus (Freeman 167). This shows that at the racetracks 84% go back to the people who are gambling, 15% goes to the brokers, and 1% is the breakage or surplus.That is how the money whole shebang in the racetracks. Each state deals with the money differently though. These percentages include the deductions for monies for both Track and State. Each state has laws specifying the division of this percentage between Track and State. Some states use a sliding scale. The higher the flashiness of business, the higher the percentage paid to the state (Freeman 166). As shown here the state taxes are included. Also, commission is apply in all racetracks, and this provided jobs for many people. Another good reason why gambling should be legalized is because people can make a ton of money.If people would be smart about things they could maximizes their profits. These people are called pros. Professional poker musicians, like Johnny Moss, make all their money from performing cards. Gambling, if done right, can be easy pickings for people. Gambling is a calculated technique for making money (Thompson 27). fundamentally this is saying that if people are not stupid with their money that they will win. For examp le, if a person is playing Texas Holdem, a type of poker, then they should only play superior starting hands like oneness King, or Ace Ace.The reasoning behind this is because these starting hands have the best odds or chances of winning. By calculating odds people can beat the game. As mentioned before, gambling can be beat. A good way to make money is to play games where the people have control. Luck can only assimilate a person so far. In casinos, most of the games, like the slot machines and roulette, have odds favoring the house or the casino. It is wise to stay away form these games. Instead, people should play poker or blackjack, where there is a little more skill involved. Luck can only take a person so far.According to Basil Nestor Luck has an influence, but skill has a more pronounced effect (13). This means in the long run, skill will produce more money. In card games there is a rake. The rake is a percentage of the winnings that goes to the house or casino. This is how the casino makes money of the game. For example, if a person just won a $100 pot in poker and the casino rakes ten percent, then that person would only get $90. Another nice thing about casinos is that the more a person gambles, the more they will get. Casinos always bless out extra things.For the high rollers, or people that spend a lot of time and a lot of money gambling, casinos usually give them free rooms and free tickets to shows. If a person is doing well, the casino may give them free food or free money to play with. There reason for this is to keep that player there. Statistically, the house or casino has better odds, meaning that the chances of a person winning are lower than even. So, eventually the casino will win. So, they try to keep that player there for as long as they can because they think the odds will catch up with them, but as mentioned before there are ways around thatGambling will help our state out tremendously. The state could use more jobs. Some taxes wi ll go down. It just seems to be a no brainer. Why would we not legalize gambling? People say that it will ruin homes and lead to addiction. Well, for all those people that are concerned about that, dont gamble. No one will twist your arm to gamble. Gambling will bring so much to the state of Pennsylvania. All the tourist will need a place to stay. Thats where our local hotel and motels come in. The business will increase drastically. All the tourists will need a place to eat.Our restaurants will serve that purpose. With all this, all these businesses will need to up keep with everything. So, as a result, there will be more jobs available. The casinos will also cause taxes to go down. With all the money the state will be receiving from the casinos, they wont need to tax the people of the state. We already have the lottery and beano and, these are forms of gambling. How come the lottery and bingo are exactable to our society and games like poker and blackjack are not? Is there that m uch of a difference? Gambling will do more good than bad.

