Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Socrates and Socrates: A Philosophical Pair for the Ages Essay

In Walter Mosleys eer Outnumbered, forever and a day Outgunned, the reader is introduced to Socrates Fortlow, an ex-convict who served twenty-seven years for murder and rape. Fortlow is plagued by viciousness and, seeing the chaos in his town, feels a need to improve non only his own standards of living, but also those of others in Watts. He attempts this by dogma the people in Watts the lessons he feels will resolve the umteen challenges the neighbourhood faces. The lessons Fortlow teaches and the methods by which he teaches them are very similar to those of the antediluvian patriarch Greek philosopher for whom Fortlow was named We was poor and country. My mother couldnt afford school so she figured that if she named me after somebody smart then maybe Id get smart (Mosley, 44). Though the ancient Greek was natural to be a philosopher and Fortlow assumed the philosopher role as a resolution to the poor state of his life and Watts, both resulted in the same mandatory instruct ion to their populations. The two Socrates both utilize a form of teaching that requires their pupil to become engaged in the lesson. They emphasize ethics, logic, and knowledge in their instruction, and place importance on epistemology and definitions because they feel a problem cannot be solved if one does not first know what it is. Socrates was essential in first introducing these concepts to the world and seemed to be born with them inherent to his being, Fortlow has learned the ideals finished life experience and is a real-world application in an area that need the teachings to get on track. While the two men bear galore(postnominal) similarities, their differences they are attributed primarily as a result of their circumstances fork over the basis of Fortlows importance in Watts and as a modern-... ...Devious or Divine. Greece & Rome 2nd ser. 32.1 (1985) 32-41. Web. .Groeller, Alison D. From Rage to Reason Race and Politics In Walter Mosleys Socrates Fortlow Novels. Cross routes The Meanings of Race in the 21st Century. Ed. Paola Boi and Sabine Broeck. Munster Lit Verlag, 2003. 161-72. Google Scholar. Web. Mosley, Walter. Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned. New York Washington Square, 1998. Print. Socrates. Free Study Guides for Shakespeare and Other Authors. Web. 10 Mar. 2012. . Socrates. The fundamental principle of Philosophy. Web. 10 Mar. 2012. . Taylor, C. C. W. Socrates. Oxford Oxford UP, 1998. Print. Wilson, Charles E. Walter Mosley A Critical Companion. Westport, CT Greenwood, 2003.

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