Monday, February 25, 2019

Blind People

Blind rag Our s- hind ende go away have several unique features that give expose(a)stand and give our reapingion a chance to compete with the other existence cane expose in that respect in the market. 2. 3. 1 Unique features * Build in orbiculate Positioning System (GPS) that will help in navigating the finesse soulfulness to the place that he or she wishes to go to. * Earphone provided to aid the blind person in hearing commands given to them by the s-cane. * Build in ultrasonic sensor that will help in identifying obstacles ahead to frustrate the blind person from hitting or misjudge the path that they ar walking into. Retractable front end tip of the cane that will help the blind person in keeping their s-cane safe in their bag or even their pocket. * The s-cane also has a build in radio that can provide nearly entertainment to the blind person. At the moment there are no smart cane on the market yet, but there are several researches and also some prototype that has been developed by other countries on this smart cane. 2. 6 Opportunities for the expansion of the product.There will be some possibilities that this s-cane will be expanding on the market and will probably receive a high in demand on the market especi onlyy when we were able to market this product at a reasonable and affordable price. We are hoping that our product can be used wide by the blind person all over the world and will have a positive impingement on the everyday life of a blind person. Although it is a red-hot product but, the function and also the unique features embedded in the s-cane will contributes a lot in aiding the blind persons daily routine in either going to work, walking down the route or even walking their children to school.To increase the chances of having a higher opportunities in expanding this product, we were also thinking of collaborating with other big company out there such as Samsung, LG, Philips ad much more. This will help a lot to our product in expanding its spick-and-span invention to the people out there that have never heard of it before. People as we come will go for a known brand as compared to those new developed brand out there. So, by collaborating our s-cane product with the company out there we will be able to market the s-cane more widely and much more easily.

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