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Assessment test Essay Example for Free

Assessment sort EssayAssessment is a vast topic that is a continuing process that educators physical exertion to observe, gather, and evaluate evidence to determine what scholars have learned, as nearly as, make informed, and dependable decisions to enhance savant learning. It encompasses a broad range of testing from nationwide accountability tests to everyday classroom observation and quizzes. In order to take control of what appears to be an excess intake of testing, sagacity should be looked upon as a tool for cognition. The more information we have ab knocked out(p) students, the more about we can look atinstructional strategies that argon effective and which ones need to be modified. at that place ar two main types of judgings that I will be discussing, formal and informal. Informal judgments or in some other(a) words assessment of learning, are used to evaluate students during the learning process. Formal assessments are conducted as a tool to evaluate stu dents completion of work or the final product. There are many advantages and disadvantages to these types of assessments techniques that I will be discussing for measuring student progress. I will get d throw by discussing two formal assessment types along with itsadvantages and disadvantages.The first type of assessment that I would equivalent to address would be the statewide-standardized test under the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). The statewide standardized test is considered a extravagantly-stakes test be buzz off of the important consequences it has on passing or failing the test. It mandates periodic testing for grades 3 through 8 and once in high school for reading and math. recognition was recently added in the mix to test students at least once in elementary, middle and high school. The underlying principle for this type of testing was intended to reach greatacademic achievement for any students, speci everyy those from lower socioeconomic classes. value 1 It ens ures that no childregardless of race, ethnicity, gender or status is trapped in a consistently low- acting school. If a school does not make adapted progress towards set standards, parents have the option of sending their children to a better performing school or are extendd free tutoring. This assessment swear outs determine if the student is receiving high-quality education at different grade levels. payoff 2 Teachers are held accountable. If a student is not advancing with onemethod acting of teaching, the teacher must use a different technique for a more favorable outcome.They must use research-based methods of teaching. This high-stakes test determines how to use assessment results to plan effective instruction. evil 1 This statewide-standardized test does not recognize student growth. It does not offer a realistic picture of how a student or school is performing as a whole. The extent of what a student actually learned is not known. Students that start out at a disadvant age are not given recognition for progress in achievement. blemish 2 Teaching to the test.The growing concern with this high-stakes test is that it has become the curriculum and instruction has been narrowed to cogitate on results. hurt 3 States set their own standards and can make tests unusually easy to quicken for inadequate student murder. The second type of formal assessment I would like to discuss is the dexterity test. It is a norm-reference test and is administered under timed testing conditions. It measures a students overall performance across a wide range of intellectual capabilities. These test are useful to determine the incumbent level students are at and to adjust classroom curriculumaccordingly.Advantage 1 Aptitude tests are excellent predictors of future learning or performance. Advantage 2 Aptitude tests help students understand their own strengths and weaknesses. Advantage 3 Aptitude tests are useful tools for working with students with special needs because it can help teachers form realistic expectations of the student. Disadvantage 1 Since this is a multiple-choice type test, it does not vacate for creativity or an alternative way of thinking. Disadvantage 2 Since this is a norm-reference test, students do not know how well they individually mastered the material.They only know how well they did compared to other students. Informal assessments is an important tool for teachers to use to monitor students progress throughout the learning process. The first type of informal assessment I nip is crucial in monitoring student performance is observation. I feel this method would be priceless to use in my classroom because I can observe students immediate reaction to my instruction especially during a pair-share or group setting. As I walk around the classroom, I would document my assessment of students performance and then provide feedback.Advantage 1As I observe and listen, it will allow me to know how many students remembered and pro cessed the information given, as well as using it to solve problems. Advantage 2 As I observe and listen, it can help me to immediately clarify any perplexity and address the problem. Disadvantage 1 Not all students may be verbally participating at the time of observation. Disadvantage 2 Some students become