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The Reasons of Chinese Immigrated to the United States

The Reasons of Chinese immigrated to the fall in States Chen Zhang The Reasons of Chinese immigrated to the United States Introduction In chinaware, since the reform and opening-up, there take for been ii waves of immigration in the last century after-hours 70s and early 90s. With the advent of a new century, Chinas economy has come into the phase of quick development and its informatization construction has been developed at a high speed. Surprisingly, at that time, there is ontogeny the third emigration which is a larger denture wiz. Among these immigrants, the professional elite and the proportion of affluent large number increases year by year.Why do so some Chinese immigrate to US magic spell China is developing fast and full of opportunities? Thats a actually good question which might have thousands of answers from the Chinese immigrants. The dumbfound poll surveys Chinese immigrants reasons and attitudes toward immigrate to the United States. Method Participat es The interviews were requested to be absolute by Chinese throng I have met in the Chinese school in Edison and New Brunswick, people work in the Asiatic Cultural Center of NJ, and some of my friends in Montcl melodic line State University, Rutgers University and Fairleigh Dickenson University.I have all in all interviewed 30 people include 5 people want to immigrate, 23 immigrants, 2 second-generation immigrants (Ameri tramp born Chinese). Questions Besides the basic information about ages, incomes, the questions included 1) When was your first come to the United States? 2) When did you immigrate? 3) Is there any family element immigrated with you? 4) Why you immigrated to the United States? 5) Why did you choose the United States? Conclusion First, people pursue the high gauge of disembodied spirit and the high quality of experience.In this quickly developing society, the pursuit of a high quality of life has bring forth a demand of modern people. As economy is developing fast, peoples subsisting conditions have bang-uply improved. When people get a promotion, they want to lift into largeger house and higher funding conditions. Human desires argon non always fulfilled. good deal are alive and never satisfied with the present condition. Especially, some successful young people prefer to choose one new life in order to pursue the high-quality experience. They want to contend themselves in a totally different situation. Life isnt about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself said Lichun Zhang, 46. She is a reporter of one of the turgidgest Chinese newspaper in the ground forces. When she was in China, she was a manger of one notable company of ingrain. For her dream, she left her native place. For this dream, she abandoned a lot such(prenominal) as her prestigious job and her comfortable life. Second, the congenital environment in United States is better than in China. During the rapid development of the global economy, natural resource encounters the over-limited exploitation that destroys the environmental balance.Some heavy industry cities have been full polluted. Industrialization quickly affected local water and air quality around factories. We can see the big gap between the air quality in China and in some Western soil such as the United State. A Chinese student studies in the Fairleigh Dickson University, Zerong Ding said that he likes this new life. He seems to live and survey in a big forest park. On the contrary, there are varied and numerous of tall buildings around us. More and more buildings were constructed, slight and less green space were damaged.The green space has a great function on ad comelying and meliorating the urban climate system and on improve the urban atmosphere. There are apparent differences in forest atomisation and disturbance patterns between China and the USA in the ongoing analysis. The contingent underlying reasons responsible include differences in political systems, institutions, economy, and so on. (Li, Mao, Zhou, Vogelmann, Zhu,2010) legislation in China did not take ecological, economic and societal benefits of forests into floor in the knightly, which led to an inadequate protection of natural forests.In particular, forest fragmentation issues were not involved in the processes of legislation. To date, a well-defined tenure or ownership has not been available for those collective forests in southern China, and an overladen forest-related taxation still exists for forest farmers. This has heavily undermined the afforestation initiatives available to forest farmers (Zhang, 2008). In contrast, the USA has pushed many favorable policies, including an adoption of taxation incentive packages to shape up citizens to manage forests.A comprehensive system of laws related to forest management has dramatically advanced forest management levels and led to an overall forest memorandum regularly. Beside governmental supports, various NGOs assume much upkeep to forest fragmentation issues when management plans are being developed. (Li, Mao, Zhou, Vogelmann, Zhu,2010) In contrast, USA attaches greater importance to the preservation of natural forests (FAO, 2006). More importantly, the USA tends to pay more attention to technical innovations, as well as good and sustainable forestry practices, to help minimize anthropogenic disturbances to forests.Currently, there are pregnant gaps in forestry technologies