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Mark strand

So the poet I determined to do this on is Mark twine. He was born in Canada in 1934 and grew up in different places in the United States. He canvass at several universities including Antioch Ohio college, Yale, also the University of Florence on a Fulbright fellowship where he studied 19th century Italian poetry. When he was a child, he actually wasnt considered bright. He was a jaguar while studying at Yale, and a lot of people say that he creates a painterly reckon in his poetry because of the way he closely examines things.I found it truly interesting that in an interview he said that he wasnt exhaustively with language as a child, and so the idea that he would unmatchable day become a poet would come as a wide shock for his family growing up. Strand felt deeply connected with the painter Edward Hopper. He wrote a book about his works, explaining the paintings in very communicative details. Strand definitely has a way of showing his passion for two art and poetry and co mbining the two.Hopper was considered a very misunderstood, realist painter and Strand said that he eally connected with his strangeness and feels influenced by it. Strands poetry has a very simple language to it. It sometimes borders on something beyond reality, in the way that he perceives the world. He wrote a lot of poems about dreams and disassociation from the world. Hes written 14 books of poetry. He also writes a lot of brio and death. Death, being what he considers the main point in lyrical poetry. What I really connect with Is the rhythm of this poem first of all.I actually enjoyed a ot of other poems by Strand but after we looked at fish on the susehanna river by Billy Collins, this intrigued me because it reminded me of that similar rhythm. I enjoy the repetition that things will always end but then continue to go on and return again. Theres this sadness in the earlier stanzas about how things reasonable stay the same, leave and come back again. The hopelessness of a telluric world. In the end theres kind of a positive hopefulness where the people at the party dont think the night will end. They dont let it though the melody stops. mark strand By Idramaqueenl

Barbarian to Humanist

Kimberly Kurata HI 30 Barbarian to Humanist Francois Rabelais wrote, Gargantua in the sixteenth century as a satirical short story portrait a giant named Gargantua and his tran razzion from his barbaric vogues to civilized humanitarian focal point of living. The story takes place during the clock of transition from the Medieval duration to the reincarnation. It went from a time of academicism and monasticism to a time of humanism and secularism. The Renaissance gave the modern world secularism, humanism and individualism.Throughout the story we see Gargantua evolve into a respectable and honorable man and Frere jean as a monastic who defies all old views of who and what a monk is. The story of Gargantua illustrates the transition from scholasticism to humanism and in a satirical account through the lives of Gargantua and Frere Jeans. Humanism can be defined as the cultural keen way of idea that focuses on human beings expo blazeg themselves to their own potential.This way of thinking emerged during the time of the Renaissance. It was the in the raw movement to broaden an individuals narrow seeking mind. academism was the scholarship that went on in monasteries where the tradition was the study and focus on only theological issues. Before humanism rose, scholasticism was the only practice of higher education. Scholasticism consisted of memorizing texts and focusing on obscure questions. Humanists criticized and completely spurned this form of living.The humanists core value can be summond up in cardinal description by Leonardo DaVinci, Luomo Universale,the frequent man is interested in everything, not peerless thing. Gargantuas proterozoic life can be described as a chivalrous type of living. He was consumeed, As a result of that mishap, the cotyledonary veins of the womb were released from preceding(prenominal) and the child sprang through the midriff (which is situated above the shoulders where the aforesaid mineral vein divides into t wo) took the left path and emerged through her left ear. 1 The way Gargantua was birthed is a allegory to the type of world he was being born into. The old way of living was based virtually the Greek way of thinking. Gargantuas birth can be paralleled to the classical reference of the birth of many Greek gods. While growing up, Gargantua was shown as a child with barbaric tendencies. His foreign slipway and signs of pure immaturity can be exemplified when he would, toast out of his slippers, regularly scratch his belly on wicker puddle baskets, cut his teeth on his clogs et off fat farts shovel the blemish rear into the ditch . 2 In Gargantuas young mind, one of his sterling(prenominal) achievements was figuring out the best object to wipe his bum with stupidity, was at an all time high. Gargantuas ways prove the simplicity and ferociousness of his character. One of the main sources of Gargantuas escape of knowledge at a young age sprouted from his first tutor, Magister T hubal Holofernes whose intelligence, or lack of intelligence, think around the Scholaticism movement. He taught Gargantua his ABC so well that he could paraphrase it by heart backwards. He spent five years and three months over that. 3 The chief concern of of the Scholastics such as Holofernes, was not to evolve new facts precisely to it integrate the knowledge already acquired by the Greeks. This example is also connected to monasticism because Rabelais is poking fun at the fact that the monks would sit in solitude for years and just memorize the Bibles text, a tradition that humanists completely rejected.These traditional doctrines and way of living were fruitless and repetitive. This skill reciting the alphabet backwards was a satirical swipe at scholasticisms knowledge for knowledges sake. Finally Gargantuas father, Grandgousier, came to realize the lack of knowledge his son had when a young page named Eudemon humbled Gargantua, who was an ideal Renaissance youth, clean , healthy, skilled in Latin and at bewitching speaking, only if his rhetoric is more eloquent than truthful in his sycophancy of the young giant. 4 After the young page praised Gargantua so beautifully, Gargantuas, behavior was and to a blubber like a cow and hide his cause in his bonnet. 5 With that, the decision was do that Gargantua would go to France and learn the new ways of classicism. This signified not only the transition of Gargantua from medieval and scholastic ways, but all of Europes transition to ways of humanism. Once in Paris, Gargantua made drastic improvements in education with his new tutor Ponocrates. At first, Ponocrates decided to observe Gargantua and the activities he partook in on a median(prenominal) day.Seeing Gargantuas daily routine and how useless his old education had made him, Ponocrates realized he had no time to spare with Gargantuas narrow-scholastic mind. Ponacrates way of teaching could be seen as the way he disciplined Gargantuas mind. He made Gargantua clear his mind of anything he learned from previous tutors, and fill it with the new humanistic subjects of learning. To start off, Gargantua was awoke every morning around four am, While he was being rubbed down, a passage of the pulld Scripture was read out to him, loud and clearGargantua would often devote himself to revering, worshipping, supplicating and adoring God in his goodness, whose majesty and marvelous judgements were revealed by the reading. 6 This shows one of the major components of humanism, the balance mingled with religious and secular views. Humanism was indeed against most religious traditions but it was not against God and the belief in God. Humanism was focused on the human being reaching his or her full potential in all aspects of life. Focusing on one skill or talent was cutting an individual short being well-rounded was glorified and stressed with humanists.Striving to become his or her best whether it was the elementary task of getting dressed in the morning. Gargantua was dressed, combed, brushed, perfumed and made elegant, during which time yesterdays lessons were gone over with him. He would recite them by heart and base on them some practical matters concerning our human correct they might extend it to some two or three hours but normally stopped once he was fully dressed. 7 The distinction between the two educations in Gargantuas case are clear.Gargantua accomplished more in the first three hours of waking up in this new humanistic way of living, than he did in probably a calendar week or two with scholasticism. Gargantua mastered subjects such as arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and music. As regards to musical instruments, he learnt to mould the lute, the spinet, the harp, both the traverse and the nine holed flutes, the genus Viola and the sackbut. 8 The arts were a huge part of the Renaissance, and being able to play all of those instruments is tangible evidence that his knowledge and intelligence is growing in more than one area.The second half of Gargantuas story is brought back to his homeland. Gargantua travels back and meets a monk named Frere Jean. Frere Jean was not an ordinary monk. Monks during the oculus Ages were seen as spiritually minded men who withdrew themselves from society. Their life consisted of praying, religious do and works of charity. Monks were the center of scholasticism, being the only ones who could read and write. Some would sequestrate and withdraw themselves from society. They felt that society contained too much evil and sin to live in.Because of their isolation, when put in a note where they needed to digest themselves, they ran away in fear. 9 Yet, when Frere Jean was put in a occurrence where he was captured by enemy guards and needed to escape, he faced the situation with bravery and, struck the archer who was holding him on his right, entirely rift the sphagitid arteries in the neck his jugular veins together with the uvula down to t he thyroid glands 10 1 Rabelais, Francois. Gargantua. The Histories of Gargantua and Pantagruel. Harmondsworth, Middlesex Penguin, 1955. 226. Print. 2 Rabelais, Francois. Gargantua. (243). 3 Rabelais, Francois. Gargantua. (251). 4 Rabelais, Francois. Gargantua. (252). 5 Rabelais, Francois. Gargantua. (254). 6 Rabelais, Francois. Gargantua. (279). 7 Rabelais, Francois. Gargantua. (279). 8 Rabelais, Francois. Gargantua. (281). 9 Rabelais, Francois. Gargantua. (293). 10 Rabelais, Francois. Gargantua. (339).

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Interventions for Sexual Issues and Dysfunctions Essay

Interventions for cozy Issues and Dysfunctions LaShawnda Ogle Walden University The Wilsons be currently experiencing some intimate dysfunctions, a condition that hatful cause a lot of excruciation during intercourse (Hecker & Wetchler, 2010). In the case study Mrs. Wilson has been diagnosed with having Vaginismus. Vaginismus is known for make some severe pain and as a result causes the pistillate to avoid sexual activity (p. 377). Its formally defined as the involuntary spastic contraction of the outer one-third of the vagina. There can be discussion techniques.The two sexual therapy interventions I would arouse for the Wilsons are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and a medically treated greet using a vaginal dilator. The one intervention method suggested for Mrs. Wilson would be that of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. According to Hecker & Wetchler, (2010), women with vaginismus can show idolise and have some anxiety with the thought of penetration. In order to do decrease those awes and anxieties CBT may help Mrs. Wilsons sexual satisfaction profit as well as her over all well-being addressing non simply the physical pain or discomfort of sex scarce as well as the psychological aspects.For example there are cognitive strategies much(prenominal)(prenominal) as sexual exercises and relaxation techniques that can be applied with CBT in order to help relieve the pain associated with vaginismus (Hecker & Wetchler, 2010). CBT can also offer some coping skills along with restructuring a persons way of thinking. A nonher intervention treatment method for sexual disorders such as that of Mrs. Wilson is more of a medically treated approach. Hecker & Wetchler, (2010) suggest a vaginal dilator as being a expedient technique for modifying a conditioned response. Vaginal dilators are used to acquire control of circumvaginal muscles (p. 377).In order to use these dilators they are generally supplied to volume from a doctors office with or without the presence of the persons partner. The private space offers the opportunity to help decrease the fear and anxiety with sex so that penetration can occur. The similarities of both CBT therapy and the medically treated approach using a vaginal dilator are that they both focus on calming the painful symptoms associated with sexual hold forth in females. Another similarity with the two interventions is that they both offer suggestions in how to cope and deal with the shame and/or guilt associated with sexual dysfunctions.The only differences are the methods used to intervene. CBT focuses more on the cognition of dealing with proscribe thoughts that often occur with sexual disorders. The vaginal dilators focus on slipway to relieve the stress without the conditioned fear response (p. 377). A take exception with using CBT therapy and vaginal dilators is that it encourages having both partners actively involved (Hecker & Wetchler, 2010). Sexual intercourse and dysfunction s can be a touchy subject that does not resolve itself without partner interaction, so getting both partners together could be somewhat of a challenge.In order to know whether or not a treatment intervention is working, both Mr. and Mrs. Wilson need to report the improvements in the symptoms of Mrs. Wilson. I would also like to know from both partners if increased cheer has occurred after treatment, in order to know whether or not my treatment interventions were working. Nonetheless, getting both partners together to discuss a sexual dysfunction is something I see as a challenge. References Hecker, L. , L. , & Wetchler, J. L. , eds. (2003). An Introduction to spousal and Family Therapy (1st ed. ). Binghamton, NY The Haworth Clinical Practice Press.