nervous when being observed, and their performance may suffer. A second type of informal assessment that I would use in the classroom would be student portfolios. Through the portfolio process,students develop goal-setting and self-directed learning techniques.It helps students value themselves as learners. It also allows students to compete with themselves rather than with other students. Advantage 1 Students can plan and manage their own time to complete their work. This can improvement the students by teaching them responsibility for their own learning goals. Advantage 2 Students know their own strengths and weaknesses as they assess and analyze their progress. Disadvantage 1 Portfolios take a lot of planning and organization. Gathering all the information can make it difficult to manage.Disadvantage 2 Evaluating and scoring a students portfolio evolves a wide range of subjective evaluation procedures, which can limit reliability. A third method of informal assessment is through student oral presentation. This technique provides the student an opportunity to present information through verbal means in lieu of a written form. It allows the student to show their knowledge on a particular subject. To assess this type of method I would use a valuation scale leaf to grade student performance. It is very important to use a detailed rating scale for students to know theaspects of the presentation that are to be considered in the assessment.Advantage 1 This method of assessment is s and immediate in the transmission of information. Feedback can be given instantly. Advantage 2 Oral presentations provide maximum preparation. This can allow the students to pr actice to achieve perfection. Disadvantage 1 Some students are vague and more introverted than others. Oral presentations can be very intimidating and nerve-racking. Disadvantage 2 incline language learners or those students who have a disability might affect their ability to speak fluently.Disadvantage 3Students might find it easier to organize information through written communication. The final informal assessment method I would use would be pop quizzes. This type of assessment is usually quick, given without anterior warning and can be completed in 15 minutes or less. Teachers can use this method to determine if students have grasped recent information. Advantage 1 Allow students to build on forward information and strengthens concepts which may have been unclear to them. Advantage 2 It is a great way to beef up material that may be covered on a standardized type assessment test.Disadvantage 1It does not allow for accommodation for those students who need extended time on e xaminations, tests and quizzes. It can cause undo stress for those students. Disadvantage 2 It doesnt really tell the true picture of a students level of knowledge. Some students may be lucky enough to guess the volume of the questions correctly. Having a mixture of written and oral types of informal assessments services a wide range of students. It allows the teacher to evaluate and recognize students learning needs and determine the appropriate level and yard of workflow. It offers the students the best chance to excel in one or more formats.

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M & a of China Automobile Industry Essay Example for Free

M a of china elevator car Industry EssayThe Researches on foreign Mergers and Acquisitions of china Automobile Industry in Post-Crisis Period? ZHU Qin School of economic science, Zhejiang Gongshang University, P. R. chinaware, 3 cytosine18 emailprotected com Abstract Since the 2008 fiscal crisis, the oversea mergers and scholarships (MA) of mainland China move assiduity have become a topic the solid grounds railroad car market most concerns about. This paper views that the fast growth of the domesticated railcarmobile market, the adjustments in oversea motorcar intentness and much support from giving medications policies provide a good background and optable conditions to abroad MA of China railway carmobile industry. It also points out that although Chinas state-owned enterprises are still the principal(prenominal) body of abroad mergers and scholarships of China gondola industry, snobbish enterprises are playing an increasingly important role. Through studying specific cases, the paper proposes countermeasures concerning overseas mergers and acquisitions of China automobile industry in post-crisis period. Keywords Post-crisis period, the automobile industry, overseas mergers and acquisitions 1 IntroductionThe rapid growth of Chinas economy since the reform and opening, the explosive increase of automobile industry in recent long time and governments supporting policies on the automobile industry altogether offer new opportunities and conditions to overseas MA of China automobile industry. At present, China has become the largest automobile producer in the international. In 2009, the top ten automobile manufacturing countries were China (13791000), Japan (7. 935 billion), unite States (5. 697 million), Ger umteen (5. 206 million ), Korea (3. 513 million), Brazil (3. 183 million), India (2. 628 million), Spain (2. 17 million), France (1.935 million), Mexico (1. 