Monday, March 25, 2019

Depictions of the Great Depression Essay -- Art, Photography

Pause to recall a yield of the bang-up feeling. Was this image happy or sad? peradventure it was a scene of a family enjoying the radio, children reading comics, a group of new-fangled men playing baseball, the movie theatre, or even children playing Monopoly provided most people would picture a migrant mother with her children, an freehanded holding a sign asking for a job, a family life sentence story in a shack with barely any food, or starving, disconsolate children. For those innate(p) after the 1930s, the keen slack is something that can be fancy scarce through photography and film (This Great population exit Endure) and when asked What picture do you think of when you hear the words the Great Depression Era? all thirty high school students recalled a oppose image. Todays mass medias selection of harsh radical images of the 1930s Great Depression Era fail to portray the demonstrable aspects of American life during the time period. Many of the photographs expo sed by nows media and some of the most popular photographs of life during the Great Depression were produced by the FSA or Farm Security Administration. Founded by President Roosevelt the judicature rooms goal was to provide loans benefiting tenant farmers and sharecroppers (pg. 772). The FSA launched a photography project whose mission was to demonstrate the hardships of families living on farms to the city residents (Ganzel). The agency hired many photographers and over eighty-thousand photographs were captured through the years 1935-1943 the majority envisioned American life in a negative way (This Great Nation Will Endure). Two of the most well-known photographs taken by the agency, also which are used in several American account statement textbooks are icons of the Depression Era. Both symboliz... ...produced, radio shows and movies were being produced and several Americans were enjoying life during the 1930s. These positive aspects of life and positive photographs of the time period are non well-known to the American public today and many people picture the Great Depression only in a negative way. For those born after the 1930s, the Great Depression is something that can be visualized only though photography and film. Certain images have come to define our realize of that uncertain time an anxious migrant mother with her three fiddling children a farmer and his sons struggling through a dust beset a family of sharecroppers gathered outside their Spartan home (This Great Nation Will Endure). Todays mass media focuses on the harsh, extreme images of the Great Depression and fails to portray the happy, positive aspects of American life during the 1930s.

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