Monday, March 18, 2019

Its Time to Terraform Mars :: Argumentative Persuasive Essays

Its Time to Terraform Mars man is Heaven. genus Venus is Hell. Mars is neither, yet. K.G.M. PatersonIntroductionOur solar system began to form 4.6 billion old age ago from a swirling mass cloud. Give or take a couple of million years, the gas cooled and joined to form large bodies called protoplanets, which ulterior became the planets we know today. Whatever was left after(prenominal) the planets formed became comets or asteroids, strewn n earlier all over the solar system. After 100 million years, the fantastic ball of gas at the center of this swirling mass cloud hot up and exploded in a huge nuclear reaction. This reaction gave let to the sun we know today. This sun has enough energy to provide for cardinal planets, and just the correct tittup of masses and orbits to provide Earth with the skillful ingredients to support life. Of course, after many more millions of years, these right ingredients led to the formula for human life soon people of the ancient world observed the movements of the planets. The ancient Grecians thought they were wandering stars, and gave them the name planetes, or wanderers. Of course, the Romans conquered the Greeks, and renamed the planets after their gods. Earth is the only planet whose name doesnt derive from ancient Greek or Roman mythology. Earth comes from the Old English word germanium but the Romans called our planet Terra, hence Terra Firma. Mars was said to be named after the god of war because of its angry red color but early on Mars was worshipped as a god of reaping and fertility.EarthThis third rock from the sun has just the right mix of variables to encourage and sustain life on it for so many years. besides why here and no where else you ask? Most of it has to do with the feature that it is the third rock from the sun. The distance from the sun (150 million km) is just the right distance to let for water to exist as a liquid, an strategic ingredient to sustain life. With over 2/3 of the planet cover with water, the Earths oceans are perfect for regulating the temperature of the planet at a consistent 22C, another important ingredient to allow life to survive. With a powerful magnetic field

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