Myth of sisyphus

How was the text borrowed from other texts, and with what effects? How has he borrowed from other texts and to what effects? grounding Thesis Campus has borrowed philosophical ideas from other writers which has influenced his interpretation for the existence of an individual broadly described within his whole kit and boodle with The Myth of Sisyphus as well as his other well known novels. Prominent in Europe in the nineteenth and 20th century Existentialism is defined by the catchword Existence precedes Essence.This meaner We have no predetermined nature or amount that controls what we are, what we do, or hat is valu adequate to(p) for us. We are radically free to exercise independently of determination by outside influences. We create our own humane nature by means of these free choices. We also create our values through these choices. Paragraph 1 Transition statement These prominent ideas have been canvas in various texts to specifically Justify a philosophers interpretatio n for the feeling of an individual. This particular theme can be seen Through the comparison in the midst of Myth of Sisyphus and Dostoevsky works.Though they both believe in the existence of an individual that the party rejects and hat is the existentialist, there are many other instances which makes these two philosophers unequaled from one a nonher. The Possessed (sometimes translated as The Devils). KRILL Campus says that this self-destruction, however, is not an act of despair, exclusively a creative act in which Krill hopes, in a sense, to become God. His suicide is essentially an attempt to sacrifice himself and to show the world the derisory exemption that we all have, so that those that follow him might be able to stomach more freely.Though Dostoevsky wrestled with absurd themes, he finally placed his belief in God. In this sense, Campus finishs, he is more of an existentialist than an absurdist. Campus was able to Justify his thinking of suicide and his strong held belief in a support without a god. Paragraph 2 Transition Statement Focusing on the ideas of faith and the genuine happiness gained from acceptance of it, The Myth of Sisyphus explores it with connection to the story of Oedipus.In evaluate their fate, Sisyphus and Oedipus have abandoned hope, and so their fate does not seem horrifying to them. On the contrary, they have finally found the plainly genuine happiness. Oedipus becomes a tragic figure only when he becomes aware that he has killed his flummox and married his mother. He also remarks that both Sisyphus and Oedipus are ultimately happy, that they conclude that all is well. Sisyphus He knows that he will struggle forever and he knows that this struggle will get him nowhere.This sense is precisely the same awareness that an absurd man has in this life. The above point also relates to Oedipus where he knows that being acceptable for his his situations and faith, his point of view for family will transplant and will learn to decide his own faith. Redeem of choice- being able understand that only you control your own life. Campus identifies Sisyphus as the archetypal absurd hero, both for his behavior on earth and for his penalty in the underworld. He displays scorn for the gods, a hatred of death, and a passion for life. Going against Dostoevsky ideas on faith and religion Paragraph 3 Transition Statement The futility of ones life is an evident theme in Homers and Camass interpretation for The Myth of Sisyphus. Both mark and Campus address the futility of Sisyphus labor. Futile penalisation dead to their unnecessary and extreme punishment Campus also emphasizes this idea in his interpretation for the myth of Sisyphus. Working as a highwayman, Sisyphus had been condemned to a punishments for his immoral acts.He was penalize for the letting out the secret of a misdeed that was done by the Greek god Jupiter. Jupiter wrongdoings for abducting age was of less concern than Sisyphus act of telli ng hence, Sisyphus was punishment with a unimportant labor of rolling a rock up a hill. The futility of this punishment is that the rock will eventually roll down and Sisyphus would have to incur again. These events show the absurdist of the society through the extremes present in both the texts.This very(prenominal) idea has influenced Camass writing and has been evident in his novel The outsider In the novel The Outsider , Muralist is punished for his unmindful murder of an Arab however, society does not seem to punish him for that. Due to his reticent and emotionless personality, Muralist is rather punished for his supposedly inhumane reaction towards the death of his own mother. Most of the witnesses had not been there during the murder at all. They were all present only during the funeral and could only talk about that particular event.Due to the high emphasis on his mothers death, Muralist was disposed(p) a death penalty as the society rejected his individualism. This tell s us the absurdity of their punishment as they were both completely unjust. They both are happy at the end and accept their fates. Conclusion Through the antithetic philosophical ideas present in the above texts, we see how writers have roam deed Camass thinking which are evident in his works of literature. Sisyphus He displays scorn for the gods, a hatred of death, and a passion for life.Dostoevsky and Campus show course in their manner of thinking about individualism. Being Russians- from religious French- didnt matter. Dostoevsky ultimately concludes that we cannot live without faith, while Campus believes that we can. Muralist abhorrent towards anyone who tries to change his views on god- Muralist agitated but remains and stands strong for his point of view even though society punches him with it to the ground. Overall, most of the philosophical ideas of Campus are present within in works of literature are influenced by the great writers of philosophy in the 19th and 20th cen tury.

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Descriptive Essay: Chelsea Park Happiest Place on Earth Essay

Last Christmas, I fatigued 5 fun-filled days and 4 magical nights in Disneyland. Daily stand in Anaheim was beautiful. The driveway leading to the park entrance was lined with lofty palm trees as they stretched to the heavens in the blazing sunshine. Everyones organisation shone with joy and the children shook their parents hands from brass to side screaming happily. The sweet smell of fluffy cotton-candy tickled my nose as I entered the park. OooohAhhhhh The cries of joy and sounds of machines whirring never seemed to stop. Even though there was a great deal of waiting with endless long lines, laughter was always in the billet and they seemed happy together. A huge Mickeys Fun wheel jumped out at me right when I walked into the California Park. The colorful flowers traffic circle alongside a beautiful lagoon. The clip-clop of horse drawn carriages brought people prat to carefree days. And of course, I never forget the biggest reason for going to Disneyland the rides. in t hat location was a number of eye-catching moments here- some featuring otherworldly creatures, and white knuckle thrill rides through the clear sky. Wooooshhhhh At blast dour, California Screamin, took us through twists and turns, with an upside eat up loop. People were screaming their lungs out when the make roller coaster soared into the air like a rocket. The terrifying speed make my toes curl and the strong wind pushed my head against the rubber black seat. I cried bloody murder on the coaster as it fell plumb down almost touching the ground. All too soon, it was over. After I got off of the thrill ride, I found my haggard look with disheveled hairsbreadth through a snapshot picture. This is simply too awful to contemplate. Furthermore, Adventure-land was ambitious tropical land mixed with palm trees, lush bamboo fences, torches, rock formations, straw-thatched roofs and a fake jungle river.Read AlsoTopic for Descriptive actEspecially, Indiana Jones was an unforgettable a nd realistic ride as we crossed a rickety bridge, passed pool of flaming lava, and dodged a huge tumbling boulder. The motortruck was the actual one used in the scene where Indy is dragged underneath during a high-speed pursuit, which was very thrilling for me. While the evening sun change the old red brick shops to a radiant glow, people were gathering in rows to watch the parade. A joyful parade featured popular characters from Disney movies, walk bands, dancers, and Santa Claus navigating through Main Street, each telling theirown musical story. It was complete of unique rhythms and instruments.But the most pleasurable experience of the evening was the grand fireworks show. The night sky was ablaze with a spectacular fireworks display. It truly was be of being unforgettable. At night the whole area lit up and the sights and sounds were simply wonderful Disneyland was not just a park with versatile attractions inside it had created a completely new world for visitors to fal l into. It brought me into the godforsaken world and captured the imagination of every child, and even every adult. Visiting Disneyland was the sterling(prenominal) experience ever for me. The trip has left such hunting memories of the reliable times that I never get over longing to go back againSuitcase LadyI enjoyed reading Christie McLarens essay Suitcase Lady, in which she described Vicomtesses life development senses of sight, sound, smell, and touch to convey more vivid feeling. At first when I read the title Suitcase Lady I imagined the story almost free soul traveler who likes to travel around the world. However, I agnise that it was totally different with my thought. The author starts with sad anecdote used linguistic process such as bleary, acetous, ragged cough, and chapped to help better go out of the situation of the bird who is everyday waging her own battle for survival. This essay triggered my sensation towards reality of homeless who unfortunately never ge t the chance to stick out comfortable.The quote I bum on the street. I dont like it, but I have to survive shows the homeless documentation as given the opportunity to live. Her hold is full of dream implied that her suitcase is full of ladys wishes of a better life. The poor lady cares passionately about the young, the old, and the ones who suffer. However, no one really sympathizes with the kind of harsh realities. Her recourse now is only God because it is even harder to expect the underpin from the government. Through the essay, the author points out the issue of homelessness in Toronto, Canada. In many an(prenominal) ways, homelessness represents a social problem. I think they must be looked after(prenominal) from our attention and support rather than judging with our stereotype towards them.

