Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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The judging framework for children in invite and their families consists of gathering reading that could potentially be important to smack at. Social run would and so evaluate the material which has been collected, and discuss whether or non it is valuable. Then decisions would need to be made on how the social services bath verify the family in need. The assessment needs to be centred on the child, and what is best for them. The assessment should withal build on strengths and not focus purely on the negatives. It also needs to be holistic, taking everything into account (where the family lives, what benefits they are getting, what are their neighbours like etc.). It is also a continuing process the assessment is not a one off.Social services dont have to attend to all families with children but they do have a duty to look into your situation to check what booster you are entitled to. Social services can provide help for a family, like a spot in a playground or nursery for an infant they can help with problems with schools or childcare. Social services can also help with a childs behaviour, and help with any drug or alcohol problems. They can offer friendship and offer, and if it is needed, counselling can be offered. A family could be entitled to housing and/or financial support from social services if someone in the family is under the age of 18 and is classed as a child in need. The child, or children, should be considered as a child in need if he or she needs help to manage the things that see health and development (the Children routine 1989). Examples of which could be lack of money or food, not having accommodation, problems that may affect health or education, or that the child is living with a risky person... ...lves. It is important for children that they are provided with an encouraging and secure environment in both the home and in school. Children need to feel that their parents and teachers value learning. If kids are shown tha t donnish exploration is important, they are likely to develop similar attitudes. Furthermore, it is important to permit kids know that failure is often part of the learning process. Kids who are not afraid to fail are more willing to accept scholastic challenges and are less likely to interrupt their own academic efforts.It is also important for kids to have plenty of support at home. The home environment shapes the initial attitudes that children have towards learning. However there are professionals that are available, such as counsellors and psychologists, both in and out of school, paediatricians, and state psychological associations.

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