Saturday, February 23, 2019

Memo Letter Example

MEMO DATE November 11, 2012 TO Dr. Cheryl Powers, teacher Business Communications, Minnesota School of Business FROM Rhonda DeRosa Melissa Gelder Sherry Stevens Kayla Huberty Scott Miller virtual(prenominal) Team, Business Communications SUBJECT Unit 5 Assignmentvirtual(prenominal) Team Project Proposal Memo Our team up met via conference cry, this week, to handle how we volition conquestfully complete our project and crack each negates that magnate arise. We also discussed which agreements we would each interview and agreed on a enumerate of questions to ask our contacts at these boldnesss.The success of our project will depend on the contributions of every member. We will meet, via conference call, at 730 p. m. every Wednesday until our project is done. In between conference calls, we will communicate by and large via e-mail. We decided that email was the best method, since we all vex access to our email on our cell phones, so would get the information very quickly. We will also post to our group discussion board after our Wednesday night calls, to re-cap what was discussed and to have something to refer back to. In an effort to eliminate and decompose conflict we will all need to be responsible for wrench our weight.Related article Team Building Memo ExamplesWe will do this by participating in the conference calls, regularly checking our email, and responding to any questions from the other team members. If a last-minute scheduling conflict occurs, we have each others phone numbers and we will call the other team members to inform them of the conflict. We will address and attempt to resolve conflicts within our team, before escalating to our instructor. hither is a list of the schemes that we have chosen, along with the contact person at the organization Rhonda DeRosa OGI EyewearContact Dan Liberman, Owner/President, Shelley Jacobs, director of Corporate AffairsMelissa Gelder infix smart set readyInsert Contact Name and Title Sherry Stev ens Alexandra Ho delectationContact Liz Meyer, Project Manager Kayla Huberty Insert Company NameInsert Contact Name and Title Scott Miller Insert Company NameInsert Contact Name and Title Here is the list of questions that we be going to ask each of our organizations 1. What types of teams/groups does your organization use? (Cross-functional, self-managed, virtual, project, etc. ) 2. What roles do team-members play? (Leader, note-taker, subject matter expert, etc. ) 3. Who decides how the roles are assigned (or do members volunteer)? . How do teams/groups contribute to the overall success of your organization? 5. What criteria do you use to determine whether a group/team is call for? 6. What are the characteristics of successful team players at your organization? 7. Do members of your organization participate on teams with members of other organizations? If so, what sort of roles do they play on those teams? 8. What are some of the obstacles your teams face and how do you overcome them? 9. How is team conflict handled and resolved? 10. What tools/methods do your teams use to communicate? (email, phone, face-to-face, virtual technologies, etc. 11. Which of these methods is or so effective? Least effective? 12. How do you determine if a team/group is successful? 13. What is the role of volunteers on teams in your organization? 14. What fosterage or team-building is provided for team members (and is this different for employees vs. volunteers)? 15. Can you share a success story involving a group or team in your organization? possibly of a time where a team was able to attain something above and beyond what was expected or a team achieved something that couldnt have been achieved without the team.

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