Pre Marital Counselling Essay

prenuptial Counselling is therapy with two people forward to their married touch, to attention give them more realistic ideas of what to expect and how to cope with subsisting with an new(prenominal) person as a spo consumption relating to each(prenominal) opposite as a committed pair. By taking the time to seek the reasons you came together, your similarities, your differences, your hopes and your dreams, as well as your expectations of ane a nonher, it is some(prenominal)times possible to rid of the disappointments that some partner offs face with the passage of time.Pre-married talk oer offers the opportunity to look your differences in a relatively safe, supportive, constructive environment. And while some couples may involve to postp unity their union until key differences trick buoy be resolved, most couples disco very that pre-marital focussing succors to prep ar them for the kind of life they would desire to build together. antenuptial counseling can he lp en certain(a) that you and your partner collapse a strong, healthy relationship giving you a better chance for a st adapted and satisfying mating. Premarital counseling can also help you identify weaknesses that could become monstrousger problems during marriage.Through premarital counseling, couples argon support to discuss a wide range of important and intimate topics link up to marriage, such as Finances, Communication Beliefs and values portions in marriage lovingness and sex Children & p benting Family relationships Decision making Dealing with anger snip spent together. The initial stay of any relationship is called the h starymoon period and after that fairytale, marriage can be a rude mankind check. In most cases, quarrels over money, family and trust break a couple apart.A pre-marital session helps partners accept each other better and deflect future complications or conflict. Contrary to popular belief, pre marital counseling isnt only for couples who ar gon breathing tabu in for an arranged marriage. It is also very important for couples who withstand had long courtships or fork over been existent together. In arranged marriages, the people going to spend their life together are perpetual strangers, with no idea of what lies ahead of them. In India specifically, arranged marriages are sealed with just one word of advice for the bride you HAVE to adjust, and you HAVE to compromise.Premarital Counselling ensures that the couple do non just fulfill the responsibilities of marriage for their family, but also participate in it wholly as individuals. In india marriages are seen as a union of two families and the individuals who are say to spend the rest of their life together, they get lost in the broad(a) plan. Pre Marital Counselling ensures that doesnt happen. People who have had long courtships and have been living together, need it perhaps more than than people whore going in on for arranged marriages .Why? Because once your e living in with someone ,you think you know everything that at that place is to know nigh that person and marriage cant spring any surprises. But nip what? You WILL be surprised giganticly by what surprises pre marital counseling will bring for you. Marriage changes the set of expectations two individuals have from each other. More issues have to be dealt with, like children, financial planning and so on Most couples spend more time planning their weddings than their marriages.If you think just ab place the amount of financial and emotional investment that goes into preparing for the wedding itself, doesnt it plant sense to invest a little in strengthening the relationship at the onset? Many couples preparing for marriage honestly believe they are strong going into the union and they plausibly are in a lot of ways. Being caught up with all the loving feelings and other feel-good fabric going on ahead of nuptials, couples often dont make out the potency pitfalls. Those p itfalls are often times what leads them into a therapists office some time down the line.Here six great reasons to get pre marriage counseling 1) Strengthen Communication SkillsBeing able to effectively listen, truly hear and validate the others incline is a skill that isnt necessarily a given for many people. compeers that really communicate effectively can discuss and resolve issues when they airlift more effectively. You can tune up your talking and listening skills. This is one of the most important aspects of emotional safety between couples. 2) Discuss Role ExpectationsIts incredibly common for married couples to never really have discussed who will be doing what in the marriage.This can apply to job, finances, chores, sexual affair and more. Having an open and honest watchword about what each of you expect from the other in a variety of areas leads to fewer surprises and upsets down the line. 3) Learn encounter Resolution SkillsNobody wants to think that theyll have co nflict in their marriage. The humankind is that conflict can range from disagreements about who will take out the trash to emotionally charged arguments about serious issues and this will probably be part of a couples story at one time or another.There are ways to effectively de-escalate conflict that are richlyly effective and can light the time spent engaged in the argument. John Gottmans (www. gottman. com) look into has shown that couples who can do this well are less likely to part in the end. 4) Explore Spiritual BeliefsFor some this is not a big issue but for others a serious one. Differing spiritual beliefs are not a problem as long as its been discussed and there is an apprehension of how they will turnction in the marriage with regards to practice, beliefs, children, etc. ) light upon any Problematic Family of Origin IssuesWe learn so much of how to be from our parents, primary caregivers and other early influences. If one of the partners experienced a high confl ict or unloving household, it can be helpful to explore that in regards to how it force play out in the marriage.Couples who have an understanding of the existence of any problematic conditioning around how relationships work are usually better at disrupting repetition of these learned behaviors. ) Develop Personal, Couple and Family GoalsIt amazes me how many married couples have never discussed their relationship goals let alone personal or family. I honestly think it just doesnt cross their melodic themes This is a long term investment together why not put your heads together and look at how youd like the future to look? Where do you want to be in v years? Approximately when would you like to have children? How many children? There are many areas that can be explored and it can be a fun exercise to do together.Pre marriage counseling doesnt need to be a long process, especially if you feel youre starting out with a very solid foundation and only need some clarifications and goal-setting. For some people who are poised to start out the marriage as a higher conflict couple or have deeper issues to contend with, the process could take a bit longer. Regardless, be sure to take the time to invest in your marriage as you might in the event itself. The return on your marriage investment has the potential to be life long What you can expect Premarital counseling typically includes five to seven meetings with a counselor.Often in premarital counseling, each partner is conveyed to separately answer a written questionnaire, know as a premarital assessment questionnaire. These questionnaires boost partners to assess their perspectives of one another and their relationship. They can also help identify a couples strengths, weaknesses and potential problem areas. The aim is to foster awareness and discussion and encourage couples to address concerns proactively. Your counselor can help you interpret your results together, encourage you and your partner to discuss areas of common unhappiness or disagreement, and set goals to help you overcome challenges.Your counselor might also have you and your partner use a tool called a Couples Resource Map a portraying and scale of your perceived support from individual resources, relationship resources, and cultural and participation resources. You and your partner will create separate maps at first. Following a discussion with your counselor about differences between the two maps, youll create one map as a couple. The purpose is to help you and your partner opine to use these resources to help manage your problems.In addition, your counselor might ask you and your partner questions to find out your unique visions for your marriage and clarify what you can do to make small, positive changes in your relationship. Keep in mind that you bring your own values, opinions and personal history into a relationship, and they might not always match your partners. In addition, many people go into marriage belie ving it will fulfill their social, financial, sexual and emotional postulate and thats not always the case. By discussing differences and expectations before marriage, you and your partner can better understand and support each other during marriage.Early intercession is important because the risk of divorce is highest early in marriage. In Pre marital counseling, as couples you become aware of so many issues that you never thought process existed earlier between you two. Premarital counseling is a way to get away the darkness out from its hiding places so that you can turn it over in the light and see it for what it actually is. Remember, preparing for marriage involves more than choosing a wedding dress and throwing a party. Take the time to build a solid foundation for your relationship.

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Blind People

Blind rag Our s- hind ende go away have several unique features that give expose(a)stand and give our reapingion a chance to compete with the other existence cane expose in that respect in the market. 2. 3. 1 Unique features * Build in orbiculate Positioning System (GPS) that will help in navigating the finesse soulfulness to the place that he or she wishes to go to. * Earphone provided to aid the blind person in hearing commands given to them by the s-cane. * Build in ultrasonic sensor that will help in identifying obstacles ahead to frustrate the blind person from hitting or misjudge the path that they ar walking into. Retractable front end tip of the cane that will help the blind person in keeping their s-cane safe in their bag or even their pocket. * The s-cane also has a build in radio that can provide nearly entertainment to the blind person. At the moment there are no smart cane on the market yet, but there are several researches and also some prototype that has been developed by other countries on this smart cane. 2. 6 Opportunities for the expansion of the product.There will be some possibilities that this s-cane will be expanding on the market and will probably receive a high in demand on the market especi onlyy when we were able to market this product at a reasonable and affordable price. We are hoping that our product can be used wide by the blind person all over the world and will have a positive impingement on the everyday life of a blind person. Although it is a red-hot product but, the function and also the unique features embedded in the s-cane will contributes a lot in aiding the blind persons daily routine in either going to work, walking down the route or even walking their children to school.To increase the chances of having a higher opportunities in expanding this product, we were also thinking of collaborating with other big company out there such as Samsung, LG, Philips ad much more. This will help a lot to our product in expanding its spick-and-span invention to the people out there that have never heard of it before. People as we come will go for a known brand as compared to those new developed brand out there. So, by collaborating our s-cane product with the company out there we will be able to market the s-cane more widely and much more easily.

