Friday, March 22, 2019

Chafufas Adventures :: essays research papers

Chafufas AdventuresIn the year of our lord dickens megabyte and five there happened to be a florist named Chafufa. Chafufa did much of her melodic phrase on the internet and then she delivered the apexs herself in her green, railroad car, or boat. Chafufa was always fussy day and night she once made a delivery to congou tea in her jet one morning and another delivery that good afternoon in Japan. Chafufa was born of Muff and Luna in a long bill of florists. But Chafufas birth was peculiarshe was born with a nosegay of flowers in her arms. Also at age nine, in her vast flower gardens that she herself made she got lost and wandered away from her parents and never saw them again. Chafufa was loyal to the middle-aged florist way of business, Do anything to make a delivery crimson though she was a New Age florist. One day Chafufa stock an emergency flower delivery fax, (E.F.D.F.) for a bouquet of Martian roses to be delivered to the South Pole. For this delivery she would ha ve to use all three of her apparatuses car, boat, and jet not to mention getting some Martian Roses. Chafufa would first hold the roses. Martian roses only grew in soil from Mars luckily she had a pot of Martian soil in her backyard. Now Chafufa would have to defy the seeds from a dumbfound molethe only animal to posses the seeds. Chafufa descended into the abyss to exhibit the induce mole and get the seeds. Chafufa arrived at the abode of the mother mole, the mother mole knew she was coming and said, You shall have your seeds but only if you throw two perfect bulls eyes in a game of darts with me. fortunately Chafufa was an accomplished dart woman as well as a florist. Chafufa did one hell of a move and threw two darts at once and made them both in the bulls eye. The mother mole gave Chafufa the seeds and Chafufa planted them and harvested the Martian roses by the light of a anxious raccoon skin so that they would last the trip. She put her car and boat in her jet and travel ed to Buenos Aries, Argentina, there she ditched the jet and put her car in her boat and sailed to the coast of Antarctica. At the coast she ditched the boat and go along in her car (which was a Delorian) she sped across the ice flats with the roses in bowl over but her car ran out of gas about a cc from the South Pole.

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