Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Young Consumer: Their Value To Media Advertising And The Economy Es

The Young Consumer Their mensurate To Media Advertising And The EconomyAn advertiser of new trend setting products a great deal struggles with choosing a target market but now the choice is bonny clear. The young consumer market has developed itself into an empire in which companies flourish. Boys and girls ages 13-25 set the seethe for what is considered cool and what isnt. As a result, companies give up carefully listened to what these kids have to word and then tried to develop products and approximations that resemble what they consider to be cool. Companies have focused their products around this up and coming group and by realizing what an encounter they make, they have profited and the economy has yielded a important return. The question is how have several(prenominal) companies reached out to these individuals? Simply put, the media. Generation Y, the largest group of kids since the baby boomers, are more more media inclined which means that they have been more infl uenced by advert than previous generations. The media should continue to be used as a opening of ad to young consumers because product consumption by this group is a huge benefit to the economy. The media should be used for anything that benefits the economy. Therefore the use of media advertising to influence the young consumer and vise-versa should continue because the outcome has resulted in a substantial benefit to not only the economy but, companies alike. I understand that passel may consider the use of media to advertise products/ideas to young people could wreak forth an unrealistic view of what everyone should be. Advertising often portrays the perfect idea or individual and some may argue that it is unhealthy to do so because it results in things like low sel... ... On Own office Mags. Advertising Age June 2004 16 pars. conference and Mass Media Complete. EBSCOhost. University of Denver Penrose Library, Denver. 19 Jan. 2005 .Stanley, T.L. Marketers Angle To Catch The Rising Stars. Advertising Age Aug. 2004 8 pars. Communication and Mass Media Complete. EBSCOhost. University of Denver Penrose Library, Denver. 19 Jan. 2004 . White, Amy. Pepsi Celebrity Cans For Top Pop evoke To Teens. Media Asia April 2004 2 pars. Business Source Premier. EBSCOhost. University of Denver Penrose Library, Denver. 7 Feb. 2005 . Zollo, Peter. Wise Up To Teens. Ithaca New Strategist Publications, 1999.

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