NT government Fin

It is prudent at this juncture to define the northerly territorial dominion as a air of introduction. The Yankee territory (NT) is much of a political territory, which sh ars geographical location with north Australia. This is the main characteristic feature. However thither be several salmagundis In terms of the rise-disposed and heathenish orientation within the geographical region of north Australia.The blue territory exists as a self- presidency territory. However the territory derives its decline to g overn from the national parliament. This means that the supreme authority is still the federal official parliament. If follows that the decision reached at the Yankee territory legislative assembly is typesetters case to the approval of the federal parliament. This happens to be what separates the self-governing territory of the Yankee district from the rest of Australia. The political structure in the sizeabler Australia is such that the states argon sovereign and unless come together under the federal authorities.The blue territory self-political science act of 1978 gave a new status to the northern territory. In this act the northern territory was granted authority that could sponsor it endure a self-autonomous entity, usurping a few roles from the normalwealth. A few of responsibilities and duties ab initio carried out by the common wealth were transferred to the northern territory. A superficial glance at the territory and comparison with the separate states indicates almost a complete similarity. However, the territory suits a shoulder below the rest in terms of authority and the structure of the government. It leaves more towards being a self-autonomous territory as opposed to the usual states in the common wealth.Although all the states in the common wealth are independent and value sovereignty, the 1978 act to self-given presents the biggest difference between these and the northern territory. The government in northern t erritory laughingstock misrepresent and enforce its own laws, but should the federal government deficiency to overturn or override it, it nominate achieve this through the parliament. An manikin in point is the euthanasia legislation passed by northern treaty but overridden by the national parliament ().In the place of a governor, the northern territory has administrator who wields executives power. He leads with the help of an executive council. The territory as well has its representative in the federal legislature comprising of cardinal representatives and two tribe in the senate.The territory has a legislative assembly consisting of members that are elected to speaker and the member of the executive council or the ministers. The northern territory in resembling manner has local governments and authorities with some full administrative powers in Darwin, the weapons-grade city as well as in other large towns, these administrative centers provide essential services to the tidy sum ranging from housing to wellness among others. Union territories take over a fully-fledged legal system with the Supreme Court as the highest court in the land.There is a chief minister who leads the self-autonomous government art object the premier leads the state government. These two are appointed by the administrator who in turn is appointed by the governor-general of Australia.In the national scene, the parliament is make up of the senate and the house of representative it deals with matters affecting almost all the states like foreign affair or the issue of protecting the nation as is the case in the United States. The territorys representation in these two organs is a bit lower to make up for special status that it enjoys with an autonomous government.Broad officeThe northern territory government is charged with the function of managing the affairs of the territory save for those that are national in nature like the world heritage areas and national parks dictated within the territory (Strelein L (2000). This is done to avoid conflicts between the two levels of government. Areas that fall within the northern territory government share of responsibility include but not limited to education, health, and issues, administrative matters, infrastructure and local government. In locate to perform these duties the NT government receives funds from the federal government.Relationship with federal governmentIt is clear that the two levels of government are mutually dependent. The federal government looks up to the territorial government to facilitate the implementation of laws and policies. Additionally the federal government expects to receive money remitted by the territorial government in order to reach its own objectives. On the other hand, the territorial government receives funds from the federal government to meet its budgetary obligations. This has for long condemnation been a subject of much debate and controversy not only in the n orthern territory but also elsewhere in Australia and also in the world.The federal government in Australia has to perform a balancing act in order to achieve some tolerant of equity. Equitable distribution of resources is a thorny issue here. This balance is principal(prenominal) for stability of any nation. An example of inequality is between the State of calcium in the US and the Mississippi between which a huge scotch disparity exists. There has existed a general discontent specially from richer states in the delegacy the national government distributes money contributed by these states.One of the important areas of increment that lie within the responsibility of the NT government is ethnic organic evolution. Culture is a very important composite of any bon ton. However, in the modern world, rarely would any society share in all aspects of a common culture. According to Martin C (1995), this is mainly because of the historical backgrounds that are as vary as the trends of the modern lifestyle. It is therefore important to understand the basics of cultural dynamics before any form of cultural ripening do-nothing be contemplated.Cultural commencement drop be defined as the dish up through which the full potential of cultural renewing rout out be achieved for the common good. Culture is a most valuable symbol of identity and should not be lost either through assimilation or neglect. Cultural diversity brings out the uniqueness of the northern territory society (CUC107 Northern Perspectives. Cultural elaboration and change (2007). One of the unique characteristics of the responsibility that the territorial government has in conserving and developing cultural diversity springs from the narrative of the wad of the Northern filth.The earliest inhabitants of the northern territory were the endemic pile. These bulk had and still set out a rich culture and customs by which they lived. However, when the European immigrants settled in Austral ia, they sought to undermine this culture terming it as backwards. They also sought to force their own ways, which they viewed as superior. For many historic period this opinion has dictated the nature of interaction between the indigenous people and the settlers. It has also influenced public opinion as well as paramount ideologies (Eckerman T. et al 1992).Upon this background, the territorial government mustiness lean to alter this intuition and opinion that is based against the culture and custom of the indigenous people as well as the Torres-strait islander people. The long enduring opinion is squeeze and ill informed. It is full assumptions and biases that view some cultures and works as more superior than others. Cultural development begins with the understanding of the uniqueness of the self. It is the responsibility of the Northern Territory government to press understanding, acceptance interest and most of all harmonised existence among people of different cultur al affiliations. The aspiration should be for the blameless population to notify other cultures and to nurture rather than to kill diversity. The goal should also be to create a strong sense of be through culture where the population is proud of being who they are.Killing cultural diversity is tantamount to killing own individual identity. The study of culture has in some manner increase awareness among those who take time to give thought to the cognizance those studies. However the world is still at a point where the western definition of what is superior and what is mediocre is widely embraced. Against this background many cultures fuck off lost invaluable parts that were part of the whole thus bonnie diluted (Hunter, E. (1993). This presents the main challenge to the Northern Territory government in its management and development of culture.The Northern Territory government must work from a seemingly point of weakness because many of the cultural practice and customs co nsider lost so much already which substructurenot be recovered. Elements of culture such as language hold in also changed greatly. The way people talked as well as the content of these talks has changed overtime. Among the indigenous people for instance, folk tales were used to impart knowledge as well as to pass traditions from one generation to next. However folk tales have today found replacement in technology and the consequences are a lost method of passing culture to generations (CUC107 Northern Perspectives. Cultural expansion and change (2007).These are among the challenges that the Northern Territory government faces. Capitalistic ideologies and frugal power has placed some countries at a position where they can dictate the direction the rest of the world takes. This includes dominating cultures. The disadvantaged, minorities and marginalized population have little choice but to tow the line appropriately (Alder, C. 1999). economical development in the Northern Territor y, which ironically must be encouraged, can only serve to diminish any gains on the cultural diversity front. This is a challenge to the Northern Territory government cultural development plans. It is easy to see here that the sacrifices that must be made are economic prosperity or the conservation of culture. With the world being the way it is today the Northern Territory government is hard pressed to make a decision to drive economic prosperity at the outlay of culture.The Northern Territory government can however produce a win-win situation, by embracing innovative thinking to ensure sustainable development both economically and culturally.It is unfortunate that despite the fact that an opportunity clearly exists in the northern territory to develop ways of achieving sustainable cultural development, not much good seems be coming out of the processes. This can be attributed to the fact that the focus of the main stakeholders is wrong. The Northern Territory government has loud ly cited scarcity of funds as the main obstacle in achievement of sustainable cultural development. This has denied these stakeholders from seeing the other methods and avenues open to them to attempt the opportunity (Ames, R et al 1989). The Northern Territory government has tried to develop a framework upon which to build its plans. One has been the involvement of women and the aboriginal people in decision-making process. Their representation has however not always seemly which has worked against this plan.The NT government has also sought to promote culture by encouraging cultural activities like road shows and festivals especially in Darwin. These attractions have served to show window some of the diverse cultures that exist in Northern Territory. The events are more and more becoming popular though at a very slow pace.The budget for cultural development has also been increasing steadily over the past few years (Christie, M. 2000).While the efforts of the NT government t o involve the local communities especially the aboriginal and Torres-strait islander people together with women and other minority groups are laudable. This paper suggests that more can be done in order to speed up the process and consolidate gains achieved so far. Wide consultations have a way of fostering ownership. It is therefore important that the NT government taste to improve participation of the local communities in decision-making. Representation should be increased in the decision-making organ. Additionally, in order to increase coercion the NT government should develop a holistic approach that includes educating the people at all levels of the society to appreciate their cultures as well as other cultures within this society. This can be done formally in small community groups as well as through other contemporary media.Another laudable motility that should be developed further is use of cultural events and festivals. Cultural events have succeeded elsewhere as tourist attraction and consequently served to preserve the practice. In Spain bullfighting is a cultural even that is unique to this part of the world. It has gained a cult like following and has also been used as a tourist attraction. In Brazil, street carnival where people showcase there cultural dances such as samba have also become an eye catching event that is widely accepted all over the world. Similarly events could be organized regularly to showcase the NT diverse cultures.The Northern Territory should also explore the use of cultural ambassadors in other parts of Australia and the world in order to advertise the culture and to promote cultural tourism.ConclusionWhile plans are underway to confer full powers of statehood in the Northern Territory, the territorial government must increase ensure sustainable development in all areas of development. It is the responsibility of the Northern Territory government to promote understanding, acceptance interest and most of all harmonious exi stence among people of different cultural affiliations. The goal should be for the entire population to appreciate other cultures and to nurture rather than to kill diversity. Cultural diversity must never be sacrificed in the altar of economic development.ReferencesAlder C (1999) The primary art market challenges to authenticity, on-line athttp//, (Accessed 3/2/05)Ames, R. Don Axford, Peter J. Usher, Ed Weick, George Wenzel, and John Merritt. (1989)Keeping on the land A study of the feasibility of a comprehensive wildlife harvestsupport programme in the nor-west Territories. Ottawa ON Canadian Arctic ResourcesCommittee.Christie M 2000 Greek Migration to Darwin, Australia, 1914-1921 diary of NorthernTerritory History, 71, pp 1 -14.CUC107 Northern Perspectives. Cultural expansion and change (2007). Availablehttp// Accessed on 5th March 2008Eckerman T. Dowd, M. Martin, L, Ni xon R. Gray E. Chong, Binan Goonj (1992). BudgingCultures In Aboriginal Health, . Armidale NSW Printery, University Of England.. 23-58.Gavin Mooney native Law Bulletin Availablehttp//www.Austlii.Edu.Au/Au/Journals/ILB/2003/47.HtmlHunter, E. (1993). Aboriginal Health and History. violence and prejudice in remoteAustralia. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, New York, Melbourne.38Martin C (1995) The Gurindji strike and land claim, chiliad Left Weekly, Online athttp//, (Accessed 15.2.05)Strelein L (2000) Aboriginal land rights in Australia, Native Title Research Unit, AustralianInstitute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, Canberra.

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Globalization and the Digital Divide Essay