561 million). big production capacity endows China auto companies wi th a base to expand overseas. Following the 2008 financial crisis, the ball-shaped economic downturn has had the international Automotive Group approach with overcapacity problem meanwhile, the global credit deficit has brought great pressure to the survival and development of the automobile business. Funding gaps emerged in many international auto giants. aft(prenominal) the financial crisis, the asset value of many foreign enterprises is seriously underestimated, which gives a good happening for Chinese enterprises to take a shot.Through overseas MA access to the dreaming international auto brands, the core applied science and international marketing channels push aside be acquired at low damages. At the same time, Chinese auto companies have sufficient capital reserves at the present stage, and with the self-coloured support from the government and national financial institutions, there is a potence for them to become competitive buyers for intermit of the internationa l Automotive Groups quality assets. It is worth mentioning that cerebrate departments in the Chinese government treat the auto industry as a pillar industry of national economy, giving it much incontrovertible insurance support.The automotive industry restructuring and rejuvenation program, promulgated in 2009 increased efforts to support the automobile industry. First, the program states that it is infallible to promote the restructuring of the automotive industry, to support MA of large-scale automobile enterprise stems, to expand the scale of major auto part enterprises through MA. Previously, the major auto companies were not willing to conduct cross-regional restructuring because of too many barriers. The automotive industry restructuring and rejuvenation program can effectively solve this kind of concerns.In related detailed ? Sustentation Fund National Science Fund of China (70703030) , Zhejiang Province Science Fund (Y6080222), Humanity and complaisant Science Fund o f Chinese Ministry of Education (07JA790083, 09YJC790240) 43 M D gathering regulations, associated guidelines are do which involve the acquirer and acquiree, such as the source of acquisition financing, tax issues that may arise in acquisition, the asset disposal of acquired companies and employee relocation and other problems prone to cause disputes or already existing barriers.At the same time, it will lift the standard of admitting foreign asset and acquiring related domestic enterprises to (protectively) leaven the competitiveness of domestic auto companies. In addition, in March 16, 2009, the Ministry of Commerce issued procedures for the administration of foreign investment to further reform foreign investment management system, promote the facilitation of foreign investment, support Chinese enterprises to go out and participate more in international economic cooperation and competition.These help to raise strong and positive support for overseas M A of China automobil e industry. 2 The Main Body of foreign MA of China Automobile Industry Before 2008, although there were many cases of overseas MA in China automobile industry, such as SAICs acquisition of Ssang Yong in 2004, Nanjing Auto s acquisition of Rover in 2005 and so on, the overall impact and scale were still limited and attention from the domestic and international was not intense enough.From 2006 to 2008, the scale of MA Chinas major automobile companies has been further reduced, with the total frame of only 7. It only covered 19% of the total figure of Chinese car companies various overseas investment. Other overseas investment approaches were 21 cases of joint ventures or strategical alliances, accounting for 57%, 8 cases of factory founding directly, accounting for 22%, and 1 case of technology transfer. But after 2008, when the world auto market is still full of financial cold haze, the Chinese auto companies went against the trend.A number of enterprises joined with foreign auto brands in carrying out cross-border marriage. In this short year, both the vehicle industry or parts manufacturers lunched many acquisitions either far-reaching or with extremely high degree of concern. capital of Red China Automobile Works acquired Saab, Geely acquired Volvo, Beijing West Industrys acquisition of the U. S. Delphi, Geely DSI bought Australian machine-driven transmission companies, to take just a few. Overall, in the current automobile industry, Chinas M A main body is evolving towards a diversed boom.Chinas automobile companies participating in overseas M A are no longer confined to state-owned ones. Due to their growing strength and governments demonstrative of(predicate) policies, hush-hush enterprises have become the new force, injecting new vigor and vitality into the overseas MA of China automobile industry. However, state-owned enterprises are still the most important main body in cross-border M A activities 7. In this M A wave, the Beijing Automotive , as one of the state-owned enterprises, successfully finished the acquisition of the Swedish brand Saab in December 2009.State-owned enterprises have an advantage of large scale, only often there is a serious deficiency in the governance, a general lack of motivation of in the management. A legal age of state-owned operators have an incomplete momentum for cross-border M A. The buck private enterprise, with their natural clear position rights, fewer form _or_ system of government constraints, and a flexible structure and mechanism are playing an increasingly important role in the wave of automotive MA.Thanks to less intervention from the government and following less protection compared with the state-owned enterprises, private enterprises possess stronger self-awareness, risk awareness and a sense of competition. Increasingly powerful private enterprise group is supposed to become an important force in the cross-border M A in the future 15. In this MA wave, the most distinct ive representative of private enterprises is China Geely Group. As a leader of Chinas private auto enterprise, in March 2010, it successfully reached an agreement with General Motors, purchasing 100% of the shares of GMs Volvo.3 A Study of Overseas M A Cases in China Automobile Industry 44 M D FORUM 3. 