Tuesday, March 19, 2019

AT&T Essay -- essays research papers

The dominant economic traits of this constancy start with having an enormous amount of capital of the United States required for staying competitive. One is also required to spend lots of gold on research and development, as the telecommunications industry seems to be the vision of the future. to a greater extent and more companies like AT&T are trying truly hard to combine their network function of phone bank note, video and entropy transfer, high speed internet access, and television cable via one line in the consumers homes. With a successful combination of the above stated services AT&T is hoping to be the industry leader in the rough future.In todays telecommunication market there is a lot of competition by industry giants such as Sprint, MCI, and AOL, further simultaneously the very high cost involved with entering and competing in this industry also makes it very unattractive for new entrants. These are dear some of the big names who are planning to and are straigh tway providing parts of the pipe dream that AT&T seems to seek. In this industry it is very important to have customer awareness of the line of products you carry. closely of the public hears the name AT&T or Sprint or MCI and they think telephone bills but many consumers do not meet that these companies have expanded their field of services from cellular phones to wireless net services. The reason mainly being the lack of marketing, and direct consumer advertising provided by these firms on the other line of p...

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