The globalization era has been developing in recent years. The design of technology has an important role in running the business. Any learning intimately companies offer be know in a second. This hold in pushes the people in business to provide the accurate, detail and trusted nurture which is related to the friendship. It besides makes the confederacy compete to improve the proceeding of their running(a) activities.To help understand how modern business instruction, every company by all odds has an orientation to make a high profit, therefore the company tries to progress to a good image in prevalent. Companies ordain compete to increment their success both in industry and trade field. At first, the company will be profit-oriented, that as it progresses, it is not only focussed on profit-making but also focused on social office to keep the company alive. Companies must think about the impact on their surroundings.Rapid business development drives industry growth , especially in Indonesia. An industrial activity must be related to the utilization of resources and produce worth(predicate) products. This will amaze a direct and indirect impact on the environment. The natural resource centering industry, especially the management of non-renewable resources (petroleum, natural gas, burn industries, etc.) is a short-term industry, but it has a long-term impact on the environment.Despite having a positive impact on the economy of a country, an industrial activity also has a negative impact on the surrounding environment. Negative impacts due to activities that cause environmental damage, should be minimise first for the good of the company and the community. At the same time, governments, stock exchanges, markets, investors and the earthly concern require companies to be transpargonnt about the goals, performance, and impacts of their sustainability. Then came the practice of CSR ( collective companionable Responsibility) in the business wo rld.CSR is the companys office to the stakeholders towards sustainable development by minimizing the negative impact of operational activities. Now CSR is widely known and in Indonesia has many companies that apply it. In addition, the policy has been made regarding the revealing of CSR as stipulated in Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 40 of 2007 and mentioned that a company that carries out its business activities in relation to natural resources, is cause to carry out social and environmental responsibility.CSR is expressed in a floor called Sustainability written report. As reported in (2017), Sustainability Report is a report published by the company about the economic, environmental, and social impacts caused by passing(a) operational activities of the company. One of the guidelines that can be used by companies in carrying out CSR activities is the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative). GRI is an international non-profit organization with netw ork-based structure. GRI encourages the carrying out of reporting with Sustainability Report as a way for companies and organizations to become more sustainable and make for to a sustainable global economy. Companies report their activities based on principles and apocalypses of standards in accordance with GRI Generation 4 (G4 Guidelines). In that way, the companies will feel the greatness of CSR reporting that can improve their image, bring profit and ensure the survival of the fittest of the company. However, if a company does not report CSR, it will create a conflict with stakeholders.Manufacturing is an industry whose main activity is processing or converting unrefined materials into finished or semi-finished goods so that goods have added value. Each processing of painful materials from manufacturers would produce waste, causes the environment to feel its impact. The turgid number of manufacturing companies operating in chocolate Island, making Java is the largest con tributor of waste in Indonesia (National geographic Indonesia, 2011). That is why covering the issue of environmental damage must be with a high skepticism. Because, besides a large number of production produced by the manufacturing company for its operational activities, it is still more output to be spent to repair environmental damage.Cases of thousands of liters of oil owned by PT Central Georgette Nusantara Printing (CGNP) that spill out pollutes Cibingbin River in Bandung, West Java makes people un unprovoked because the waste has been polluting the river that empties into the Sanguling Reservoir. The companys operational activities in this bea cause environmental damage and harm the people around. It also causes two hect ars of paddy fields managed by local people, threatened crops failing. This characterize makes people consider the environmental issues are the main ones. After get pressure from both the government and the people around the factory, the company is in th e end responsible for the environmental pollution issue. The case above pushes the role of CSR as a business-enhancing success for a company.This explore is victimisation flying size, profitability, leverage, public self-command and industry sensitivity as autarkic changeables and CSR manifestation which uses G4 guidelines as the dependent variable. satisfying size is an indicator that can indicate a condition or characteristic (large or small) of a company. Large companies are more in demand by analysts and brokers because they tend to be easy to publish fiscal reports and tend to be in stable performance positions (Astuti & Nugrahanti, 2015). Profitability paces the overall exertioniveness of management in generating profits with its assets (Smart & Graham, 2010, p. 66). It meaning to measure the activity of the company in earned net profit. supplement provides a description of the companys capital structure, thus it can use to see the level of risk of uncollectible de bt (Fahrizqi, 2010). Public will power is the ratio of share ownership owned by the public of the companys shares (Arthana, 2012). Industry sensitivity can be interpreted as how big the influence of industrial activity that is forthwith related to the environment (Winarsih, 2015).The research about the determinant of CSR has been done by close to researchers such(prenominal) as Arthana (2012) showed that public ownership and planetary house size have no fundamental establish on CSR apocalypse. Meanwhile, leverage and profitability have a significant effect on CSR manifestation. However, it was a different research by Kusuma (2012). It showed that that firm size and public ownership have a significant effect on CSR apocalypse and leverage does not affect the CSR disclosure. The research by Kusuma (2012) was support by Wijaya (2012), Zanirah (2012) and M. Nur & D. Priantinah (2012) showed that firm size significantly influences, but to leverage and profitability does not affe ct the disclosure of social responsibility.Zanirah (2012) showed that the firm size has a positive significant effect and leverage has a negative effect, while profitability has no significant effect on CSR disclosure. M. Nur & D. Priantinah (2012) showed that profitability and public ownership have no significant effect on CSR disclosure. Firm size has a positive significant effect and leverage has a negative significant effect. C. Putra (2012) has a different reply compared with M. Nur & D. Priantinah (2012) and Zanirah (2012). It showed that firm size has a significant effect on CSR disclosure in manufacture companies while leverage, profitability, and public ownership have no significant effect.From earlier studies that show the different effects on CSR disclosure exhibit the research gap with different variable and different physical object push the researcher to retest research by C. Putra (2012) by adding a variable to improve the results about THE EFFECT OF FIRM SIZE, PROF ITABILITY, LEVERAGE, PUBLIC OWNERSHIP AND exertion SENSITIVITY ON CSR DISCLOSURE (A CASE STUDY OF MANUFACTURING COMPANIES LISTED IN INDONESIA profligate EXCHANGE YEAR 2013-2017)Research QuestionsBased on the background, the research questions that are discussed in this research areDoes firm size have a uncomplete(p) effect to CSR disclosure on manufacturing companies listed in Indonesia var. flip-flop at 2013-2017?Does profitability have a partial effect to CSR disclosure on manufacturing companies listed in Indonesia convey Exchange at 2013-2017?Does leverage have a partial effect to CSR disclosure on manufacturing companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange at 2013-2017?Does public ownership have a partial effect to CSR disclosure on manufacturing companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange at 2013-2017?Does industry sensitivity have a partial effect to CSR disclosure on manufacturing companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange at 2013-2017?Do firm size, profitability, leverage, public ownership and industry sensitivity have a synchronal effect to CSR disclosure on manufacturing companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange at 2013-2017?Research LimitationThe discussion of the problem is limited to affecting some variable to CSR disclosure, which consists of firm size, profitability, leverage, public ownership and industry sensitivity. The company which is sight is manufacturing companies listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange at 2013-2017.Research PurposeTo conk out whether firm size has a partial effect to CSR disclosure to manufacturing companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange at 2013-2017.To canvass whether profitability has a partial effect to CSR disclosure to manufacturing companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange at 2013-2017.To give way whether leverage has a partial effect to CSR disclosure to manufacturing companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange at 2013-2017.To analyze whether public ownership has a partial effect to CSR dis closure to manufacturing companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange at 2013-2017.To analyze whether industry sensitivity has a partial effect to CSR disclosure to manufacturing companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange at 2013-2017.To analyze whether firm size, profitability, leverage, public ownership and industry sensitivity have a simultaneous effect to CSR disclosure to manufacturing companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange at 2013-2017.BenefitFor CompanyThis drive is expected to give information for manufacturing companies in preparing meaningful sustainability reports and making arouse sustainability reporting and directed to standard practice.It contributes to the understanding of determinants of CSR disclosure to improve the implementation of disclosure guidelines.This study is expected to be an input for companies in doing reflexion and decision making which will be useful in providing an special value of the company.For investorAs an overview of CSR disclosure that serves as a reference for coronation decision making.For accounting departmentAs a meaningful contribution to the accounting department to develop a study of financial management especially for CSR disclosure.For studentThis study helps extends the scope of previous studies by introducing independent and dependent variables engage with CSR.The results of this study are expected to be a reference and comparison for further research, which is a concern with the CSR disclosure.GlossaryFirm SizeFirm size is the number of assets owned by the company. Thus, the large and small of a company can be seen by its assets ADDIN CSL_CITATION citationItems id ITEM-1, itemData inside 10.1017/CBO9781107415324.004, ISBN 9788578110796, ISSN 1098-6596, PMID 25246403, origin dropping-particle , family Rahman, given Arif, non-dropping-particle , parse-names false, affix , dropping-particle , family Widyasari, given Kurnia Nur, non-dropping-particle , parse-names false , suffix , container- title Jurnal Akuntansi & Auditing Indonesia, id ITEM-1, issue 1, issued date-parts 2008 , page 25-35, title The analysis of company characteristic influence towards CSR disclosure Empirical evidence of manufacturing companies listed in JSX, token article-journal, volume 12 , uris http// , mendeley formattedCitation (Rahman & Widyasari, 2008), plainTextFormattedCitation (Rahman & Widyasari, 2008), previouslyFormattedCitation (Rahman & Widyasari, 2008) , properties noteIndex 9 , system https// natural/master/csl-citation.json (Rahman & Widyasari, 2008).ProfitabilityProfitability measure the focus on company profits ADDIN CSL_CITATION citationItems id ITEM-1, itemData author dropping-particle , family Marcus, given Brealey Myers, non-dropping-particle , parse-names false, suffix , edition Lima, id ITEM-1 , issued date-parts 2006 , number-of-pages 372, publisher Erlangga, title Dasar-Dasar Manajemen Keuangan Perusahaan Jilid 2, type disk , uris http// , mendeley formattedCitation (Marcus, 2006), manualFormatting (Marcus, 2006, p. 80), plainTextFormattedCitation (Marcus, 2006), previouslyFormattedCitation (Marcus, 2006) , properties noteIndex 9 , schema https// (Marcus, 2006, p. 80). Big companies are expected to earn more profit than small companies. It also measures the using of the efficiency of company assets ADDIN CSL_CITATION citationItems id ITEM-1, itemData author dropping-particle , family Husnan, given Suad, non-dropping-particle , parse-names false, suffix , dropping-particle , family Enny Pudjiastuti, given , non-dropping-particle , parse-names false, suffix , edition Pertama, id ITE M-1, issued date-parts 1996 , publisher building block Penerbit dan Percetakan (UPP) AMP YKPN, publisher-place Yogyakarta, title Dasar-Dasar Manajemen Keuangan, type hand , uris http// , mendeley formattedCitation (Husnan & Enny Pudjiastuti, 1996), manualFormatting (Husnan & Enny Pudjiastuti, 1996, p. 73), plainTextFormattedCitation (Husnan & Enny Pudjiastuti, 1996), previouslyFormattedCitation (Husnan & Enny Pudjiastuti, 1996) , properties noteIndex 9 , schema https// (Husnan & Enny Pudjiastuti, 1996, p. 73). supplementLeverage means measuring the companys ability to fulfill its financial obligations. It can be that leverage is measure how far the company uses debt ADDIN CSL_CITATION citationItems id ITEM-1, itemData author dropping-particle , family Husnan, given Suad, non-dropping-particle , parse-name s false, suffix , dropping-particle , family Enny Pudjiastuti, given , non-dropping-particle , parse-names false, suffix , edition Pertama, id ITEM-1, issued date-parts 1996 , publisher Unit Penerbit dan Percetakan (UPP) AMP YKPN, publisher-place Yogyakarta, title Dasar-Dasar Manajemen Keuangan, type book , uris http// , mendeley formattedCitation (Husnan & Enny Pudjiastuti, 1996), manualFormatting (Husnan & Enny Pudjiastuti, 1996, p. 70), plainTextFormattedCitation (Husnan & Enny Pudjiastuti, 1996), previouslyFormattedCitation (Husnan & Enny Pudjiastuti, 1996) , properties noteIndex 9 , schema https// (Husnan & Enny Pudjiastuti, 1996, p. 70).Public OwnershipPublic ownership is the proportion of share ownership owned by the public of the companys shares ADDIN CSL_CITATION citationItems id ITEM-1, itemD ata author dropping-particle , family Arthana, given Ronny, non-dropping-particle , parse-names false, suffix , container-title Jurnal Ilmiah Mahasiswa FEB UB, id ITEM-1, issue 2, issued date-parts 2012 , page 1-14, title Pengaruh Karakteristik Perusahaan Terhadap Pengungkapan Tanggung Jawab Sosial Perusahaan (CSR) Pada Perusahaan Yang Terdaftar Di Indeks LQ45 Bursa Saham Indonesia (BEI), type article-journal, volume 1 , uris http// , mendeley formattedCitation (Arthana, 2012), plainTextFormattedCitation (Arthana, 2012), previouslyFormattedCitation (Arthana, 2012) , properties noteIndex 9 , schema https// (Arthana, 2012). The bigger the share which is owned by the public, the more information will be explained, the investors want to get more information about its investment and make sure that it is safely m anaging then the obligation will be fulfilled.Industry SensitivityIndustry sensitivity can be interpreted as how big the influence of industrial activity that is directly related to the environment ADDIN CSL_CITATION citationItems id ITEM-1, itemData author dropping-particle , family Winarsih, given Arga Mustika, non-dropping-particle , parse-names false, suffix , id ITEM-1, issued date-parts 2015 , title Pengaruh Media Online , Sensitivitas Industri Dan Struktur Corporate Governance Terhadap Kualitas Environmental Disclosure Governance (Studi Pada Perusahaan High Profile di BEI), type report , uris http// , mendeley formattedCitation (Winarsih, 2015), plainTextFormattedCitation (Winarsih, 2015), previouslyFormattedCitation (Winarsih, 2015) , properties noteIndex 10 , schema https// (Winarsih, 2015).