1 Overseas M A cases of automobile enterprises In the choice of overseas M A targets, Chinas auto enterprises prefer genuine regions standardized Europe and the United States, peculiarly concentrating on worlds top 10 auto-producing countries besides China such as the United States, France and other places. The vehicle industry in these areas has long history, with many powerful brands, more developed economy, higher living standard and stronger consumer ability.In the choice of specific targets, Chinese enterprises are in favor of those enterprises that are of highly well-known brands, a long history, as well as advanced technology and experienced management. However, during t his financial crisis, a serious setback in operating performance led nigh of these companies or brands to great losses or even near-collapse. Geelys acquisition of Volvo and Beijing Autos of Saab is representative ones. They are very typical in this MA wave starting after the financial crisis. 3. 1.1 Beijing autos acquisition of Saab On December 28, 2009, Beijing Automotive Holdings formally announced the acquisition of relevant intellectual property rights of Saab cars at a cost of 200 million U. S. dollars. By then, Beijing Automotive has gotten the core data of the complete research, production, marketing, quality control system. This international movement is the first successful case for a domestic automobile enterprise to carry out the acquisition of foreign advanced and complete vehicle power technology since 2009.As one of a few Chinas Automotive Groups who not yet have their own brands, Beijing Automotive is very urgent on owning its own brand-related technology. So the s uccessful marriage with the Saab is of great significance for Beijing Automotive to speed up the process of independent R D and internationalization. 3. 1. 2 Geelys acquisition of Volvo On December 23, 2009, hybridizing Motor Company released a statement of reaching a framework agreement to sell its Volvo to Geely.In March 28, 2010, Geely signed a unequivocal stock purchase agreement with Ford to buy 100% of the shares of Volvo Car at a cost of 1. 8 billion U. S. dollars and then signed a definitive agreement concerning related assets 32. This saliva battles full of troubles ended with Geely tenaciously achieving its dream of snake swallows elephant. It is a anxiety reaction for other domestic auto enterprises, also a major step for Geely towards the international market at the same time it helps the Volvo brand to further open the Chinese market,.However, it is not easy for Geely to digest Volvo. Whether it is because of the picky European Union, or high operating costs for br and, or cultural integration, especially the integration and management of Volvos distributors, factories and suppliers dispersion over more than 100 countries and 2,400 regions. There are a series of huge problems. 3. 2 Overseas M A cases of automobile parts enterprises After the financial crisis, overseas auto parts enterprises were faced with greater difficulties than full-vehicle enterprises.Bankruptcy and MA happened frequently. Influenced by this round of auto industry structure adjustment, the integration of parts suppliers intensified, and M A wave aimed at supplier groups resurged. Foreign well-known auto parts enterprises like Australian transmission company DSI, Delphi in the United States and so on occupy pivotal positions in the auto parts industry, and even have a significant impact on the development of the full-vehicle market. verbatim purchase of foreign auto parts enterprises is local suppliers one way of gaining access to core technology.After the current fina ncial crisis, the MA cases of auto parts enterprises are quite frequent and also large and more far-reaching than that of before the crisis. Such as Geelys acquisition of the Australian transmission company DSI, Beijing West Industrys acquisition of U. S. Delphi, WanXiang Groups acquisition of the U. S. DS automobile steering shaft and so on. 3. 2. 1 Beijing West Industrys acquisition of Delphi On March 31, 2009, Delphi formally concur to sell its global businesses of braking and rest period to Beijing West Industry.Beijing West was prepared to pay 90 million U. S. dollars in cash to acquire Delphis related machinery and equipment, intellectual property and real estate, including its businesses of braking and suspension in eight plants, five technology centers and 14 technical support and customer 45 M D FORUM service centers which locate worldwide. 3. 2. 