Friday, February 22, 2019

Сivic Sense

As you look around you, you are surrounded by the modish technology and everything seems to be more modern and mature. But, according to me the citizens of India are not mature enough when it comes to civil grit. This is the only thought that is lacking in the attitude of people. They are so focused towards their own goals that civic palpate has become a matter of low priority to them. So, what is civic sense? It is nothing but social ethics. A lot of people produce that civic sense is just about keeping the roads, streets and normal seat clean.But civic sense is lot more than that it has to do with abiding to the laws, applaud for fellow citizens and maintaining decorum in public countersinks. A lot of impertinent countries function in a smooth manner because of the strong civic sense amongst its citizens. Even the schools do not give much splendour to civic behaviour. Only a couple of lessons focus on this take and it is out of the students mind the next day. Not even t he parents at headquarters give much importance to civic sense.They do not render that preaching their children about civic sense can make a difference to the country as well as their lives. Vandalism, separation, road insaneness are the few of the many examples of lack of civic sense. Riots take place as people do not respect each others religions and shade and infact, these are the people that lack civic sense. As you visit incompatible cities of India, you will find one thing in common, roadsides or public places littered with garbage and people spitting in different places.This makes us think that India has been turned into a garbage dump. This is all because of lack of civic sense among us. The other foreign countries are not so ill maintained and are ten times cleaner and hygienic than India because the citizens of those countries take in a stronger civic sense than those of India. They pay a hefty attractive for vandalism, road rage and other examples of lack of civic sense.

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