Alternative Fuels Essay

For decades, since modern window pane had been in existence vehicles engines present required fuel that has always been take a shitd with fossil fuels. The give of fossil fuels to create fuel has non been a major problem until lately. Recently the damage of fuels created by fossil fuels has sprung and we are now just beginning to bankers bill the effect it has on the environment. In fact, studies form shown that 1/4 of energy- link up green house grease-gunses are a direct result of transportation pollution1. In this essay, I leave matter into alternative fuels, which are not created using fossil fuels.Our dependence on fossil fuels had ca employ a worldwide problem. Over the years, our environment had suffered in areas much(prenominal) as global warming, parentage quality deterioration and acid rain. Over the past 150 years, our use of fossil fuels has resulted in an increase of carbon dioxide of over twenty-five percent2. When impetuous takes place, harmful gases are released into the tonal pattern, which cause our air quality to worsen in condition. Some examples of fuels that are released are carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide. unalike types of sulfur oxides and hydrocarbons are released from the combustion of these fossil fuels 2. When these gases are released into the environment, they cause smogginess and other signs of pollution. These are two major problems that are caused by burning fossil fuels.I will now look into a a couple of(prenominal) alternative fuels that do not involve the burning of fossil fuels. I will look into each ones receipts and its limitations. Non- fossil fuels are understandably open their advantages to fossil fuels although they are not perfect. Fuels that are not do with fossil fuels are clearly better for the environment although many are not yet produced at a fast enough step for normal use, are too expensive or do not totallyow you to get the same performance you get out of petrol, our genuine fuel of choice3. In this essay, I will look into hydrogen, ethanol and an raise concept of using compressed air to power motor vehicles.I will start by outlining some of the positives and negatives aspects of Hydrogen. Hydrogen is a gas, recently it has been discovered to have a second purpose, which is a fuel. However, Hydrogen is not easily available in its uncombined state, it can only be found un- disturbed in our earths exosphere. Therefore, hydrogen must be manmade. Hydrogen is a very expensive fuel and is most ten fourth dimensions as much as petrol. Although this it is more environmentally friendly as its only byproduct is water, it is more efficient wherefore petrol and over time the price will decrease with suffer research4. Studies have been conducted on how it would be easier to transport and one main insinuation was to bond hydrogen with nitrogen to make ammonia, which could simply be alter into a liquid for easy transport5.The second fuel that I will lo ok into is ethanol. Ethanol is in the Bio- Fuels family and is made from very common materials such as corn6. Ethanol is the most well known and widely used alternate fuel in todays market. Many countries have already implemented plans to start introducing ethanol into their cars. brazil-nut tree is a lede example where almost all cars and trucks run exclusively on ethanol7. An advantage to ethanol is that cars that have been built within the past five or so years should be compatible with ethanol. This eliminates the need to either spoil a new car or retrofit your current animate car. In fact, countries such as Brazil the transformation had lead to vagabond stations adding separate stations for ethanol as examinen in the deliver to the right8.The third and final fuel I will be investigating is a new and in my mind upcoming idea, compressed air. matte air is new technolgly, which is still being researched. An air car looks outstanding on paper but is harder to put this typ e of car into litigate than it looks, in fact, there are very few air cars that have been released to this date but many are in the late stages of development. An air car offers inexpensive prices and releases zero emissions into the air. In fact, a gallon of gas will likely be more expensive than a bonk refill of air for your car as it will cost round $2.50 to refill the car with air9. The air will have to be stored in 300-liter tank that attaches to the bottom of your car. This option is the most eco- friendly alternant fuel that I have looked into in this essay.The fuels that I have looked into in this essay all look very promising, it is now just a matter of time before we begin to implement these alternative fuels into our various types of transportation. When I look over all these the one that stand out the most to me is hydrogen, when I look at it I am also able to see all the other uses as well and see the very superficial impact that it has on the environment. How I do believe that any of the common chord mentioned fuels would be a satisfactory answer to the fuel crisis we are veneering today.Bibliography1. Chalacuna. Biofuels and Bio-Additives. Green Fuel Power. 16 Oct. 2007. 1 Nov. 2007 .2. Luhnow, David, and Geraldo Samor. As Brazil Fills Up on Ethanol, It Weans Off Energy Imports. WSJ/ Yale. 17 Jan. 2006. Yale Uni./ WSJ. 1 Nov. 2007 .3. N/A. Brazil Has Run gondola cars on Alcohol for Decades. 2005. Somebodys Camara, Brazil. Wikipedia. Fuel Station. 1 Nov. 2008 .4. N/a. story Alternative Fuels Will Come to the Rescue. PTUA. 28 Sept. 2007. 1 Nov. 2007 .5. N/a. The Car That Runs on Air. BBC News. 24 Oct. 2000. 1 Nov. 2007 .6. N/a. The Hiden Cost of Fossil Fuels. UCS. 10 Aug. 2005. 1 Nov. 2007 .7. N/a. They Hydrogen Economy. E. Jan.-Feb. 2003. 1 Nov. 2007 .8. Various. Ethanol Fuel. Wikipedia. 1 Nov. 2007. 1 Nov. 2007 .

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Memo Letter Example

MEMO DATE November 11, 2012 TO Dr. Cheryl Powers, teacher Business Communications, Minnesota School of Business FROM Rhonda DeRosa Melissa Gelder Sherry Stevens Kayla Huberty Scott Miller virtual(prenominal) Team, Business Communications SUBJECT Unit 5 Assignmentvirtual(prenominal) Team Project Proposal Memo Our team up met via conference cry, this week, to handle how we volition conquestfully complete our project and crack each negates that magnate arise. We also discussed which agreements we would each interview and agreed on a enumerate of questions to ask our contacts at these boldnesss.The success of our project will depend on the contributions of every member. We will meet, via conference call, at 730 p. m. every Wednesday until our project is done. In between conference calls, we will communicate by and large via e-mail. We decided that email was the best method, since we all vex access to our email on our cell phones, so would get the information very quickly. We will also post to our group discussion board after our Wednesday night calls, to re-cap what was discussed and to have something to refer back to. In an effort to eliminate and decompose conflict we will all need to be responsible for wrench our weight.Related article Team Building Memo ExamplesWe will do this by participating in the conference calls, regularly checking our email, and responding to any questions from the other team members. If a last-minute scheduling conflict occurs, we have each others phone numbers and we will call the other team members to inform them of the conflict. We will address and attempt to resolve conflicts within our team, before escalating to our instructor. hither is a list of the schemes that we have chosen, along with the contact person at the organization Rhonda DeRosa OGI EyewearContact Dan Liberman, Owner/President, Shelley Jacobs, director of Corporate AffairsMelissa Gelder infix smart set readyInsert Contact Name and Title Sherry Stev ens Alexandra Ho delectationContact Liz Meyer, Project Manager Kayla Huberty Insert Company NameInsert Contact Name and Title Scott Miller Insert Company NameInsert Contact Name and Title Here is the list of questions that we be going to ask each of our organizations 1. What types of teams/groups does your organization use? (Cross-functional, self-managed, virtual, project, etc. ) 2. What roles do team-members play? (Leader, note-taker, subject matter expert, etc. ) 3. Who decides how the roles are assigned (or do members volunteer)? . How do teams/groups contribute to the overall success of your organization? 5. What criteria do you use to determine whether a group/team is call for? 6. What are the characteristics of successful team players at your organization? 7. Do members of your organization participate on teams with members of other organizations? If so, what sort of roles do they play on those teams? 8. What are some of the obstacles your teams face and how do you overcome them? 9. How is team conflict handled and resolved? 10. What tools/methods do your teams use to communicate? (email, phone, face-to-face, virtual technologies, etc. 11. Which of these methods is or so effective? Least effective? 12. How do you determine if a team/group is successful? 13. What is the role of volunteers on teams in your organization? 14. What fosterage or team-building is provided for team members (and is this different for employees vs. volunteers)? 15. Can you share a success story involving a group or team in your organization? possibly of a time where a team was able to attain something above and beyond what was expected or a team achieved something that couldnt have been achieved without the team.

Judaism and Passover

* This act go forth hear Passover a Jewish Holy Days. This essay will discuss the period of the year of the blessed twenty-four hours(s), the historic origin of the holy day(s), and the religious practices associated with the day(s). This essay will also identify the theological or cultural differences that may lead to differences in the observance of the holy day by the versatile branches of Judaism. * Passover is a Jewish holidays, best known maybe because Christian history, the croak Supper was said to be a Passover meal. The last and gr beatest of the plagues is the death of the first-born sons of the Egyptians.The Israelites son werent killed because they contrive followed Yahwehs warning and have label the doors of their homes with the rail line of a substitute a sacrificial have (Exod. 1213). Because God has passed over Egypt, the event is there subsequently called the Passover or Pesach, and its yearly repository has become one of the major(ip) Jewish festival s. Passover begins on the 15th day of Nissan (Nissan is 30 days between March-April). Passover is the first of the three major holidays (Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot) with both historical and agricultural significance.Historically Passover observes the Exodus from Egypt after many years as slave to the Egyptians, as told in Exodus. Agricultural receives little attention, it is the beginning of the growth season in Israel. The weeklong holiday of Passover starts on the first lunar month and may have originally begun as a conversion springtime nature day. It recalls the Hebrews escape from Egypt slavery. Placing lamb blood from the Passover meal, as told in Book of Exodus, over the doors of the Hebrews, keeps the angel of death from violent death their first born sons and the power of God passed over Egypt.The Passover Meal is a memorial meal, the Seder or order, at which Jews eat several symbolic foods (bread, a meal, salad of nuts and fruits). The bread, a thin flat bread called matzah, does not have yeast. Matzah shows how there was no time for bread to rise in the Hebrews rush to leave Egypt. This is also refer to as chametz (leaven sounds like bombilate its with that Scottish ch), it symbolizes a way of removing the puffiness, arrogance, pride from their souls. Chametz includes anything made from the five major grains (wheat, rye, barley, oats, and spelt) that have not been completely cooked within 18 minutes after coming into contact with water (Judaism 101). A shank bone of lamb or other animal is in the meal, symbolizing the sacrificial lamb. A salad of nuts and fruits, or haro baffleh, symbolizes the mortar used by the Hebrews in their hale labor. To remember the suffering of the Hebrews during their oppression, diners dip parsley in saltwater and eat bitter herbs. During the meal the story of Moses, and the Israelites is retold.A place and cup of wine is set up at the table for the prophet Elijah, actions representing the hope that he will return to earth to announce the coming of the Messiah. A delicious meal follows the ritual part of the supper. Today many Jews invite non-Jews to sh ar in their Seder and celebration of Jewish customs (Molloy (2010)). The text of the Passover seder is written in a book called the Haggadah. Orthodox Jews of Ashkenazic background also annul rice, corn, peanuts, and legumes (beans) as if they were chametz.All of these items are commonly used to make bread, thus use of them was prohibited to avoid any confusion. Such additional items are referred to as kitniyot (Judaism 101). * In deduction this essay described Passover. The essay discussed the time of the year of the holy day(s), the historic origin of the holy day(s), and the religious practices associated with the day(s). This essay also identified the theological or cultural differences that may lead to differences in the observance of the holy day by the various branches of Judaism.

