Sunday, March 17, 2019

Exploring the Validity of Natural Theology :: Philosophy Essays

Exploring the Validity of Natural godlinessThe thought processes that underlie Creationism and Evolution ar undoubtedly very different. The fundamentalists of the reason school of thought adhere to the Biblical tenet that divine reality in six days is responsible for environmental diversity, whereas evolutionists turn over repeatedly stated that the universe was created billions of eld ago and is in a eternal state of fluctuation. At first glance, these accounts of life on landed estate appear incompatiblethe creationists base their beliefs purely on faith and explain their environment based on that conclusion, while scientists hunt in the opposite focus by asking questions first and make systematic observations that have resulted from their propositions (Moore 5-6). Ernst Mayr says that the beliefs of creationism are in conflict with the findings of science, but the founders of Natural Theology have man ripend to colligate the principles of coevals with those of evolu tion (qtd. in Mayr 4). There are strict purists who claim that it is not viable to combine the two ideologies, but it is possible to carry the thought of G-d into scientific fact. Although there are several variations on the concept of Natural Theology, its advocates generally accept evolution. Whereas strict creationists reject the notion that the Earth was formed billions of years ago, natural theists accept the scientific evidence for the age of the Earth with one large discrepancy organisms could have only originated with the serve of divine intervention. However, it is acknowledged that there is no concrete evidence to back up the belief that the Earth was created a mere few thousand years ago, just as there isnt any geological confirmation that a global flood engulfed the entire planet (Science and Creationism). This liberal interpretation of Genesis and cautious acceptance of evolution allows for some flexibility with previously uncontroversial Biblical notions, such as the idea that the creation of the world was correct within six twenty-four hour periods. Those six days have been construed to signify as a literary device by the fountain of the Bible, six days separated by long time periods, or as six days from the perspective of an ageless G-d (Commission on Creation). Thus, the sum of money of Natural Theory is that an omnipotent creator fashioned the physical processes that limit evolution in motion and these processes resulted in the creation of life. This theory appears to be logical, except for the notion that some aspects of life are so multifactorial that they completely transcend human understanding and are thereby the work of an Intelligent Designer.

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