and administrative philosophy and capabilities between China and the USA, which are notice contributors to different types and levels of forest fragmentation(Li, Mao, Zhou, Vogelmann, Zhu,2010). Although the aphonicware environment in some big cities of China is good, sometimes even better than American, the forest management levels and the relatively policies must be improved. Third, the beatnik of life in China has fashion faster and faster, people can easily feel pressure and wooly-minded their happiness. China is densely populated.As for China, a developing country with large population, it is hard to solve the riddle of employment. Obtaining employment of university students is a vital and key problem in the development of higher education. More and more graduates are lining a serious problem of obtain employment. In todays highly belligerent market environment, working pressure and heated competition are growing day by day. No one wants to be left git in the competition. Everyone is confronted with more and more fierce competitions. As everybody is pressed for time, the rhythm of life is more anxious. The level of peoples happiness dropped apparently.Today, when people visit Chinas major cities, such as Beijing, instill or Chongqing, people can easily feel the rhythm of life much faster than America. Everything happens in a fast forward mode. People feel the vibrancy, and people feel the pressure, too(Lifestyle China vs. normality America). Starting from late 90s, China pus hed forward its reform in its residential admit system, privatizing residential houses by encouraging people to buy houses with governmental subsidiary. exactly since then, Chinas real e resign market tool eat up-key (There was no houses or apartments you can buy before the reform.Everyone lives in the state owned apartments). In merely 10 years, accompanying the fast growing economy, the housing prices in major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai have skyrocketed over 10 folds. However, the affordability went straight down(Lifestyle China vs. North America). For instance, (Bridge to China, 2010) the current average housing price in Shanghai is about RMB10,000 per square(p) meter, which fashion a 100 square meter (930 sqft) apartment would bell RMB1 meg. (Note Because Chinas large cities are heavily populated, e. g. 0 million in Shanghai alone, few people can afford living in a house, or villa in Chinese term, which costs millions in US or Canadian dollars. Most people live in high-rise condo apartments). The average annual personal income, however, is only RMB40,000. That means a double income family need 12. 5 years income to pay off their home without spending a dime on food or entertainment. Here in North America, we only need 4 to 5 years. Simply put, in China the young people there just cannot afford to be not aggressive, no matter at work, in business or study. Fourth, the parents want their children can received better education.Shushu Ye, a teacher of Chinese school in Edison said that she has immigrated for her eight-year-old son, Boyang. She wants her son can received advanced skills and techniques in this developed big country. On the other(a) hand, the different between Chinese education system and American is significant. Hailin Wang is the oral sex of Chinese school in New Brunswick used Fear of open speaking, the most common phobia that people have, to explain these two different systems. For example, strictness is the well-known br and of education in China. In class, students take notes while listening to the lecture.Most teaching still emphasizes direct assertion and passive skill. Gradually, students become silence and lost our own views in class. We have not chance to talk in public. On the contrary, the interactive encountering in the American classroom offers the opportunities to exploit the logical thinking and creativity. American students are used to voice their thought in public. We need to learn from them and practise more in order to supply our deficiency. Fifth, it is convenient for travellers, visitors or the business men do the commercial intercourse between China and America. People have to go through a lot of bolshie tape to get the visa.However, if people become American citizen, they can hump the visa exempt. It is convenient for the business man to do the commercial intercourse. For the past ten years, Huang Ye has done a lot of trade with American company. Generally, she need to trav el from China to America three times per month. She has a big company to sell china and Zisha teapot. Zisha teapot of Yixing, is a wonderful work of the conventional Chinese arts with a long history. Ye told me that she loves her job because she found that many American people love these Chinese crafts very much.ReferencesMingshi Li, Lijun Mao, Chunguo Zhou, James E. Vogelmann, Zhiliang Zhu, study forest fragmentation and its drivers in China and the USA with Globcover v2. 2 , ledger of Environmental Management, Volume 91, Issue 12, December 2010, Pages 2572-2580 Zhang, 2008 L. Zhang, Reform of collective forest right system in Jiangxi Province, Scientia Silvae Sinicae 44 (7) (2008), pp. 7983 (in Chinese). FAO, 2006 FAO, globular Forest Resources Assessment 2005 Rome (2006) ftp//ftp. fao. org/docrep/fao/008/A0400E/A0400E00. pdf/Online . Lifestyle China vs. North America, January 26, 2010, http//bridge2china. wordpress. com/tag/chinese-immigrants/. Online.

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