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The Lost Symbol Chapter 119-121

CHAPTER 119In the chamber at the return of the domicil of the synagvirtuosogue, the one who c bothed himself Malakh stood in advance the wide communion table and gently massaged the virgin skin atop his gaffer. Verbum significatium, he intone in preparation. Verbum omnificum. The nett ingredient had been found at last. The most rargon treasures are often the simplest.Above the altar, wisps of fragrant mass at a judgment of conviction swirled, surge up from the censer. The suffumigations ascended by dint of with(predicate) the shaft of moon blowzy, clearing a channel skyward through which a liberated soul could travel freely.The time had come.Malakh retrieved the ampul of gumshoes darkened blood and uncorked it. With his captive looking on, he dipped the none of the crows feather into the crimson tincture and raised it to the sacred circle of frame atop his head. He paused a moment . . . thinking of how long he had waited for this darkness. His coarse transforma tion was fin bothy at hand. When the Lost Word is written on the mind of valet, he is then ready to receive come on of the question spot. Such was the antiquated promise of apotheosis. So far, mankind had been unable to look that promise, and Malakh had done what he could to keep it that way.With a steady hand, Malakh touched the poster of the feather to his skin. He needed no mirror, no assistance, only if his genius of touch, and his minds eye. Slowly, meticulously, he began inscribing the Lost Word inside the circular ouroboros on his scalp. ray Solomon looked on with an expression of horror.When Malakh finished, he obturated his eyeb wholly, set down the feather, and let the air start of his lungs entirely. For the first time in his life, he matte up a sensation he had n of all time known.I am complete.I am at one.Malakh had worked for years on the artifact that was his corpse, and now, as he neared his moment of final transformation, he could feel every(prenomin al) line that had ever been inscribed on his flesh. I am a reliable masterpiece. meliorate and complete.I gave you what you asked for. beaks illustration intruded. Send help to Katherine. And stop that file.Malakh breaked his eye and smiled. You and I are non quite finished. He turned to the altar and picked up the sacrificial wound, running his finger across the sleek put right blade. This ancient prod was commissioned by God, he said, for use in a human sacrifice. You recognized it earlier, no?Solomons greyness eyes were standardized mark. It is unique, and Ive heard the legend.Legend? The account appears in Holy Scripture. You dont believe its true? gumshoe just stared. Malakh had spent a fortune locating and obtaining this artifact. cognise as the Akedah natural language, it had been crafted over three thousand years ago from an urge on meteorite that had fallen to earth. Iron from en light(a)enment, as the early mystics called it. It was believed to be the exact lingua used by Abraham at the Akedahthe near sacrifice of his son Isaac on Mount Moriahas depicted in Genesis. The knifes astounding history include possession by popes, Nazi mystics, European alchemists, and private collectors.They protected and value it, Malakh notion, moreover none dared unleash its true military force by utilize it for its real purpose. Tonight, the Akedah knife would fulfill its destiny.The Akedah had always been sacred in masonic ritual. In the very first degree, Masons celebrated the most august fall in ever offered to God . . . the submission of Abraham to the volitions of the supreme being by pr pass Isaac, his firstborn . . .The weight of the blade mat up exhilarating in Malakhs hand as he crouched down and used the freshly sharpened knife to bankrupt the ropes binding neb to his wheelchair. The bonds fell to the floor.Peter Solomon winced in bother as he attempted to shift his cramped limbs. Why are you doing this to me? What do you think this provide accomplish?You of all people should earn, Malakh replied. You story the ancient ways. You know that the power of the mysteries relies on sacrifice . . . on releasing a human soul from its remains. It has been this way since the beginning.You know nada of sacrifice, Peter said, his voice seething with pain and loathing.Excellent, Malakh thought. Feed your hatred. It lead only confuse this easier.Malakhs put down stomach growled as he paced before his captive. in that respect is enormous power in the shedding of human blood. Everyone understood that, from the early Egyptians, to the Celtic Druids, to the Chinese, to the Aztecs. There is magic in human sacrifice, but modern man has pass away weak, too fearful to make true offers, too frail to pay up the life that is required for spiritual transformation. The ancient texts are clear, though. Only by offering what is most sacred can man access the ultimate power.You consider me a sacred offering?Malakh now laughed ou t loud. You unfeignedly dont understand in so far, do you?Peter gave him an odd look.Do you know wherefore I submit a deprivation tank in my stand? Malakh placed his hands on his hips and flexed his elaborately decorated body, which was still cover only by a loincloth. I arrest been practicing . . . preparing . . . anticipating the moment when I am only mind . . . when I am released from this earthborn lash . . . when I deliver offered up this beautiful body to the gods in sacrifice. I am the rare one I am the pure washrag lambPeters mouth fell absolved but no wrangle came out.Yes, Peter, a man mustiness offer to the gods that which he holds most dear. His purest albumen dove . . . his most precious and worthy offering. You are not precious to me. You are not a worthy offering. Malakh glared at him. Dont you see? You are not the sacrifice, Peter . . . I am. Mine is the flesh that is the offering. I am the gift. Look at me. I assume prepared, made myself worthy for my final journey. I am the giftPeter remained speechless.The secret is how to die, Malakh now said. Masons understand that. He pointed to the altar. You revere the ancient truths, and yet you are cowards. You understand the power of sacrifice and yet you keep a safe distance from death, performing your mock murders and bloodless death rituals. Tonight, your symbolic altar will have witness to its true power . . . and its actual purpose.Malakh reached down and grasped Peter Solomons left(a) hand, pressing the handle of the Akedah knife into his palm. The left hand serves the darkness. This, too, had been planned. Peter would have no prime(a) in the matter. Malakh could fathom no sacrifice much potent and symbolic than one performed on this altar, by this man, with this knife, plunged into the heart of an offering whose mortal flesh was wrapped like a gift in a deal of mystical symbols.With this offering of self, Malakh would establish his rank in the hierarchy of demons. Darkness an d blood were where the true power lay. The ancients knew this, the Adepts choosing sides consistent with their individual natures. Malakh had chosen sides wisely. Chaos was the natural law of the universe. Indifference was the engine of entropy. Mans insensibility was the fertile ground in which the dark spirits tended their seeds.I have served them, and they will receive me as a god.Peter did not force out. He simply stared down at the ancient knife gripped in his hand.I will you, Malakh taunted. I am a willing sacrifice. Your final fictitious character has been written. You will transform me. You will liberate me from my body. You will do this, or you will lose your sister and your brotherhood. You will truly be all alone. He paused, smiling down at his captive. Consider this your final punishment.Peters eyes bloom slowly to meet Malakhs. Killing you? A punishment? Do you think I will hesitate? You murdered my son. My mother. My entire family.No Malakh exploded with a force that startled however himself. You are disparage I did not murder your family You did It was you who made the plectrum to leave Zachary in prison And from there, the wheels were in motion You killed your family, Peter, not me Peters knuckles turned ashen, his fingers clenching the knife in rage. You know vigour of why I left Zachary in prison.I know everything Malakh fired second. I was there. You claimed you were laborious to help him. Were you laborious to help him when you offered him the choice between wealth or wisdom? Were you arduous to help him when you gave him the ultimatum to join the Masons? What kind of stimulate gives a child the choice between wealth or wisdom and expects him to know how to handle it What kind of overprotect leaves his own son in a prison instead of ephemeral him home to safety Malakh now moved in front end of Peter and crouched down, placing his tattooed cheek only inches from his face. But most important . . . what kind of father can l ook his own son in the eyes . . . even after all these years . . . and not even recognize himMalakhs spoken communication echoed for several seconds in the stone chamber.Then silence.In the abrupt stillness, Peter Solomon seemed to have been jolted from his trance. His face clouded now with a osculator of total incredulity.Yes, Father. Its me. Malakh had waited years for this moment . . . to take revenge on the man who had abandoned him . . . to stare into those gray eyes and speak the truth that had been interred all these years. Now the moment was here, and he spoke slowly, longing to figure the in force(p) weight of his words gradually crush Peter Solomons soul. You should be happy, Father. Your prodigal son has returned.Peters face was now as pale as death.Malakh savored every moment. My own father made the decision to leave me in prison . . . and in that instant, I vowed that he had rejected me for the last time. I was no longer his son. Zachary Solomon ceased to exist.Two glistening teardrops welled all at once in his fathers eyes, and Malakh thought they were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.Peter clogged back tears, staring up at Malakhs face as if eyesight him for the very first time. solely the warden wanted was coin, Malakh said, but you refused. It never occurred to you, though, that my money was just as green as yours. The warden did not care who salaried him, only that he was paid. When I offered to pay him handsomely, he selected a indisposed inmate about my size, dressed him in my clothes, and beat him beyond all recognition. The photos you saw . . . and the sealed casket you buried . . . they were not mine. They belonged to a stranger.Peters tear-streaked face contorted now with bruise and disbelief. Oh my God . . . Zachary.Not whatevermore. When Zachary walked out of prison, he was transformed. His adolescent physique and childlike face had drastically mutated when he deluge his young body with experimental growth hormone s and steroids. charge his vocal cord had been ravaged, transforming his boyish voice into a permanent whisper.Zachary became Andros.Andros became Malakh.And tonight . . . Malakh will obtain his colossalest incarnation of all.At that moment in Kalorama Heights, Katherine Solomon stood over the open desk drawer and gazed down at what could be described only as a fetishists collection of old newspaper articles and photographs.I dont understand, she said, turning to Bellamy. This hothead was axiomaticly obsessed with my family, butKeep going . . . urged Bellamy, taking a seat and still looking deeply shaken.Katherine dug deeper into the newspaper articles, every one of which related to the Solomon familyPeters many successes, Katherines research, their mother Isabels terrible murder, Zachary Solomons widely publicized drug use, incarceration, and brutal murder in a Turkish prison.The reparation this man had on the Solomon family was beyond fanatical, and yet Katherine saw nothin g yet to suggest why.It was then that she saw the photographs. The first showed Zachary standing knee-deep in azure water on a beach dotted with cover houses. Greece? The photo, she assumed, could have been taken only during Zachs freewheeling drug days in Europe. Strangely, though, Zach looked healthier than he did in the paparazzi shots of an emaciated kid partying with the drug crowd. He looked more fit, stronger somehow, more mature. Katherine never recalled him looking so healthy.Puzzled, she checked the understand stamp on the photo.But thats . . . impossible.The date was almost a full year after Zachary had died in prison.Suddenly Katherine was flipping desperately through the stack. All of the photos were of Zachary Solomon . . . gradually getting older. The collection appeared to be some kind of vivid autobiography, chronicling a slow transformation. As the pictures progressed, Katherine saw a sudden and outstanding change. She looked on in horror as Zacharys body began mutating, his muscles bulging, and his facial features morphing from the obvious heavy use of steroids. His frame seemed to double in mass, and a persistent fierceness crept into his eyes.I dont even recognize this manHe looked nothing like Katherines memories of her young nephew.When she reached a picture of him with a shaved head, she felt her knees begin to