Monday, March 4, 2019

Never Ever Give Up on Life Essay

n ever so ever give up on invigoration No depend how hard life gets. Everyday one is faced with problems, some ar worse than others. Just because one thing in life goes maltreat doesnt mean you are to stop and just shut the book. atomic number 53 is supposed to use that as a lesson and keep flipping pages on the book. theology put us all on this Earth for a reason. Everyone was do to do a little or major change in this world. Through go forth those obstacles we face everyday is how people will insult us and try to bring our self-esteem down to the ground. But no founding fathert let that happen, we are beautiful so dont let anyone tell you otherwise. Relationships Thats another thing that can megabucks up a lot of peoples brain.Just because your associate/girlfriend left you, doesnt give you the right to take your life away. You are worth much more than that. Trust me God created a soulmate for all of us, but its on us to go out and search for it. Dont literally mean go da lly with a thousand people but talk to others get to hold up them better and determine what they really mean to you and where they stand at. But want I said giving up on life because your render left you is not a great idea for he/she is happpily tone ending on with their life. Dont you think if they actually felt a little remorse or something they wouldve maybe came back to you or however considered to apologize or something. So my only word of advice is never ever ever give up on life regardless of how wild the circumstance is.

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