2 Geelys acquisition of DSI. On March 27, 2009 in New South Wales States Government Building, the signing ceremony of Geely a cquiring Australian mechanical pistol Transmission Company was held.According to a statement from Li Shufu, the Chairman of Geely Group, Geely conducts a wholly-owned acquisition of DSI for it value DSIs complete designing and manufacturing capabilities accumulated over 80 years. DSI Automatic Transmission Company is an automatic transmission specialist centralizing research and development, manufacturing, and sales altogether. What is more, it is one of the only two global automatic transmission companies that are independent from all automotive vehicle companies.4 Countermeasures and Suggestions for Overseas M A of China Automobile Industry 4. 1 The selection of objects for overseas M A First of all, when devising overseas M A, Chinese auto enterprises need to be careful of those M A targets who already have no competitive advantage within the industry, and just to sell companies to reject the burden. Therefore, they should be especially cautious in the choice of Objects fo r overseas M A and take various factors into consideration.Second, while doing overseas MA, Chinese auto enterprises can not just focus on targets of low purchase price, but on the potential value of the enterprises after the acquisition. Therefore, the Chinese auto enterprises ought to choose targets that are consistent and matching with their own strategic objectives, and can complement their own businesses to achieve synergies to choose overseas assets with low cost but are able to produce better results through the integration.Finally, in assessing M A targets, antecedency should be given to smaller yet high quality objects in accordance with their requirements. M A are to be done for many times, at small amount and with steady integration. 4. 2 A careful and scientific implementation of overseas M A After enterprises have determined the strategic premise of overseas M A consistent with their own development requirements, they need to compare the depict links in tactic a nd carry on related initiatives.First, in M A proviso session, to establish a more general overseas assessment system to do a comprehensive and quantitative research with regard to the status of the host country market, national policies and regulations, competition pattern, the main risks to do further accurate assessment of the target companys technology, independent intellectual property rights, operation status and potential value, weighing the risks and opportunities.Second, after selecting the target of M A, a comprehensive understanding of the business-related technology, the details of intellectual property rights should be gained, and the specific items and amounts of M A be finalized. To maximize benefits at the lowest cost by conducting effective negotiations. Third, after the transaction is completed, to assess comprehensively the differences of both managements in management philosophy, and the differences of staff in culture, values, benefits, remuneration and so on. To orderly propel the process of integration in achieving M A objects.4. 3 The implementation of the strategic resource reserves in overseas M A To obtain opportunities of overseas MA, auto industry are required to carry out resource reserves in foursome aspects. First, human resources reserves. The Chinese auto enterprises should consciously reserve all kinds of overseas M A professionals as soon as possible. Second, M A experience reserves. By continually accumulating experience through practices, enterprises can learn more about related laws and regulations, operating procedures, and precautions to reduce risks, and then improve the success rate.Third, M A financial reserves. To fight for access to financial support from the government or large financial institutions. To ensure enough amount of money while minimizing financial costs. 46 M D FORUM 5 Conclusion During post-crisis period, the China automobile industry is facing an unprecedented good opportunity in oversea s MA. With the support of concerning policies, the China auto industry is adopting an active global strategy. Through the integration of global auto industry resources, the international competitiveness force of China auto industry is enhanced in a great degree.In the process of overseas MA, the China auto industry needs to actively carry out relevant strategic resource reserves, scientifically select acquisition targets, and carefully as well as scientifically implement specific overseas M A strategy. Author in brief Zhu Qin, PHD, Associate Professor, School of Economics, Zhejiang Gongshang University Email emailprotected com.References 1. Stefano Rossiand Paolo Volpin. Cross-Country Determinants of Mergers and Acquisitions M. London Business School, 2002 2. Guo Jianhua.The global automotive industry changing situation report R. Beijing Equality in Automobile Research Institute, 2009(in Chinese) 3. RolandBerger Strategy Consultants. Chinas auto industry development, in the current financial crisis the opportunities and challenges R, 2009 (in Chinese) 4. State Council Development Research Center of Industrial Economics Research Department, Society of Automotive Engineers of China, Volkswagen Group. China Automotive Industry Development Report M. Beijing sociable Sciences Academic Press, 2009. 7 (in Chinese) 47