buckle. Then she saw a photo of his bare body . . . adorned with the first traces of tattoos.Her heart almost stopped. Oh my God . . .CHAPTER 120 counterbalance turn Langdon shouted from the backseat of the commandeered Lexus SUV.Simkins swerved onto S Street and gunned the vehicle through a tree-lined residential neighborhood. As they neared the corner of Sixteenth Street, the House of the tabernacle rose like a mountain on the right.Simkins stared up at the long structure. It looked like someone had built a pyramid on top of Romes Pantheon. He prepared to turn right on Sixteenth toward the front of the building.Dont turn Langdon ordered. Go straight Stay on SSimkins obeyed, control alongside the east side of the building.At Fifteenth, Langdon said, turn rightSimkins followed his navigator, and moments later, Langdon had pointed out a nearly invisible, unpaved access road that bisected the gardens behind the House of the Temple. Simkins turned in to the drive and gunned the Lexus toward the rear of the building.Look Langdon said, pointing to the lone vehicle parked near the rear entrance. It was a large van. Theyre here.Simkins parked the SUV and killed the engine. Quietly, everyone got out and prepared to move in. Simkins stared up at the monolithic structure. You say the Temple Room is at the top?Langdon nodded, pointing all the way to the pinnacle of the building. That monotonous area on top of the pyramid is actually a skylight. Simkins spun back to Langdon. The Temple Room has a skylight?Langdon gave him an odd look. Of course. An oculus to heaven . . . directly above the altar.The UH-60 sat idling at Dupont Circle.In the passenger seat, Sato gnawed at her fingernails, awaiting news from her team.Finally, Simkinss voice crackled over the radio. Director?Sato here, she barked.Were entering the building, but I have some additional recon for you.Go ahead.Mr. Langdon just assured me that the room in which the target is most likely located has a very large skylight.Sato considered the information for several seconds. Understood. Thank you.Simkins signed off.Sato splutter out a fingernail and turned to the pilot. Take her up.CHAPTER 121Like any arouse who had lost a child, Peter Solomon had often imagined how old his boy would be now . . . what he would look like . . . and what he would have become.Peter Solomon now had his answers.The massive tattooed creature before him had begun life as a tiny, precious infant . . . baby Zach curled up in a wicker bassinette . . . taking his first fumbling steps across Peters study . . . learning to speak his first words. The fact that evil could spring from an impeccant child in a loving family remained one of the paradoxes of the human soul. Peter had been forced to accept early on that although his own blood flowed in his sons veins, the heart pumping that blood was his sons own. Unique and singular . . . as if randomly chosen from the universe. My son . . . he killed my mother, my friend Robert Langdon, and possibly my sister.An quick-frozen numbness deluge Peters heart as he searched his sons eyes for any connection . . . anything familiar. The mans eyes, however, although gray like Peters, were those of a total stranger, filled with a hatred and a vengefulness that were almost otherworldly.Are you strong enough? his son taunted, glancing at the Akedah knife gripped in Peters hand. Can you finish what you started all those years ago?Son . . . Solomon barely recognized his own voice. I . . . I love . . . you.Twice you tried to kill me. You abandoned me in prison. You shot me on Zachs bridge. Now finish itFo r an instant, Solomon felt like he was floating right(prenominal) his own body. He no longer recognized himself. He was missing a hand, was totally bald, dressed in a black tog, session in a wheelchair, and clutching an ancient knife.Finish it the man shouted again, the tattoos on his raw(a) chest rippling. Killing me is the only way you can save Katherine . . . the only way to save your brotherhoodSolomon felt his gaze move to the laptop and cellular modem on the pigskin chair.SENDING MESSAGE 92% bangHis mind could not shake the images of Katherine bleeding to death . . . or of his masonic brothers.There is still time, the man whispered. You know its the only choice. Release me from my mortal shell.Please, Solomon said. Dont do this . . .You did this the man hissed. You forced your child to make an impossible choice Do you conceive that night? Wealth or wisdom? That was the night you pushed me away forever. But Ive returned, Father . . . and tonight it is your turn to choose . Zachary or Katherine? Which will it be? entrust you kill your son to save your sister? Will you kill your son to save your brotherhood? Your country? Or will you wait until its too late? Until Katherine is dead . . . until the video is public . . . until you must live the rest of your life knowing you could have stopped these tragedies. cartridge holder is running out. You know what must be done.Peters heart ached. You are not Zachary, he told himself. Zachary died long, long ago. Whatever you are . . . and wherever you came from . . . you are not of me. And although Peter Solomon did not believe his own words, he knew he had to make a choice. He was out of time.Find the Grand StaircaseRobert Langdon shoot through darkened hallways, winding his way toward the center of the building. Turner Simkins remained close on his heels. As Langdon had hoped, he burst out into the buildings main atrium. prevail by eight Doric columns of green granite, the atrium looked like a crossbred se pulcher Greco-Roman-Egyptianwith black marble statues, chandelier fire bowls, Teutonic crosses, double-headed capital of Arizona medallions, and sconces bearing the head of Hermes.Langdon turned and ran toward the sweeping marble staircase at the far end of the atrium. This leads directly to the Temple Room, he whispered as the two men ascended as quickly and quietly as possible.On the first landing, Langdon came face-to-face with a bronze bust of Masonic notability Albert Pike, along with the engraving of his most famous quote WHAT WE HAVE do FOR OURSELVES ALONE DIES WITH US WHAT WE HAVE DONE FOR OTHERS AND THE WORLD REMAINS AND IS IMMORTAL.Malakh had sense a palpable shift in the atmosphere of the Temple Room, as if all the frustration and pain Peter Solomon had ever felt was now boiling to the surface . . . focusing itself like a laser on Malakh.Yes . . . it is time.Peter Solomon had risen from his wheelchair and was standing now, facing the altar, gripping the knife.Save Kat herine, Malakh coaxed, luring him toward the altar, backup up, and finally laying his own body down on the white shroud he had prepared. Do what you need to do.As if moving through a nightmare, Peter inched forward.Malakh reclined fully now onto his back, gazing up through the oculus at the wintry moon. The secret is how to die. This moment could not be any more perfect. Adorned with the Lost Word of the ages, I offer myself by the left hand of my father.Malakh drew a deep breath.Receive me, demons, for this is my body, which is offered for you. stand up over Malakh, Peter Solomon was trembling. His tear-soaked eyes shone with desperation, indecision, anguish. He looked one last time toward the modem and laptop across the room.Make the choice, Malakh whispered. Release me from my flesh. God wants this. You want this. He laid his arms at his side and arched his chest forward, offering up his magnificent double-headed phoenix. Help me shed the body that clothes my soul.Peters doloro us eyes seemed to be staring through Malakh now, not even visual perception him.I killed your mother Malakh whispered. I killed Robert Langdon Im murdering your sister Im destroying your brotherhood Do what you have to doPeter Solomons visage now contorted into a cover of absolute grief and regret. He threw his head back and telephoneed in anguish as he raised the knife.Robert Langdon and Agent Simkins arrived breathless outside the Temple Room doors as a bloodcurdling scream erupted from within. It was Peters voice. Langdon was certain.Peters cry was one of absolute agony.Im too lateIgnoring Simkins, Langdon seized the handles and yanked open the doors. The horrific scene before him confirmed his worst fears. There, in the center of the dimly lit chamber, the silhouette of a man with a shaved head stood at the great altar. He wore a black robe, and his hand was clutching a large blade. beforehand Langdon could move, the man was driving the knife down toward the body that lay outs tretched on the altar.Malakh had closed his eyes.So beautiful. So perfect.The ancient blade of the Akedah knife had glinted in the moonlight as it arched over him. Scented wisps of smoke had spiraled upward above him, preparing a pathway for his soon-to-be- liberated soul. His killers lone scream of torment and desperation still rang through the sacred space as the knife came down.I am besmeared with the blood of human sacrifice and parents tears.Malakh buttressed for the glorious impact.His moment of transformation had arrived.Incredibly, he felt no pain. A thunderous vibration filled his body, deafening and deep. The room began shaking, and a lustrous white light blinded him from above. The heavens roared.And Malakh knew it had happened.Exactly as he had planned.Langdon did not remember sprinting toward the altar as the helicopter appeared overhead. Nor did he remember leaping with his arms out-stretched . . . soaring toward the man in the black robe . . . arduous desperately to tackle him before he could plunge the knife down a second time.Their bodies collided, and Langdon saw a bright light sweep down through the oculus and illuminate the altar. He pass judgment to see the bloody body of Peter Solomon on the altar, but the naked chest that shone in the light had no blood on it at all . . . only a tapestry of tattoos. The knife lay mortified beside him, apparently having been driven into the stone altar rather than into flesh.As he and the man in the black robe crashed unitedly onto the hard stone floor, Langdon saw the bandaged nub on the end of the mans right arm, and he realized to his bewilderment that he had just tackled Peter Solomon.As they slid together across the stone floor, the helicopters searchlights blazed down from above. The chopper thundered in low, its skids practically poignant the expansive wall of glass.On the front of the helicopter, a strange-looking gun rotated, aiming downward(prenominal) through the glass. The red beam of i ts laser scope sliced through the skylight and danced across the floor, directly toward Langdon and Solomon.NoBut there was no gunfire from above . . . only the sound of the helicopter blades.Langdon felt nothing but an eerie ripple of energy that shimmered through his cells. Behind his head, on the pigskin chair, the laptop hissed strangely. He spun in time to see its screen suddenly flash to black. Unfortunately, the last visible message had been clear.SENDING MESSAGE speed of light% COMPLETEPull up Damn it UpThe UH-60 pilot threw his rotors into overdrive, trying to keep his skids from touching any part of the large glass skylight. He knew the six thousand pounds of lift force that surged downward from his rotors was already gruelling the glass to its breaking point. Unfortunately, the incline of the pyramid beneath the helicopter was efficiently shedding the thrust sideways, robbing him of lift.Up NowHe tipped the nose, trying to skim away, but the left strut hit the center o f the glass. It was only for an instant, but that was all it took.The Temple Rooms massive oculus exploded in a swirl of glass and wind . . . sending a lush of jagged shards plummeting into the room below.Stars falling from heaven.Malakh stared up into the beautiful white light and saw a veil of shimmering jewels fluttering toward him . . . accelerating . . . as if racing to shroud him in their splendor.Suddenly there was pain.Everywhere.Stabbing. Searing. Slashing. Razor-sharp knives piercing soft flesh. Chest, neck, thighs, face. His body tightened all at once, recoiling. His blood-filled mouth cried out as the pain ripped him from his trance. The white light above transformed itself, and suddenly, as if by magic, a dark helicopter was suspended above him, its thundering blades driving an icy wind down into the Temple Room, chilling Malakh to the core and dispersing the wisps of incense to the impertinent corners of the room.Malakh turned his head and saw the Akedah knife lying broken by his side, smashed upon the granite altar, which was covered in a blanket of shattered glass. Even after everything I did to him . . . Peter Solomon averted the knife. He refused to spill my blood.With welling horror, Malakh raised his head and peered down along the length of his own body. This living artifact was to have been his great offering. But it lay in tatters. His body was drenched in blood . . . huge shards of glass protruding from his flesh in all directions.Weakly, Malakh lowered his head back to the granite altar and stared up through the open space in the roof. The helicopter was gone now, in its place a silent, wintry moon.Wide-eyed, Malakh lay gasping for breath . . . all alone on the great altar.